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Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei de Onii-chan Yattemasu.

Chapter 56 – The Cultural Festival and the Butler and the Café [4]

 ”Welcome to the sto—, … I mean, welcome home, m’Lady.”

 The first Sunday of October. It’s the opening day of Izumino School’s cultural festival.
 I’m acting as a butler in the classroom of Year 2 Class A. I wanted to work in the back and wait on customers as little as possible but I was dragged out to be a waiter due to the lack of manpower. The face muscles I don’t usually use are screaming. I forcibly raise the trembling corner of my mouth and make a smile to the best of my ability.

“I-isn’t that butler refreshing and cool?”
“You’re right. He’s cool. But I prefer the blond butler over there.”
“Uwah, I agree. There are a lot of cool people, aren’t there~”

 Even though I’m guiding them around, the 2 ladies are only looking at Kaname and Soutarou. By the way, Prince’s taking a break and isn’t here now. Letting Prince take a break first is so that he can be placed in again when our sales go down in the latter half. A so-called strategy of Hasumi’s.
 Sorry that a normie like me is here! Although I no longer feel things like jealousy towards the 3 popular guys, I can’t hide a slight vexation.

 Perhaps it’s the effect of the poster of Prince and Mitsuki that we designed, our Maid&Butler Café has been a hectic maid success, so much that the queue extends even outside the room. At one point, the 30-minute waiting time grew to an hour and it became a dire situation in a high school cultural festival. However, once it reached about 1pm, the customers lessened and we were able to take turns to rest.

“Bunny-chan, your master is back~”

“Ugeh, president.”

“Where’s my ‘Welcome back, Master’~?”

 With a “Student Council” band on his arm, the student council president Narahashi Junya, accompanied by the vice-president Takayanagi Yasuchika who’s holding some notebook, enters the room.
 Above Junya’s uniform that’s worn in a way one can’t tell whether he’s wearing it or not, he has the usual shocking pink jacket with rabbit ears. With his languid way of speaking and moving, he places an arm around my shoulder. My right hand that attempted to sweep that arm away gets caught and it’s being held ever so tightly.

“Please leave, Master.”

 The girls get excited at the appearance of Junya, who’d fit in the group of popular guys.
 As though he’s used to it, Junya waves at the squealing girls. It’s kind of annoying, transcendently. I’m convinced if Prince, Kaname or Soutarou get squealed at but I completely don’t understand why Junya’s popular.

“There’s no way I’m leaving~. We came here for work. Right, Chika-san?”

“Although the work part is just as you say, please stop causing Sakurai trouble.”


 It’s unthinkable that such a happy-go-lucky Student Council president would do work outside of teasing people.
 I must have unconsciously appeared rather suspicious, for Takayanagi gives a throaty laugh.

“To ensure that there hasn’t been any problematic behaviour, we, as the Student Council, have been making rounds.”

 I see. Although I now understand why Junya and Takayanagi has come to over class, isn’t our family’s Student Council president the one most likely to cause problems?
 Junya casually and pushily draws closer.

“That’s why, Bunny-chan, let’s go round the Cultural Festival together~?”

“Nah, you have work, right?”

“It’s fine because we came to Bunny-chan’s place last.”

 There’s nothing more troublesome than going round the Cultural Festival with Junya. Unnecessarily entangling me with all his ‘Bunny-chan’, ‘Bunny-chan’, there’s no doubt he’s aiming for things like kissing or sex. That’s the kind of guy he is.
 Had I nonchalantly followed him, “I’m someone who’s totally fine with gobbling up even heterosexuals, y’know,” it will unmistakably turn into a situation like that.

 I try to seek Takayanagi’s help but he’s right in the middle of chatting happily with Mitsuki. He’s probably inviting her to go round the Cultural Festival together. Although I’m happy that Mitsuki is popular, my current feelings of wanting to be saved from the crisis is stronger.

“Nah, I’m fine. I’m busy.”

“Eh~! You’re going to take a break now, aren’t you? I’ve been listening, alright~?”

 Although I’ve been treating Junya coldly, his heart is sturdy and did not break. In the first place, does he not know, did he not notice or is he pretending not to notice?

 Junya grins while tilting his head. It’s even more infuriating when he makes a sparrow face[1] that seems like he’s feigning ignorance somehow. It’s extremely cool, beautiful and seductive. It’s not a bad face. Rather, it probably falls under a considerably ikemen category. However, although I do understand the happiness felt when such a face and action is shown to someone, and it’s the same cunningness as Soutarou, it’s hard for me accept this. 

“Bunny-chan?! Don’t ignore me?! I, got hurt, alright! Also, watch your expression! Your eyes are dead[2]!”


“Bunny-chan?! Hey! I’ll cry, y’know~”

 Perhaps noticing Junya entangling me, Soutarou steadily approaches. Although there’s a smile on his face, he may be pissed because the aura around him is black. It’s the descend of Pitch Black Soutarou.

“Mako? What’s wrong?”

“Ah, Soutarou.”

“Oh, isn’t this Soutarou-kun? You sure are cool today too~.”

 Over-familiarly, Junya strokes Soutarou’s cheek. And with extremely natural movements, Junya draws closer to Soutarou’s face and tries to kiss it. This guy really doesn’t discriminate!
 With a smile glued on his face, Soutarou hits Junya’s hand off.
 A female customer drinking tea from behind makes a disappointed sound but let’s pretend not to hear that.

