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Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei de Onii-chan Yattemasu.

Chapter 7 – The Training Camp and the Moonlight and the Palpitation (1)

The day of the training camp. Mitsuki and I arrived at the meeting place, the school’s gymnasium.

Soutarou and Kaname reached before us. They noticed our arrival and waved in our direction. As we walked towards the two in response, I saw Prince sitting directly on the floor. He was obviously in a bad mood.

“Good morning. What happened to Kiritani? He seems to be in a bad mood.”

“You’re late. I was waiting for you, Makoto.”

Prince looked towards me with undisguised discontentment, glaring at me as though he was sulking. I could only give a bitter smile to the face he was making.

About 80% of the students already arrived by the time Mitsuki and I got here.

In the end, my group consisted of Soutarou, Kaname, Prince and I.

I wanted to Mitsuki to join our group but she was already a member of another group when I invited her. Moreover, for some reason the males and females were separated into different groups so I couldn’t forcibly invite her.

Looks like I have no choice but to casually get closer to Mitsuki’s group. I managed to raise Mitsuki’s specs in cooking to an average level with great pains, but at this rate she won’t get a chance to show off to Prince.

“Mitsuki~! You’re slowー”

“Ah, sorry, I’m coming now~”

Mitsuki immediately left my group.

This would be when the 「 Who will you spend the training camp with? 」choice appears in otome games. Is it okay for you to leave the side of the capturable target so quickly?

It may be because it’s still in April when the game just started. But what should I do about Mitsuki who doesn’t seem interested in love? Although I raised Mitsuki’s specs in cooking to an average level, there’s no point if she doesn’t display her skills to the Prince.

“I’ll be going then, Mako-chan. Don’t cause any trouble for Tsubaki-kun and the rest, okay?”

“Mitsuki, you too, don’t be so absent-minded. I’ll come and visit you from time to time.”

Along with the Prince, that is, I added silently in my heart.

And then I’ll assist in creating an event between Mitsuki and Prince. Because this training camp only exists to increase the affection between Mitsuki and Prince.

“Gee, you don’t have to worry so much, Mako-chan~. I’m not a kid anymore.”

Her pleated school skirt fluttered as she left. After sending off her retreating figure, I turned towards the others.

“Mako-chan is close to Sakurai imouto-chan, huh.”

Kaname spoke with his hand on my shoulder. It’s just like Kaname to be this straightforward.

“Ah, Mitsuki is my little sister after all. More importantly, is this group okay?”

With Kaname’s personality, I think he can fit in well with any group. It’s the other two who are problematic. Soutarou aside, Prince is the issue. Or should I say, it’s the relationship between the two that’s an issue.

Glancing at the two, I saw that Soutarou had been shooting uncomfortable glances at Prince while the Prince ignored him and glared at me instead.

Why can’t these two get along? And for some reason Prince keeps glaring at me.

“Doesn’t seem like it’ll be okay. Break a leg, Mako-chan. I’ll prepare white flowers for your funeral.”

“If that happens, you’re coming with me.”

“Our destinies are entwined together, aren’t they, Mako-chan……!”

I hit the head of Kaname who was making a scene.

Not only would it be difficult to create an event between Mitsuki and Prince, for some reason there’s a strained atmosphere between Soutarou and him. I have a feeling this would be one anxiety-filled training camp. I don’t mind anything happening as long as I don’t get caught up in it. Though it seems inevitable that the Prince, Soutarou and Mitsuki will get involved. Good grief.

It’s already time to prepare our evening meal when the sensei’s speech in the gymnasium ended. He said we could use either the schoolyard, the home economics room or the lodging area. I wonder where will Mitsuki’s group select? I want to pick the same location as them. I must raise the encounter rate between Prince and Mitsuki.

“Mitsu――…… Uwa?!”

“Makoto, …… You’re going over to Sakurai too much.”

“Don’t scare me, Kiritani.”

Prince grabbed my arm just as I was about to go find Mitsuki. I almost fell backwards because he gave me a strong tug.

I’m technically a girl so it’ll be nice if you treat me more gently. However, it can’t be helped since on the outside I’m a guy who’s even taller than Prince.

“You stay here. I forbid you to go to Sakurai’s.”


