DDFYM – Chapter 202

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Chapter 202: Situation is dire

Bai Yun Qi was supporting Bai Yuan Chun from behind. He was extremely moved when he saw how Sima You Yue’s face started to show signs of struggle yet still grit her teeth and continued to rejoin his Father’s tendons.

Three days later, Sima You Yue kept away the needles that she was holding and took out a pill to feed him. After that, she smiled at Bai Yun Qi and said, “It’s done.”

After she said this, she fell backwards into a faint.

“You Yue-”

“You Yue-”

A few voices all called out at the same time. Because Bai Yun Qi was holding on to Bai Yuan Chun, he didn’t catch her although he stretched out his arms.

Just before her head hit the water, a silhouette flashed over and carried her out from the water, flying towards the opposite side.

Halcyon held on to Sima You Yue and, when he saw that she was completely unconscious, he couldn’t help but asked anxiously, “What’s wrong with her?”

“She merely fainted from exhaustion.” Bei Gong Tang said.

Although she and Ouyang Fei did not faint, the pair sat down on the ground in without a single ounce of strength because they had relaxed their mental energy.

Sun Ran Ran quickly rushed up and supported the two of them to some stools to sit down. She looked at them with gratitude, “It’s been hard on you two.”

“I’ll take her back to rest first.” Halcyon carried Sima You Yue and was about to walk outside when Bei Gong Tang called out after him, so he carried her over.

Bei Gong Tang took out three pills. One of them she gave to Ouyang Fei, ate one for herself, then gave the remaining one to Halcyon. He then fed it to Sima You Yue before carrying her out.

“Yun Qi, you can let go of uncle now.” Bei Gong Tang reminded him as she felt a bit stronger after eating the pill.

“Oh.” Bai Yun Qi released Bai Yuan Chun. Because Bai Yuan Chun’s tendons had all been restored, he could now sit on his own.

He got out while his father remained inside the pool of water. Just as he was going to ask when his father would regain consciousness, the rays of light signifying an increase in rank shone from inside the water.

“Oh no, if others see this…” Sun Ran Ran was shocked.

“Aunty, there’s no need to worry. You Yue had set up a special barrier from the beginning. Those outside will not be able to see the events that take place here.” Bei Gong Tang said.


Sun Ran Ran was shocked, “That child really thought of everything.”

“How long more till my Father wakes up?” Bai Yun Qi asked.

“He can wake up after he advances in rank.” Bei Gong Tang said, “Furthermore, after he increases in rank, he will be able to absorb the Spiritual Qi from the water. I think he will take a bit of time.”

“Thank you guys, Bei Gong, Ouyang.” Bai Yun Qi looked at the two of them and felt that meeting them was truly his fortune.

“Since there’s a barrier here, we’ll send you all back to rest first.” Sun Ran Ran said.

Bei Gong Tang nodded her head. There was no use for them to remain here, so why not go back to recover their physical and mental strength.

Sun Ran Ran stepped forward to support Bei Gong Tang while Bai Yun Qi supported Ouyang Fei. The four of them left the housing, leaving behind Bai Yuan Chun who was still advancing in rank.

They returned to the area that they were currently residing, where Wei Zi Qi and Fatty Qu were waiting anxiously for them. When she saw Bei Gong Tang and Ouyang Fei, they rushed up anxiously and asked, “How are they?”

“We’re fine.” Bei Gong Tang smiled.

“Just now, Halcyon carried You Yue back. You all should quickly head into the rooms to rest as well.” Wei Zi Qi stepped forward to support Bei Gong Tang while Fatty Qu stepped forward to support Ouyang Fei.

“Aunty, Zi Qi, you guys can go keep watch over Uncle.” Bei Gong Tang said to Sun Ran Ran.

“Okay, you all rest well. We will go and settle things on that side before coming to visit you again.” Sun Ran Ran brought Bai Yun Qi with her and left when she finished speaking.

