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Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei de Onii-chan Yattemasu.

Chapter 57 – The Cultural Festival and the Butler and the Café [5]

”Hasumi, is this one of those that can be put away?”

 I’m separating the leftover ingredients from the Butler&Maid Cafe into refrigerated and room temperature, to be put away into bags and boxes. These will be split evenly with the class tomorrow.

“Yep. Separate them into refrigerated and room temperature. Put those that require refrigeration in the fridge of the home economics room.”


 Hasumi and I are tidying up after the Cultural Festival.
 Originally, the tidy up would be done by the entire class tomorrow. However, Hasumi, wanting to do most of the tidying up today, including that of the raw ingredients, forced me to help out.
 I think she could be more lenient towards me, who had to accompany Junya, Prince, and Soutarou around the Cultural Festival. However, for some reason, Hasumi’s only asking me for help. Take this task for example. Even though she could’ve asked the male class rep for help, she designated me for some reason. Although I obediently help out because I don’t loathe tidying up, I can’t shake this feeling of being used.

 Unexpectedly, I was able to normally enjoy going round the Cultural Festival with Prince and company.
 I had thought Junya would conspire for my chastity, Prince would conspire to push me down and the Pitch Black Soutarou would conspire to kiss me. However, I was able to enjoy it just like a normal friend.

“Hey Sakurai, so who are you going to the post-festival celebration with?”

“Eh, I don’t know. Can’t I casually spend it with Soutarou and company?”

“You’re going to spend the post-festival celebrations with other dudes? Even though there will be folk dancing?”

 Hasumi laughs a little jokingly, and looks at me.
 Is there a rule that the high school post-festival celebration must be spent in male-female pairs? Even though this is an otome game, one should be able to do more than romance. Studies, sports and friendship should be able to enliven one’s youth too.

“How about you, Hasumi, who are you intending to spend it with? Is it Soutarou?”


 When I raise my gaze that had been on my hands, the image of her blushing profusely, with her eyes looking towards her lower right, appears in my field of vision.
 As the sun is already setting outside the window, it could be that the sunlight is making Hasumi’s face look red. The preparation for fireworks is steadily progressing in the school yard. Although I thought it was extravagant to have fireworks in a high school post-festival celebration, it will surely remain in my memory. I wonder if it will remain as a happy memory.

 If only, nothing remains, just for me. If only I can forget Soutarou, Prince, Kaname and all the fun memories, once I return.
 Such negativity is a no-no. It’s not certain that I can return to the real world so I should enjoy school life right now.

“Sakurai, …”

“Ah, but Soutarou may be going to the post-festival celebration with me. Want to join us, Hasumi?”

 Although it’s not like I had specially arranged to spend the post-festival celebration with Soutarou, I’m sure that one way or another, he’ll spend it with Prince, Kaname, Hasumi and I. With the members of “Alliance of Those Without Girlfriends”, it will probably be a post-festival celebration that stinks of dudes. However, I’ve a feeling that this way, I can enjoy the post-festival celebration best.
 A part of me is anticipating it.
 Just like this, I’ll steadily accumulate memories so enjoyable that I’d want to forget them. This is something to feel happy, and also sad, about.

 Looking at my face, Hasumi shows a troubled yet happy smile and moves her head left and right.

“It’s fine. I think I’ll spend it with Mitsuki.”

“Isn’t Mitsuki spending it with Takayanagi?”

“Takayanagi-senpai would be busy with Student Council work, right? It seemed like he worked quite hard to be able to go round the Cultural Festival with Mitsuki.”

 As the management of Izumino School’s Cultural Festival was mostly left to the students, the Student Council, which lies at the core, should be considerably busy. Also, the operating of the post-festival celebration is naturally the Student Council’s job.

“I see. You worked crazy hard too, Hasumi. It’s okay to enjoy at least the post-festival celebration.”

“What’s with that condescending manner.”

 Chuckling a little, Hasumi lifts up the box with dirty utensils and hot plates. I, too, carrying the plastic bag containing ingredients, stand up.
 With this amount of tidying up, there won’t be great disasters like the food rotting and causing trouble, or being unable to remove dirt stuck on the utensils. For the remaining tidying up, let’s believe in everyone’s strength and leave it till tomorrow. We, too, need to prepare to enjoy the post-festival celebration and savour the aftertaste of the Cultural Festival.

“Makooo! I came to help out. Let’s finish the tidy up quickly and head to the post-festival celebration venue. It seems they’re distributing juice and snacks for free.”

“What can be obtained for free has to be obtained, don’t they~”

 Soutarou, Kaname and Prince noisily jump into the classroom.
 Prince, who is more gluttonous than he appears, is chewing on melon bread. Moreover, he’s holding the bread with both hands like a squirrel and is chewing on it expressionlessly.

“I’m almost done so wait just a little.”

“What’s left to be done? I’ll help.”

 Soutarou approaches me with a bright smile and casually lifts the plastic bag I’m holding.
 If there are the male me and the female Hasumi, you should first lift the female’s, Hasumi’s, burden. Although Soutarou is a mother-like boy who’s fundamentally gentle towards girls, he can be inconsiderate in areas like this.

“”Ah, my plastic bag is to be kept in the fridge. The utensils in Hasumi’s box are to be washed before returning them to the box, and kept in the classroom.”

“That’s right. With the 5 of us, I think it can be completed in no time. You can take Sakurai away after that.”

“Take away… hey, I’m not an object.”

