DDFYM – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: “Returning to the Capital”

When Sima You Yue returned to the General’s residence, the guard that saw the familiar silhouette immediately cried out in surprise.

“Fifth Young Master, you’ve returned!”

Sima You Yue indifferently nodded at them, saying, “Yes, I’ve returned. Where’s Grandfather?”

“The General has just returned.” The guard replied, “I will notify them immediately.”

After saying this, that person sprinted inside, shouting while running, “ Fifth Young Master has returned, Fifth Young Master has returned!”

Sima You Yue watched that guy running and yelling around in such an amusing matter and shook her head, as she had on light smile and headed inside.

“You Yue has returned? Where?”

“Fifth Brother has returned? That guy has finally come back!”

“Fifth Young Master has finally returned.”


When Sima You Yue had just passed through the front courtyard, she was blocked by a pair of broad shoulders, and she was immediately pulled into a warm embrace.

“Grandfather.” Smelling that familiar scent, Sima You Yue snuggled deeply into that embrace.

“You’ve finally decided to return!” Sima Lie hugged Sima You Yue tightly, his voice was choked with emotion.

“Grandfather, I’m well and fine!” Sima You Yue patted Sima Lie’s back and comforted him.

“Fifth Brother, you’ve finally returned. If you had dragged it on any longer, the few of us were planning to go and look for you!” Sima You Ran and the rest of them had also ran into the courtyard and saw Sima You Yue, who had peeked out from Sima Lie’s embrace.

“Grandfather is really biased, he has never hugged us like this before!” Sima You Le whined.

“If you went missing for a few months, I would also hug the few of you!” Sima Lie roared at Sima You Le.

“Fifth Brother, where have you been these past few months. You really worried us to death!” Sima You Qi walked over. Seeing that Sima You Yue was safe and sound, his anxious heart gradually calmed down.

“That’s right, why did you go to the fourth teleportation array and was even sent to some unknown location?” Sima You Ming asked.

“This is a long story, let’s head inside first before talking.” Sima You Yue said.


They walked into the hall and Sima You yue began to tell of her experiences after she sat down.

“Bang-” After listening to the beginning of Sima You Yue’s story, Sima Lie slapped the table, raging, “There’s actually a person who dares to harm you!”

“I was just asking myself why you would enter that fourth teleportation array, so it was actually someone that pushed you in!” Sima You Le said, “We will go to the Academy tomorrow and drag that person out to let him know that there are some people in this world that you cannot offend!”

“Cough-…Cool down a bit… you all should not get so worked up.” Sima You Yue saw that each and every single one of them looked like they were preparing for battle and helplessly rolled her eyes. “Do you all want to continue listening to my story?”

“Fifth Brother, continue speaking. Where did you get sent to?”

“Pu Luo Mountain Range.” Sima You Yue answered.



“You had actually been sent to Pu Luo Mountain Range?! Then how come you’re not injured or anything?”

“You all should relax, I’m very healthy.” Sima You Yue said with a smile.

In order to prove that she was fine, she even stood up and moved a bit.

“Pu Luo Mountain Range has so many Spirit Beasts, most Spirit Masters won’t dare to venture in on their own. You didn’t encounter any dangerous situation right?” Sima You Yue asked with worry.

“Fifth Brother, if you have any injuries, you definitely have to tell us!”Sima You Ran looked at Sima You Yue and was worried that she was hiding something from them.

Even they did not dare to lightly enter Pu Suo Mountain Range, to say nothing of Sima You Yue, who had just started cultivating as a Spirit Master.

“I’m really okay.” Sima You Yue emphasised once again. Seeing how they didn’t believe her, she could only call Ya Guang out for them.

When Ya Guang came out, his Saint ranked power pressure filled the entire hall.

“Master.” Ya Guang shrunk himself and came to Sima You Yue’s side.

“This is the beast that I made a contract with when I was at Pu Luo Mountain Range. It’s a Saint ranked Beast. Whenever I encountered any dangerous situation, it came to save me.” In the face of their disbelief, Sima You Yue could only give all the credit to Ya Guang.