“Mako, what have you been talking about?”

 With extremely natural movements, Soutarou moves to my back and places an arm around my waist. Then, putting his chin on my right shoulder, he sniffs the scent from the back of my ear.
 This guy too, before I knew it, has shortened his sense of distance. Sure enough, was it bad of me to say that I’d given up and accepted various things previously? Well, it’s not unpleasant to have Soutarou attached to me like this, so I’m not complaining.

“Ah, Junya-senpai was talking about going round the Cultural Festival with him.”

“I see. However, Mako’s going with me so that won’t do, right? That is how it is, president, apologies.”

 Did we make such an arrangement? No, we didn’t.
 When I glance at Soutarou’s face which should be on my right shoulder, there’s a never-before-seen, or should I say, never-before-existed refreshing-ish smile. It’s important so I’ll repeat but, it’s a refreshing-”ish” stiff smile. Soutarou’s eyes aren’t smiling at all. I’ve never seen Soutarou make a face like this.

“Eh~, I’m going with you then~. Don’t want to go round the Cultural Festival all alone after all.”

“You can just go with Takayanagi-senpai.”

“Chika-chan’s probs going with Mitsuki-chan. Looking at that state.”

 When I look in the direction he points at, the two are talking about something extremely happily.
 Certainly, looking at that state, Mitsuki will definitely go round the Cultural Festival with Takayanagi.  Really, when did Mitsuki and Takayanagi become so close? Onii-chan is a little lonely.

“Then you can just go with your female hanger-ons. Does president not have many admirers?”

“In that case, Soutarou-kun can go with your female hanger-ons too. Doesn’t Soutarou-kun have many admirers too?”

“I want to go with Mako. Mako’s fine.”

 Squeeze, the arm around my waist strengthens its hold.
 Then, while rubbing the nose he buried in my nape, “Mako,” he calls my name with a miserable voice. Although it’s cute, although it’s so cunningly cute, Soutarou, please remember that we’re right in the middle of the classroom.

“Oi, don’t create a scene of carnage over there. It’s disturbing our business.”

 Seeing us cause trouble, Hasumi cuts in with an exasperated look.


 Honestly, it really helps that Hasumi came. Because we wouldn’t have reached a conclusion at the rate it was going.
 I look at Hasumi gratefully. However, she continues by dropping a shocking, bomb-like statement.

“If none of you wants to yield, the time for going around can just be arranged. 13:30 to 14:30 will be the president, 14:30 to 15:30 Kiritani and 15:30 to 16:30 Tsubaki. You’ll be helping me out from 16:30 to 17:30, alright. As for the post-festival celebration, Sakurai can slowly decide.”

“Uh, there’s a lot to retort but, for the time being, why are Riku and Hasumi included in that schedule?”

 What on earth is this elaborate time schedule like that of a famous celebrity? Moreover, why are Prince and Hasumi included there? It’s getting out of control. Honestly, if it’s going to get so troublesome, I might as well go around by myself. However, I can’t quite bring myself to say that in front of these 3. The Hasumi who heard my question averts her gaze while blushing slightly.

“Kiritani will definitely want to go around with Sakurai so I can use that as collateral to make him work. Besides, you don’t have club activities so you’re free, aren’t you, Sakurai? Isn’t it okay to help out with the tidying up later?”

“I’m okay with just helping to tidy up but…”

 It may not be very fitting for an ex-woman like me to say this but, I’d have readily accepted had she asked in a slightly cuter manner. Well, of course I’m perfectly okay with just helping out though. I’ll help out with no complaint.

“Now that it’s decided, go round the Cultural Festival with the president first! I’ll inform Kiritani. Come back to class once it’s 14:30, alright!”

“Ah, yeah.”

“Yay. Let’s go then, Bunny-channn.”

 Junya seizes my wrist and tugs strongly. I’m pulled away from Soutarou as he grabs my hand. Then, as though I’m being kidnapped, I’m brought out of the classroom.

“Ehehe, Bunny-chan, where do you want to go? Shall we eat first?”

 Honestly, we were busy throughout the morning so I didn’t eat breakfast at all today.
 It’s now exactly 13:30. I’m pretty starved.

“Ah, I do kind of want to eat.”

“In that case, let senpai treat you.”

 With a smug look, what Junya takes out of his jacket pocket are free meal tickets.
 From takoyaki, crêpe, ramen, to even set meals from the cafeteria. Held in that hand, are 2 tickets that render any food provided in the Cultural Festival, free. Those tickets are said to be distributed only to a part of the student body who contributed to the Cultural Festival, like the Student Council or the Student Self-Government Association. They are such illusory tickets.

“Bunny-chan, whatever you want to eat, tell me!”

 Although I sincerely find it troublesome to go round the Cultural Festival with Junya, I’m not able to say a thing when he makes such a happy expression.
 Moreover, rather than spending the Cultural Festival all alone without anyone’s invitation, even I think that it’s much, much more enjoyable to be with someone else. It’s boring if one doesn’t fully enjoy oneself after all.

 Now that it’s decided, let’s first have a meal with Junya.
 With a smile on my lips, I hold Junya’s hand.

[1] Sparrow face.
[2] Think of those eyes in anime where they don’t draw the reflected light so it looks like there’s no life in the eyes.

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