DDFYM – Chapter 182

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Chapter 182: Killing someone using a borrowed knife

Sima You Yue raised an eyebrow at the clothes those people were wearing, “Men from the Domineering army?”

“Help me capture that slut!” Qin Wan shouted.

“Yes, Miss”

The people in the Domineering Army answered in unison, stretching their hands towards Bei Gong Tang, trying to grab her.

“Screw your Grandfather, you witch. Are you treating me as if I am dead!?” Bai Yun Qi roared and cursed loudly, while facing the Domineering Army.

“That’s right——”

“So painful!”

Fatty Qu and the others directly went to war, gathering the people from the Domineering Army and beating them, causing them to squirm on the ground.

“You dare to touch your Daddy’s Bei Gong?”

“Heck if you are the Domineering Army, or even if you are not it’s fine, I, your grandfather, will still beat you up!”

Fatty Qu was beating and roaring, while Sima You Yue, Ouyang Fei and Wei Zi Qi were so much more quiet. However, the force applied on the beatings were similar.

Qin Wan saw that her own people were beaten by only a few hits from Sima You Yue and the others. She berated them for being useless before lifting her hands and striking towards Bei Gong Tang’s chest.

Bei Gong Tang’s turned her body, dodged her fist and held down Qin Wan’s wrist with the fingers of her right hand. She was in so much pain that she released the whip that she was holding.

“It hurts!”

Qin Wan covered her own hands, retreated two steps back and saw that her own wrist had turned red.

Bei Gong Tang gave a thought, and a flame started burning on the whip, burning it to ashes in an instant.

“My whip!” Qin Wan did not think that Bei Gong Tang’s flame could burn her whip, and her heart broke when she saw the ash on the ground.

Bei Gong Tang did not care about her screaming. She came beside the child, squatted down and carried him up.

“Older Sister Deity, did you come to save us?” The young child smiled as he asked. He seemed to vaguely become aware of something when he saw Bei Gong Tang.

“Don’t be afraid, no one will dare to beat you anymore!” Bei Gong Tang picked up the boy and said to him gently.

“Older Sis…..” The little kid nested in Bei Gong Tang’s embrace, and fainted the moment he relaxed.

“Rest assured and sleep.” Bei Gong Tang pat his back and said.

Wei Zi Qi and Fatty Qu had not seen this side of Bei Gong Tang before.

After a long while, Qin wan recovered from the heartache of losing her spirit tool. Without caring for the rule that using spiritual aura was not allowed in the downtown area, she concentrated her spiritual power and charged towards Bei Gong Tang.

“You witch, you dare to ignore the rules?” Bai Yun Qi shouted.

“Rules or whatever, this slut dared to destroy my spiritual tool so I want to take her life!” Qin Wan shouted.

The people who were standing around saw Qin Wan using spiritual aura, and went to a hide in a far away place. In the meantime, only SIma You Yue and the few of them were left.

During the time that Qin Wan was condensing her spiritual aura, Sima You Yue stood in front of Bei Gong Tang. She condensed her spiritual aura as well, sparring it out with her. The opponent’s spiritual aura was completely scattered.

“You’re not yet qualified to try to come after our Bei Gong’s life!” Sima You Yue laughed grimly.

“I’m not qualified? I wonder where these young bandits came from? Do we even need qualifications to kill you all?” Qin Wan said, starting to condense her spiritual aura again.

Sima You Yue was about to move when Bei Gong Tang then put her hand on her shoulder.

“This is my problem, let me handle it.” Bei Gong Tang said. “Help me carry this kid. It’s more than enough.”

Sima You Yue nodded her head, turned and took the kid. She carried him and walked to the side.

She was not worried about Bei Gong Tang at all, that Qin Wan have not even reach Spirit King, Bei Gong Tang could destroy her with just her fingers.

“Bei Gong, you can’t kill people within Peace City!” Bai Yun Qi could no longer stop this duel, so he gave a reminder.

“We can’t kill people?” Bei Gong Tang frowned, “If she can’t die, then I’ll just cripple her.”

After she finished speaking, she swiftly ran toward Qin Wan, and started to crush her.



Her fists landed on Qin Wan’s body relentlessly as the people who were standing around watching the scene sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Hiss—— the conflict between women is so brutal!” Fatty Qu sprouted from the corner of his mouth, squinting his eyes.

“Mm, indeed, it’s better to not mess with women in the future.” Wei Zi Qi said.

“Agreed.” Ouyang Fei nodded.

These two ladies were indeed the strongest amongst the five of them. This caused their initial opinion, that viewed women as weak, to undergo a complete change.

“Well fought! Give her two more punches! Oh yes! Help me hit her two more times!” Bai Yun Qi cheered her on, from the side. He only lacked flags and battlecries.

He has always disliked people from the Domineering Army. This Qin Wan was the his number one target. However men were not allowed to hit girls casually. That is why everytime Qin Wan hopped or bounced in front of him, he was unable to do anything.

Now that Bei Gong was there to step forward, it was a woman beating on another woman. There was nobody that can say that it was bad, especially when Qin Wan’s reputation was not very good.

“Haha, you witch, how does it feels to be beaten up by people?” Bai Yun Qi asked with great laughter when he saw Qin Wan getting beaten up ruthlessly by Bei Gong Tang.

“Bai Yun Qi, you yourself do not dare to fight with our domineering army, and let a girl to stand up for you, what kind of chicken are you!” Qin Wan faced Bai Yun Qi and accused when she got beaten to the floor.

“You still have the strength to argue!” after saying that, Bei Gong Tang stepped on Qin Wan’s right hand and said, “You normally use this to beat up quite a few people right? What will happen if I cripple it today?”

“You slut! You dare!” After hearing that Bei Gong Tang wanted to cripple her hand, Qin Wan got even more angry, but was also a little afraid.

“Why would I not dare?”

Bei Gong Tang gave a cold grin, and applied force on her leg. Qin Wan gave a screech.

“Ah—— You dare to cripple my hand… Ah—— You slut, I want to kill you! Ah——”

Bei Gong Tang dug her ears and said, “What are you shouting for, I merely stepped on it and have not even crippled you, but you scream like a pig being slaughtered! If I see you bullying the weak again, I really will cripple you!”

After she finished talking, she withdrew her own leg, went to Sima You Yue’s side, took the child and said, “Let us go.”

“Alright, we do not need to care so much about this fly.” Fatty Qu happily said.

“Let’s go, we’re heading back.” Bai Yun Qi said.

Sima You Yue looked at Halcyon, who watched the entire scene play out on the side. He followed them and left.

Qin Wan stood up from the ground, looking at the back of Sima You Yue and the others, and said with malice, “Slut, I will definitely find people to kill you all!”

“Miss, do not underestimate the power of those people!” Those mercenaries who were beaten up, came beside her and said.

“So what? Either way, I will not give her a good end!” Qin Wan said, “Isn’t third cousin coming in two days? Hmph, we will see where can they run to then!”

“The third princess wants to come to Peace City?”

“That’s right, she dotes on me the most. I will record this matter down first, and leave it to my third cousin to settle. We must make them die without a burial!”

“Miss is brilliant!”

“Stop boot licking. Send men to watch these few people, we cannot allow them to find out. Got it?”

“Understood, Miss.”

Bai Yun Qi brought the few of them back to the headquarters that had less mercenary groups. It was a block with an european style courtyard, where a few Mercenaries were going in and out.

He then brought them directly to his own courtyard. He let the child sleep on his bed while Sima You Yue went to inspect his wounds.

“Oh Bei Gong, I do not normally see you so easily upset. What made you step up to save the child today?” Fatty Qu asked from the side.

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