 Even tidying up is fun when it’s done with everyone. The existence of friends is really extremely important.
 By the time we’re done with the tidying up, before we knew it, it’s already 6pm. Perhaps because winter is approaching, the sky is already beginning to dim.

“Well then, let’s head to the school yard! Get the free juice!”

 With a fist up, Kaname leaves us behind, dashing to the school yard. Behind him follows Prince in a quick walk, his eyes shining. Prince loves snacks and things related to food after all. However, running when lured by food, the two of them sure are like kids.

“Let’s get the free juice and snacks too, Soutarou.”

“Yeah. The good stuff will be taken if we don’t hurry, huh?

 The duo are already far away and we can only see their backs.
 As it doesn’t seem like we can catch up even if we start running after them now, Soutarou and I decided to leisurely walk after them. Anyhow, we have the same destination so there’s no doubt we’ll meet again in the school yard.

“What drinks were there?”

“I think there were tea, sports drinks and soft drinks.”

“I’ll play safe and get tea.”

 While figures of students can be sparsely seen in the school yard, there are barely anyone. It’s hard to claim that I can see Soutarou’s face well in this gloomy corridor where the lights and electricity are off.
 Flyers that were thrown away, posters that were stuck up, classrooms that were decorated. They are all remnants of the Cultural Festival. I feel nostalgic, recalling the 2 days of Cultural Festival and the preparation for it.

“The Cultural Festival was fun, huh.”

“It was. I didn’t get to spend it much with you though, Soutarou.”

“Let’s spend more of it together next year, then. Besides, I want to go round the Cultural Festival with Mako more, not just for an hour.”

 This year’s Cultural Festival is my last. I have a place I ought to return to in March next year. However, there’s a strong feeling of wanting to participate in the Cultural Festival again next year.

“Yeah. However, the Christmas in winter break and New Year cherry blossom viewing comes before the Cultural Festival next year, don’t they?”

“Ah, that’s right. Where should we go during the winter break? I definitely want to go for New Year’s first shrine visit.”

 Soutarou happily speaks of his plans for the winter break.
 I, too, have tons of places I want to go in the winter break. I also want to go for New Year’s first shrine visit with everyone.

“… Hey, Mako, are you transferring schools next year?”


“You always make a sad face after events and whenever I try to make plans for next year, you’d dodge them.”

 Soutarou has an absent-minded and dull side. However, because he suddenly says things that hit the mark, he can’t be taken lightly.
 Next year, I’ll be going to a place further than I would if I were transferring schools. To a place we may never meet each other again. Regardless of whether I desire it or not.

“Eh, nah, it’s not like that.”

“If so!”

 Soutarou grabs my arm. When I turn around, Soutarou’s looking at my friend with a serious expression. It’s uncomfortable.
 The two of us stand stock-still in the middle of the corridor, silent as time passes slowly. 
 Unsure of how to spend the time so silent that it rings in my ears, I stare at my own toes. The first one to tear up this overly-quiet time is Soutarou.
 The usual gentle voice that resounds sweetly, loses its sweetness and gentleness and merely resounds flatly.

“If so, why?”

 There’s no way I can tell him the reason. Even if I do tell him, what should I say?
 This is the world of an otome game and I got transported here from the real world. Therefore, I’ll be going back when the game ends on the last day of March. Who’d believe me if I say that? They’ll just think I’m not right in the head. They definitely won’t believe me even if i tell them.
 However, I do have feelings of wanting to tell Soutarou the truth and having him believe me. Thus, I’m starting to not know what to do.

“… I’ll tell you on 31st March. However, I do want to be with you and the rest next year and the year after that.”

“You can’t say it today, huh.”

“Yeah… There’s something I’m hiding from you guys. It’s not something I can easily tell someone and it’s not something believable. However, I’ll definitely say it on 31st March. Please wait till then.”

 Soutarou suddenly laughs.

“Got it. I’ll wait till then.”

“Yeah, I promise.”

“Just remember this. I’ll accept you no matter who you are, Mako. I’ll definitely believe you no matter what you say.”

 Even if I say I’m a human from another world, Soutarou will surely accept it with a smile. He’ll also believe me. That’s the kind of person Soutarou is.
 At that moment, a huge don sound comes from outside the window. Surprised, I reflexively look out the window. Large fireworks are being launched. Glittering and colorful fireworks color the sky.

“Wow, … it’s pretty.”

“Yes, it’s beautiful. They spent more money than expected.”

“To be able to watch it alone with Mako, I feel like I profited somehow.”

 A relaxed grin surfaces on Soutarou’s face.
 Gentle, down-turned eyes look at me. An angular, large hand grasps my hand tightly.  The kind and sweet voice speaks only to me. Stinking slightly of sweat, the cheap fruity smell of his antiperspirant tickles my nose.
 My 4 senses are now all dominated by Soutarou. I just need to be kissed now and remember Soutarou’s taste, for all 5 senses to become his.

“AH! Why are you two flirting~!”


 Kaname and Prince, who wangled juice and snacks, are running towards us.

“We aren’t flirting.”

“Excuses are useless! Onwards to us four’s post-festival celebration in the classroom! Yay!”


 This may be the most enjoyable Cultural Festival I’ve ever had.
 Even when I’ve returned to the other world, whenever I see a Cultural Festival, I’ll probably recall this instance of this moment on this day, for countless times.
 I’m happy but it hurts a lot. I hate everyone of this world, who gives me so many memories that are so happy that I want to forget and yet can’t throw away. I hate them because I love them.

[1] The raw had Hasumi too but I’m pretty sure that was a typo.

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