Ya Guang looked at Sima You Yue. Every single time, she made it stay on the sidelines. It felt like he hadn’t even done anything. Faced with Sima You Yue’s threatening gaze, it could only lower its head silently.

“This Saint ranked Beast has not been tamed, how did you form a contract with it?” Sima Lie looked at Ya Guang, his eyes filled with puzzlement mixed with amazement.

“When I first met it, it just happened to be injured by another Spirit Beast. It had escaped and collapsed by the river. After that, I rescued it and it took the initiative to make me its Master.” Sima You Yue lied with a steady heart, without a hint of blush or remorse.

What do you mean she saved Ya Guang, it was clear that the one she saved was Wu Lingyu!

However, this is the manner in which she told the story and so this is what they heard. After all, explaining the story in this way still sounded very reasonable.

“That’s right, I also saved a person on Pu Luo Mountain Range. After that, he gave me two pills as thanks. At that time, I really wanted to give it to grandfather!” Sima You Yue took out two jade bottles and these bottles contained the rank advancement pills.

She put the pills on Sima Lie’s desk and then returned back to her place.

“What kind of pills are these?” When Sima You Le saw the pills in the jade bottle, he was excited for a moment, so he asked curiously.

“These pills will help him to advance in rank.” Sima You Yue said, “Grandfather has been stuck at this bottleneck for such a long time, with these pills, Grandfather should be able to increase in rank.”

“Really?!” The other four brothers became extremely excited when they heard this.

“Grandfather, are these really Rank Advancement Pills?” Sima You Ran asked.

Sima Lie nodded his head, his eyes were moist.

These Rank Advancement pills have been lost for a long time. He didn’t know kind of person Sima You Yue had saved on the mountain that he would actually possess these kinds of pills!

“This is too fantastic!” Sima You Ran brandished his fan, “If Grandfather manages to increase in rank, we will no longer have to worry about the Nalan Clan coming over to look for trouble!”

“What’s up with the Nalan clan?” Sima You Yue asked, “Did something happen these four months when I wasn’t around?”


“Actually it’s not really a situation.” Sima You Ran explained, “It’s just that the Ancestor of the Nalan family has recently advanced in rank to become a Spirit Paragon, the same rank as Grandfather.”

“This Nalan family has always come to compete with us, but because their strength was not on par with Grandfather’s so they still held back a bit. However, since their ancestor had risen in rank, they became extremely unbridled; sooner or later, their butts were going to start sticking up in the air!”

“Right now, as long as Grandfather can rise in rank, he will be able to pressure them one again. We’ll see whether or not they will be able to remain as arrogant as before!” Sima You Le said.

“Nalan clan……” Sima You Yue stretched out her hand and touched her chin, eyes shining with a strange light.

“Since we have the pill, Grandfather should quickly go rise in rank.” Sima You Qi said.

“That’s true, tomorrow, I will head to the imperial palace to look for His Majesty to request for an absence of leave. After that, I will quickly come home and go into closed door cultivation.” Sima Lie said. “In this period of time, you all must be careful of any movement from the Nalan clan.”

“We will, Grandfather please go into your closed door cultivation in peace.” Sima You Ran said.

“Fifth brother, now that you’ve returned, do you still want to go back to the academy?” Sima You Le asked.

“That Master of yours, Feng Zhi Xing, has constantly been worrying about you. Every few days, he will come over to ask about your situation.”

“Master Feng?” Sima You Yue never thought that he would actually care so much about her. She thought about it and said, “I will wait for Grandfather to finished his closed door cultivation before returning back to the Academy. I still have some things that I want to do at home.”

“Then tell me who is the person who hurt you. I will go and take revenge for you on your behalf!” Sima You Le declared.

“No need. If I want to feel any joy, it definitely has to be me to take revenge on my own enemies. You all don’t have to worry about this.” Sima You Yue said, “When I return back to the Academy, I will slowly play with her……”


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