Not Compete and Create Dolls 2

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Chapter 2

The girl reflected in the mirror is just like a pale bisque doll.

The white skin, which exudes a fantastic atmosphere, makes you wonder if there was blood running through. If there wasn’t the slight brush on the cheek, I probably could be confused with the inhabitants of the netherworld.

My big blue sapphire eyes as if made to fit me, gives off a very strong impression.

My hair is shining gold and the dress is the same blue as my eyes.

As a whole, I look somehow… a little Tsundere and unapproachable.
This is the me now, “Doll Princess” Altirea Wisp.

* * *

[Because of you little miss, cleaning the house is a lot easier now. Thank you.] Or so said the steward, Warren-san.

Being praised by a grey haired middle aged man makes me feel very happy.

As a result, the dolls I am making ended up quite fine and precise.

Putting in magic while sewing with the thread. (TL: not so sure abt this’ 込めながら糸’). The skill of my handicraft from my previous life is still there and is getting more and more polished after being reborn.

I gave the job of cleaning the house and the garden to the care of the magic dolls.
At first they got in the way of the maids and the gardener but they seem to cooperate just fine now.

Ever since recovering my previous life memories, I have been single-mindedly struggling to improve my power as the “Doll Princess”.

The former Altirea sticks too much to the appearance as a noble, and she just focused too much on general magic.

However, according to the setting, she is specialized in creating magic dolls but her talent in general magic is below average.

It is an advantage to know your own pros and cons.

Cutting out the other magics, I decided to invest as much time as possible in magic dolls.

Now I can even create magic dolls without threads. For example, if its in the mountain then I can just use the grass or the branch of a tree.

I also want to expand to learning alchemy eventually as I want to be able to make a living even when the Wisp house is destroyed.

Honestly, there isn’t any merit for me to go to the magic academy. But alchemy is usable wherever you went.

I’ll just be able to learn some unfamiliar magics under the uniform guidance policy.

Because seeing the game characters is….. not so attractive for me.

They are all handsome but they all have one or two bad traits.
I went moe with them because it was over the monitor, but I would refrain from getting involved in real life.(TL: Ha, you know what it is right Moe!)

And the heroine is pretty scary.

If you are in front of that goodness-reincarnation child, then you would be so guilty and embarrassed that you can die.There is also a possibility that I’d run away when bullying her.

Speaking of that, according to the SS on the official website, the former Altirea was actually a quiet and brave young miss or something. But after getting involved with the heroine, she seems to have changed to a relentless and no mercy personality.

If I was her, I’d also probably be like that too.

….. which is why I had to convince father no matter what.

He seems like he wants me to attend the academy, but I have to somehow change that by any way possible. I want to go to somewhere I can learn to be a puppeteer and an alchemist.

And now allowing the dolls to help out in the mansion is a behind-the-scene preparation work.

Father is pretty stubborn but he will probably be swayed by Warren-san words.

Thinking about the recent resistance from him, I think doing this will probably be enough to cover him up.

It will soon be my eighth birthday, and as expected, my busy at court father will be coming back to the mansion soon. I was going to try to talk to him at that time.

But the words that father came back with was too shocking that I don’t want to be near it.

[ Alty, this is quite sudden, sorry. The Rozerem duke and his children is coming to visit tomorrow.]  

Rozerem dukes children.
They are certainly….

[I think Elstat-kun is the same age as Alty and they’ll be classmates at the magic academy anyway, so it will be good if you get along with him from now on.]  

Elstat Rozerem.
Its a name I have heard before.

I even know what kind of person he is. Since he is one of the capture targets.

Speaking of which, was Altirea and Elstat knowing each other since they were young also in the story setting?

Uwaa, what should I do?

I didn’t expect I would get involved with him in a place like this.

Ah- but we are still both 8 years old.

Please don’t let him be an annoying guy like from the main setting.

How is he annoying?

He is a boy who can’t abandon a dream that should have been abandoned long ago.

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