DDFYM – Chapter 303

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Let’s Thank Socksrocker for joining us in translating this delightful novel! Woo Hoo!

I know the names may be a lil bit confusing so will try to do up a glossary page for reference, my brain freezes too when I see so many names and soooo similar… hee…or if any kind soul can contribute to making one cos I know I’ll take forever..hahaha do drop us an email at [email protected] or simply leave a comment!

For now here’s a brief summary:

 Grandfather – Sima Lie
◊ First Brother – Sima You Qi
• 29 years old
• ninth grade Spirit Lord
◊ Second Young Master – Sima You Ming
• 24 years old
• fifth grade Spirit Lord
◊ Third Young Master – Sima You Ran
• 22 years old
• fifth grade Spirit Lord
 Fourth Young Master – Sima You Le
• 18 years old
• first grade Spirit Lord
◊ Fifth Young Master – Sima You Yue

Spirit Masters

♦ Spirit Warrior (weakest)
♦ Spirit Lord
♦ Great Spirit Master
♦ Spirit King
♦ Spirit Overlord
♦ Spirit Saint
♦ Spirit Paragon

Each grade is further divided into 9 minor grades, with every minor grade depicted by a small star, and a moon depicted one major rank. For example, a sixth grade Spirit Warrior when drawing out his Spirit Energy, six little stars would show by his feet while for a sixth grade Spirit Lord, it would show a moon and six little stars, and for a Grand Spirit Master, it would show two moons, and so on.

Has contract with:
Spirit Pearl (C17)
♦ A world on it’s own, infused with dense Spiritual Qi
♦Little Spirit is the awareness of Spirit Pearl

Little Roar (Ancient Sacred Beast Hou) (C16)
♦ Ancient Sacred Beast descendant
♦ Contracted in her previous life as Ximen You Yue
♦ Calls her Yue Yue

Ling Long (C27)
♦ Initially a rusty dagger
♦ Can transform into any weapon
♦ Calls her Little Yue Yue

Crimson Flame  (C34)
♦ Mysterious Spirit Beast Egg that the fourth teleportation array brought her to.
♦ Cleansed her meridians and tempered her body with Nirvana Fire

Ya Guang (C39)
♦ Iron Claw Tiger
♦ Met in the Pu Luo mountain range
♦ Saint ranked Spirit Beast

Spirit Beasts (C10)

♦ Low rank
♦ Saint Rank
♦ Divine Rank
♦ Sacred Rank

Thank you for reading the Original translations of:

GDBBM – Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss

DDFYM – Insanely Pampered Wife – Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss

MGD – Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor

OLMT – Overlord, Love Me Tender

PAW – Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith

TAC – The Anarchic Consort

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