“The three of you really know how to risk your lives.” Fatty Qu lamented.

“Uncle got injured because of us. It’s natural that we will do our best to treat him.” Bei Gong Tang said, “Alright already, quickly bring us into the house.”

Sima You Yue lay on the bed with a pale face. It was unknown where Halcyon had run off too after sending her back because his heart was in a bit of disarray.

A wisp of black smoke came out from the Devil Snare bracelet and Mo Sha appeared at her bedside. When he saw her current appearance, his face fell solemn as he said, “A brat who really doesn’t treasure her life!”

Although he sounded upset, he closed his eyes and activated his skill, materialising his initially non-existent right arm.

Solidifying one’s soul!

When his entire arm had materialised, he finally opened his eyes and moved his right arm, saying, “This is truly the best kind of feeling! It’s a pity that I’m unable to completely materialise, and it’s also not for a long time.”

He came in front of Sima You Yue, stretched forth a hand and touched her face, saying, “So it feels like this…”

Sima You Yue lay motionlessly on the bed and had no idea what was happening before her eyes.

“She actually completely emptied out her mental and spiritual energy! Are you planning on throwing your life away?!” Mo Sha pinched her nose angrily, turning her nose completely red by the time he let go.

“I really don’t want to care about you. However, it hurts my eyes to see you lying down like this.”

As he said this, he took out a jade bottle. Inside it was the Soul liquid that Sima You Yue usually prepared for him. He opened her mouth and poured a bit in. It was only then that her completely exhausted pool of mental strength started to fill up and her body began to absorb Spiritual Qi from outside. Her cultivation that had initially stopped slowly started to continue once again.

Her mental strength was completely drained and her Spiritual Qi was also completely exhausted. Her body was like a machine without oil and had stopped working. If it was for Mo Sha helping her, it was unknown what the future would be like.

Mo Sha kept the jade bottle away. He was even thinking of pinching Sima You Yue’s face again to express his anger. However, his hand had barely touched her skin before he was not able to exert any more strength and reverted back to the way he was before.

“I can only support you this once.”

Mo Sha was still quite dissatisfied with his current strength. Although he had recovered quite a bit of his Spirit power since he formed a contract with Sima You Yue, it still left him feeling quite powerless.

“If you do this again, I’ll string you up and beat you!”

Mo Sha returned to the bracelet when he finished speaking. He didn’t realise that his tone actually carried with it a trace of indulgence.

It was as if Sima You Yue felt something as she furrowed her eyebrows even while she was unconscious.

On the other side, when Bai Yun Qi and the others had gone back, Bai Yuan Chun was already awake and was currently absorbing the remaining medicinal powers inside the water.

“Father, you’ve awakened!” Bai Yun Qi looked at Bai Yuan Chun excitedly.

Bai Yuan Chun looked at his wife from inside the water and said with confusion, “Didn’t I die? How can it be that I’m not only completely well, but have even advanced in rank?”

“It was You Yue, Bei Gong and Ouyang who saved you.” Bai Yun Qi said.

“They saved me?” Bai Yuan Chun was extremely surprised.

“Yes, the three of them are all unable to move because they saved you. You Yue even fainted.” Bai Yun Qi said.

“What happened?”

Bai Yun Qi recounted what Sima You Yue and the others had to do to save his life, before saying, “Aren’t they awesome? However, the medicine that they used these three days should have cost us a few hundreds of thousands of gold coins. You would be hard pressed not to have advanced in rank since you were inside this kind of water.”

Bai Yuan Chun lowered his head and looked at the water, which still held a trace of color, saying, “We really have to give our thanks to them this time!”

“Bei Gong Tang said that you just advanced in rank, and you’re still able to absorb some of the medicine left over to bolster your strength.”

Bai Yuan Chun nodded. When he awakened, he realised he was able to absorb it.

“We can talk about this later. First tell me about the current situation of our army.”

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