DDFYM – Chapter 262

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Chapter 262: Nalan Clan sends men

Little Roar got out of the cell and followed the instructions that Grandmother had told him to find Sang Mu Yu’s palace. However, he did not travel far before he got lost.

“Yue Yue, I’ve lost my way.” He used his contractual link with You Yue to contact her.

“Eh-” Sima YOu Yue never thought that Little Roar would actually be bad with directions, “Where are you now?”

“I don’t know where I am either!” Little Roar ried out, “I just see a very luxurious palace, lots of people, ah, Yue Yue, I see that big bad guy!”

“Big bad guy? Which big bad guy?” Sima You Yue asked.

“That old guy from the Nalan Clan, the one that we met previously at Linchuan City.” Little Roar said. “He’s talking with a yellow clothed youth now!”

“Describe that place to me.” Sima You Yue said.

Little Roar described the place to her, then she passed the message on to Ouyang Fei’s grandmother, who said very definitively, “That is Ouyang Fei’s palace. The one in yellow clothes is definitely him.”

“How did Ouyang Dong end up contacting the Nalan Clan?” Sima You Yue was suspicious, “Little Roar, go and listen to what they’re saying.”

“Okay, Yue Yue.” Little Roar slipped past the barrier and got closer to the house.

That place was full of experts, but nobody discovered him.

Using Sima You Yue’s words, his battle ability might not be strong, but he was unparalleled when it came to these areas. As long as he was willing, even Halcyon might not be able to detect him.

Inside the house, Nalan Hong and Ouyang Dong were sitting across each other and were leisurely drinking tea.

“Your Highness, what do you plan to do?” Nalan Hong asked.

Ouyang Dong’s expression turned ugly as he said, “All that you said is true? Sima Clan has really sent their men?”

“Of course.” Nalan Hong said, “Ouyang Fei and Sima Clan’s brat are extremely close. We received news that that fellow has already left the Sima Clan for quite a few days. Furthermore, the house that Ouyang Fei and the others reside in is empty.”

“That damned Ouyang Fei, he actually dares to get the Sima Clansmen to come!” Ouyang Dong scolded, “However, even if this is the case, it’s just one brat from the Sima Clan, what kind of waves can he possibly set off in my South Eclipse Kingdom?! If we work together now because of it, and have to use a city in exchange, wouldn’t my South Eclipse Kingdom just be a spendthrift.”

“You’re wrong. That guy isn’t just one person. Many people have disappeared from the Sima Clan. Can you say that they haven’t followed him here?” Nalan Gong said, “Furthermore, not only will my Nalan Clan help you defeat the Sima Clan, we can also help you defeat others. Although you have the backing of the Li Clan, many of them still support Ouyang Fei. They just don’t believe that he is dead. If he appears, I think that half the people in the capital will oppose you! Do you have enough power to defeat him?”

Ouyang Dong was solemn, he was worried about this. Although he was brazenly calling Ouyang Fei out, he knew that he had to suppress him immediately once he appeared. Otherwise, by the time the others reacted and went to support him, he would be in deep trouble.

Nalan Hong saw Ouyang Dong’s expressed and knew that he was indeed worried about this and continued, “There are many people watching you in the capital. They know what power you have. That Sang Lun has been locked away by you, but those who follow him will definitely oppose you. They know your power, but our Nalan Clan can become your hidden power.”

“You’re just talking about one possibility.” Ouyang Dong said.

“That’s right, it is a possibility, but what if this really does happen?” Nalan Lan Hong said, “But if this kind of possibility overthrows your rule, what do you plan to do? Furthermore the city that we want is just a tiny city along the border of your Central Wu Kingdom. For your large expanse of land, it is merely a single hair on your head. Using a city to exchange for a perfect plan, it can be counted as an extremely profitable trade.”

Ouyang Dong thought it over for a long while before saying, “okay, I will cooperate with you!”

“Your Majesty is wise!” Nalan Hong smiled, saying, “Let us now discuss a few specific details, how many men we will need and so on.”


Little Roar told Sima You Yue every single thing that he heard, even the details of their discussion and their overall plan. He stayed in the palace all the way until Nalan Hong left.

After Sima You Yue heard what Little Roar said, she was extremely surprised. A group of people had left the Sima Clan? Where had they gone? They couldn’t possibly have really come to find her right?

“It could be that they left because of something else.” She consoled herself, then she got Grandmother’s help to teach Little Roar how to find Sun Mu Yu’s palace.

The luxurious palace was currently cold and quiet. Only the three servants remained in the palace while everyone else had left.

When Little Roar entered, he saw a middle aged beauty sitting at the windowsill in a daze.

“Imperial Concubine, you should rest early.” A servant in a red dress walked over and said.

“That’s right, Imperial Concubine, your cultivation has currently been sealed and so your body is around the same as an ordinary person. What would happen if you fall sick?” Another palace maid stepped forward and said.

That palace maid should be a palace maid from the Sang Clan and had a pretty good relationship with Sang Mu Yu. She took a fan and started to fan her.

Sang Mu Yu did not have any reaction, and merely looked at the moon outside her window, saying, “Qing Qing, if dear Fei is gone, who cares whether or not I am well?”

“Imperial Concubine, his highness is definitely still alive.” Qing Qing assured, “If he was not alive, Ouyang Dong would not do something like this. I’ve heard someone say that he has found out that his highness is sti alive, that’s why he did this to lure him out.”

“If dear Fei is still alive, then I don’t want him to come. It is so dangerous here, if he comes, he will be falling into Ouyang Dong’s trap.”

“That Ouyang Dong actually dares to do something like this. There’s no way he will have a good end.” The red skirted servant said.

“Imperial Concubine, you should go back and rest.” Qing Qing continued to advise.

Sang Mu Yu shook her head, “I don’t know how Father and the others are doing either. The day of our execution is drawing nearer each day, but they are still kept in the cells. I’m their daughter but I’m unable to save them.”

“Relax, your Father has already left the cell.”

A voice sounded from thin air as the four people in the house got a huge shock.

“Who?!” Qing Qing and the others immediately stepped forward and protected Sang Mu Yu on all sides.

“Beauty, you’re really beautiful!”

Little Roar’s body in the air became bigger and bigger, until he landed in Sang Mu Yu’s embrace.

“What is this?” Another blue skirted servant cried out when she saw Little Roar appear out of nowhere.

Little Roar was lying in Sang Mu Yu’s embrace and stared at her until his eyes were about to fall out.

Sang Mu Yu quickly calmed down and said, “Who are you? How did you enter?”

Little Roar was regretting how he did not have any bangs as he said with heroism and ego, “I am Handsome, Honorable Little Roar. I came to protect the beauty!”

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