DDFYM – Chapter 243

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Chapter 243: A secret creature that is being locked up

Everyone looked over and only saw that the island began to sway as the Spirit Beasts howled to the sky. Every single cry was filled with unrestrained terror and despair.

All the Spirit Beasts on the island wanted to escape, but they could not leave the island. A formless basket trapped all the living creatures inside.

Suddenly, a black ray shot out from the heart of the island to the sky, absorbing every single living . Even the Divine Beasts at Spirit Paragon levelled power were unable to avoid the disaster.

“That ray of light is so demonic!”

“That must have been the thing giving off that terrifying aura.”

“What on earth is that? Are all those creatures dead?”

“If we were in there just now…”

Everyone’s hearts shuddered. It was lucky that Sima You Yue had brought them out. He had saved everyone’s life!

“What on earth is that?” Sima You Lan asked blankly.

Sima You Lin’s face was also tinged with fear, saying, “No matter what it is, it’s not an existence we can hold up against.”

Little Roar was extremely unsettled when he saw that ray and impulsively jumped out from Sima You Yue’s embrace, roaring towards the island.


That ray stopped for a moment but continued to absorb those creatures.

Sima You Yue could feel that Little Roar was rash because he was unsettled, so she kept him in the Spirit Pagoda.

Suddenly, she felt a lifeform come close to that island. She lifted her head and saw it was an enormous bird.


Halcyon landed on the boat and looked at her. Then, he cast his gaze towards the island, looking extremely solemn.

He suddenly moved and flew into the air, attacking the ray of light fiercely because that ray of light looked like it was about to open wider.

Everyone had a feeling that if that black ray were to open up, they would still be sucked in even if they were outside.

Sima You Yue saw that Halcyon’s attack had penetrated the barrier and hit that black ray. It was as if the black ray could feel the danger and suddenly changed direction, attacking Halcyon’s flame on its own.


Everyone felt as if the heavens were shaking. If they were hit by this attack, the knew that would be paying a visit to the kill of hell!

“So powerful…” Someone said in a small voice after a long time had passed.

After that ray attacked Halcyon, it began to grow weaker. After that, it withdrew back to the island and disappeared without a trace as if that horrendous situation had never occurred.

It was only now that the people on the boat felt the suppression in their hearts from the horrifying aura disappear and could now breathe deeply.

“That black ray has disappeared.”

“It was as if I saw the God of Death wave to me just now.”

“It is lucky he came. Otherwise, we would have perished here today.”

“Many thanks to Senior’s help.” Eldest Senior led the whole group in a bow in gratitude.

Halcyon nodded, saying, “Start the boat. Leave this place.”

“Yes.” Eldest Senior immediately got his men to start the boat and quickly departed the island.

Everyone else left the island as Sima You Yue looked at Halcyon, saying, “What are you doing here?”

“When I got back, I heard that you came to the Forgotten Worry island.” Halcyon said, “I told you before that I would protect you while you were on this continent. It’s natural for me to fulfill what I say.”

What he didn’t say was that he made a mad dash here the moment he heard that she had come to this island. He never expected that he would see that guy emerge the moment he arrived.

“You came because you were worried about me, right?” Sima You Yue beamed at Halcyon.

“Narcissistic.” Halcyon retorted with just this word.

“How am I narcissistic? If you’re worried about me then you’re worried, what’s there to be embarrassed about!’ Sima You Yue stepped forward shamelessly to pull on Halcyon’s arm. She was not afraid of him at all.

When the people on the boat saw that You Yue was on such close terms with the Sacred Beast, they were all extremely envious.

This youth has so many Divine beasts, and is now even on such good terms with a sacred beast… so ridiculously jealous!

“Halcyon, did you get injured the last time because you came here?” Sima You Yue asked.


“Scarlet Queen Bee said that a terrifying existence lives down below. Do you know what that is?” Sima You Yue asked.

Halcyon shook his head, saying, “I received a request from a friend last time to help. After that, I came to take back his descendents and got into a battle with that thing. I couldn’t fight it.”

“Even you couldn’t defeat him?!” Sima You Yue sucked in a cold breath.

“It must have been locked up here, so I was able to do my best to take a bet. If I were to face it, I would not be its opponent.” Halcyon said.

“So terrifying!” Sima You Yue clutched at her chest with a mask of fright.

It was only Sima You Lin who felt that there was no fear in her eyes at all. He believed that she would have been fine even if Halcyon did not come.

“You obtained the Scarlet Queen Bee?” Halcyon asked.

“That’s right! My luck isn’t bad, right! Sima You Yue said.

Halcyon nodded and did not push her hand off, saying, “That last time I came, I realised the Scarlet Queen Bee was evolving. I never thought that you would actually obtain her.”

“This is called fate between you and me.” Sima You Yue smiled as she said.

Halcyon smiled wordlessly.

Her luck was good. No, her fate was good. Those whose fate was good would continuously have good opportunities. These type of people were born lucky.

He looked in the direction of the island and muttered, “Trouble is approaching…”

When they heard what she said, Sima You Yue and Sima You Lin felt a sense of foreboding.

On the route back, Sima You Yue could somewhat feel that the sea was somewhat unsettled. The Sea Beasts that they met on the way back were much more than they had met on the way here. They were also a lot more powerful. Quite a few Divine Beasts at the level of Spirit Paragon even emerged.

Every time those Sea Beasts got close, Halcyon would use his Sacred Beast aura to get them to retreat without taking their life.

The Sima Clansmen watched as wave after wave of Sea Beasts retreated and rejoiced, “We’re lucky he’s here, or who knows what would have happened to us on the way back.”

After half a month had passed, they returned to An City and changed their mode of transport to Flying Beasts and returned to Anyang City.

When Sima Lin knew they had found the Moon Breath Grass and the Sunset Cloud flower, he was incomparably happy. When he heard about what had happened on the Forgotten Worry island, he furrowed his eyebrows, saying, “Is turmoil going to come to the marine area?”

“Clan Leader, any unrest in the marine area will affect the continent. We should prepare ahead of time.” Eldest Senior said.

“This is for sure. However, our situation isn’t too good now, we should use both hands to grasp it.” Sima Lin said, “However, the heart of it should still remain on the shoulders of the younger generation.”

“Clan Leader, I have a feeling that the child Sima You Yue will be a great supporting figure that has suddenly emerged for our Sima Clan.” Tenth Elder said.

“Why do you feel this way?” Sima Lin asked.

“That child has gut and brain. Even Young Master You Lin whose temperament has always been tranquil and calm has been drawn to him.” Tenth Elder said, “If it was not for him this time around, there’s no need to talk about locating the Moon Breath Grass and Sunset Cloud Flower. We would all have perished on the Forgotten Worry island.”

“I feel that he is a very blessed person who will change the world’s structure.” Eldest Senior said as well.

“Maybe we will really have to depend on him.” Sima Lin said, “Once he came, Youngest Uncle’s hundred year illness was treated and the truth was revealed that very year. The previous Clan Leader’s wounds also have a hope of being treated. He even saved your lives. It’s no wonder that the Ancestor said he is our lucky star.”

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