The Prince’s eyebrows drew closer slightly, and he spoke with a voice that sounds like he’s sulking. As I thought, he has a good voice. It’s a low voice that resonates well.

Like this, Prince revealed a very cunningly cute appearance. But, can’t you do this in front of Mitsuki instead? Doing this to me is a waste of your allure.

“I’ll go home if you go over to Sakurai’s again.”

Much like a parting shot, he said only those words before he released my arm.

He’s the expressionless Prince who keeps to himself in front of everyone. Yet, why is it that he behaves this way towards me? Selfish, or should I say, haughty?

Subaru said before, that Prince is ‘straightforward’ and ‘cool’. But I believe she mistook it with ‘tsundere’ and ‘tsun-sama’[1]. No doubt.

“Well, for now let’s just prepare our meal, okay?”

Soutarou approached the Prince and I with a troubled smile.

The wrinkles between the Prince’s eyebrows increased as he looked at Soutarou. I was worried the Prince would say something strange to Soutarou but he didn’t utter a single word.

I feel relieved, but to think that I’d have to go through such a nerve-wrecking training camp!

“You’re right, let’s do it. I’m hungry.”

You can say that I’m reaping what I sow. I was so busy preparing for the training camp that I didn’t eat lunch.

In the end, because of Kaname’s incomprehensible claim that “cooking begins with starting a fire in the schoolyard”, we ended up preparing our meal there. It seems that Mitsuki and the others went to the home economics room. That’s right, isn’t it. As girls, you’d prefer the home economics room. Who’d purposely choose to cook outdoors in the schoolyard, huh.

The encounter between Prince and Mitsuki during dinner time didn’t even last an instance. By the way, our meal was mostly prepared by Soutarou. It was a standard curry rice. It was very delicious, totally.

Eventually, the night deepened and it’s already 9pm.

It’s the midnight of a training camp, there’s no way nothing will happen. A pointless kimodameshi[2] was in the works. I wonder who would get excited over such a thing. The only ones who’ll go “kya” in these kimodameshi were couples.

I’ve been tired out due to my anxiety since today morning. I want to sleep. However, such selfishness wasn’t allowed.

“Souta, Prince and Mako-chan, you must participate, okayー”

Kaname was in high spirits as usual.

Kaname truly is well-suited to such high school student activities. Only he can look so stylish sporting an unfashionable russet jersey pyjamas.

Even though Prince, Soutarou, Kaname and I were clad in the same set of russet jersey with short sleeves and long pants, Kaname looked the best in it. It’s just that the fancy combination of red bean-coloured clothes and blonde hair hurts my eyes.

“I want to sleep. Go by yourself, Kaname.”

I coldly declared as I crawled into the futon.

“According to my information network, Sakurai imouto-chan will be participating, you know? Big brother.”

“Eh, Mitsuki is participating in the kimodameshi?”

I unconsciously stood up after hearing Kaname’s whisper.

Although it wasn’t like I didn’t realise I fell for his scheme, I can’t ignore that information.

“That’s right~. ‘Cause I, went to take a look just now.”

“Really…… are you serious……”

So my turn has finally come?

If Prince and Mitsuki gets together during the kimodameshi, something will definitely happen. Or rather, I’ll make sure something happens.

Then I have no choice but to participate. This may sound conceited, but Prince will definitely come along if I go.

“I’ll go. I’ll participate.”

“Awesome! If Mako-chan joins, Souta and Prince will also come, right~?”

“I’m coming.”

Prince immediately replied.

Alright. It’ll somehow work if Prince and Mitsuki gathers together. Or rather, I’ll somehow make it work.

For this relationship, I beg you God-sama, Buddha-sama, ancestors-sama and the other gods-sama.

Please let there be at least one event between Prince and Mitsuki. Otherwise, there’s no point in me coming all the way here.

Just the thought that I’ll be stuck in this world if Mitsuki doesn’t get the ‘Prince end’ gave me the shivers. I have a world where I belong to. No matter how well I get along with Soutarou and the rest, this isn’t my world.

Will there come a day when I’ll feel lonely about that?


[1] Tsun-sama: ‘tsun’ from ‘tsundere’ and ‘-sama’ from ‘ore-sama’. Something like cold + haughty.
[2] Kimodameshi 肝試し – lit. liver test. Often translated as ‘Test of Courage’.


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