DDFYM – Chapter 161

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Chapter 161: Bloodline of the Nine tailed fox

“Not the average fox?” Sima You Yue used her two hands and carried the fox, examining it left and right, saying, “You don’t look any different?”

The Beast King jumped down, shaking his body, turning back to his normal self as a huge fox appeared in front of everyone.

After this, his one long tail swayed twice and it became two tails. Then three, four…. Continuously until he seven tails appeared.

“Seven Tailed Spirit Fox”!

Seeing his seven long tails, the five of them stared at him wide eyed. Fatty Qu and the rest turned and looked at Sima You Yue. Did this guy’s luck have to be so good? He just got a contract with a random beast and it carried the blood of an ancient beast?

“Not only that, our seven tailed spirit fox possesses the nine tailed spirit fox’s bloodline, when my bloodline awakens, becoming the nine tailed fox is not impossible.” The Beast King said.

Sima You Yue was also surprised, as she never thought that she actually meet the seven tailed spirit fox.

“Cough cough. You, what is your name?” he finally found her voice a long time later.

“Thousand Resonance”

“Sounds like a girl’s name” Little Roar whispered at the side.

“Don’t think that I do not dare to beat you just because we share the same master!” Thousand Resonance looked towards Little Roar extremely unsatisfactorily.

“Bring it then, bring it!” Little Roar leaned on Sima You Yue’s shoulder, sticking out his tongue towards Thousand Resonance.

“Since you are all my beasts, I can’t be biased. Thousand Resonance, go easy on him.” Sima You Yue grabbed Little Roar and threw him towards Thousand Resonance.

In the past, Little Roar was considered as one of her own people. So, being her own beast, she had to help him even if she had no reason to. Now that both of them were her beasts, since they had an internal conflict, she did not want to be biased.

Of course, Thousand Resonance was merely saying that he wanted to beat Little Roar up and was merely letting off some steam.It was not like in the past, where he would really have wanted to kill Little Roar.

Sima You Yue looked at Thousand Resonance, who was chasing Little Roar and beating him up. After that, she brought them to the Spirit Pagoda.

Once Thousand Resonance reached the Spirit Pagoda, he fell in love with the environment straight away. Knowing that Sima You Yue would help his clansmen settle down here, being able to follow her was not too bad an arrangement.

As such, he satisfactorily brought Sima You Yue and the others to his lair.

Upon reaching, You Yue finally found out that it was not all of them who were seven tailed spirit foxes. Most of them were three, four and five tailed.

She asked Thousand Resonance, before finding out that more tails would grow according to the potency of their bloodline. He was the only one with seven tails, so it was no wonder that he became their leader.

Knowing that their leader had a contract with humans, the spirit foxes were in an uproar, and many of the spirit beast objected extremely fervently.

Sima You Yue did not care about their response, leaving this matter to Thousand Resonance to resolve it himself. She turned around and went outside for a walk.

It looked like the situation this time was harder than expected and Sima You Yue almost finished exploring every corner of this mountain before Thousand Resonance sent a message to her, saying that it has been settled.

She brought Wei Zi Qi and the rest back. They did not know what Thousand Resonance said to them, but those who resisted before, stopped resisting when they saw Sima You Yue.

“Master, I have already spoken with them, everyone will leave with you.” Thousand Resonance said, “In fact, even if they decide to leave, your secret will not be disclosed. But I believe, after going to the Spirit Pagoda, they will never think of leaving.”

“Great, then let’s see if there are any things that you want to take away today. Let’s move out tomorrow.” Sima You Yue said.

It was quite a distance between this place and the place at the place they were heading to. They would also have to pass through quite a few other spirit beasts lairs and the sky was going to get dark soon. So, it was not recommended for them to move out.

Little Roar got beaten up by Thousand Resonance, so he nested in Sima You Yue’s arms while feeling extremely aggrieved. He made her carry him as her punishment for abandoning him. Hearing that the was now allowed to take things away, this guy regained his energy and flew to Thousand Resonance back, saying “Buddy, go. Let’s go together.”

Thousand Resonance couldn’t help but roll his eyes. However, he still brought him to command his clansmen as they prepared for the move.

The second day morning, Sima You Yue took the rest of the spirit foxes into the spirit tower, just like Thousand Resonance said, once they arrived at the spirit tower the spirit foxes fell in love with the environment, even those who had a few words to say before didn’t mind anymore.

Actually they called it the whole spirit clan, but the entirety of the clan added up to just thirty to forty, with only six divine beasts, close to ten saint beasts and the rest were just low ranked beasts. However, half of the low ranked beasts were just spirit foxes, whose strengths had not yet risen.

After rushing for a whole day, they reached the place they were at before. Thinking of how it was not ideal for them to head out right now, Sima You Yue and the rest waited for the morning of the second day before allowing Little Roar to release the enchantment and move out.

Upon going out, Thousand Resonance followed along and when he crossed the enchantment on the floor, he turned back and gazed at the hills, not speaking for long time.

Sima You Yue stood by Thousand Resonance’s side, knowing that he was quite conflicted in his heart, leaned over and patted his head saying, “The sky is high and broad for birds to fly; the sea is wide and deep for fish to swim, since you are already out, just look forward.”

“Mmhmm” Thousand Resonance nodded his head as he followed Sima You Yue and the rest towards the mountain.

Leaving the enchantment, they felt that the Spiritual Qi outside was so much richer than the inside. It looked like the barrier not only trapped them inside, but thinned out the Spiritual Qi.

“Ah, there is a kind of feeling of release.” Fatty Qu took a deep breath and said with a smile.

“You Yue, there is still a year’s time from the date of our original decided date, do we go directly or how?” Bei Gong Tang asked.

“Ouyang, do you know the Sima Clan?” Sima You Yue asked.

Ouyang shook his head, saying: “At the very least, the country of Nan Yue doesn’t have a clan called Sima.”

“Then we still have to look for the time being.” Sima You Yue said, “If that’s the case we go out directly, along the way we’ll see if we will chance upon any spirit beast and train for awhile, then we don’t have to stay at the mountain to train anymore. What do you think?”

“Ok, no problems here.” Fatty Qu said.

“We are now at your command, you can do the planning.” Wei Zi Qi said

Sima You Yue looked at Ouyang Fei, and seeing that he had no opinions, said: “So it has been decided. We’ll move out directly now. Thousand Resonance, hide your aura.”

“Yes, Master”

Thousand Resonance and Xiao Hou retracted their auras before Sima You Yue and the rest moved off.

It was said that their current location was not the centre of the Sofia mountain range. The real centre would have had the existence of the super divine beasts.

However, that was not something they could tackle yet. That was why Ouyang Fei avoided them as he planned the route as they were walking.

But although they did this, they still encountered quite a few Saint beasts along the way. Some of them did not have much reaction as they were passing through, while some chased them across quite a few mountains tops.

Like right now, where a brown bear that had chased them for a long time finally gave up.

“Damn it, chasing us so fiercely, causing this Lord to run so hard my socks fell off.” Fatty Qu saw that he lost a sock and cursed angrily.

Everyone now realized that Fatty Qu had a sock on one leg but was bare on the other, and couldn’t help but start laughing.


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