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Chapter 24 – The Third Wheel and the Knight and the Princess (1)

The eventful Golden Week has ended, it’s the beginning of an enjoyable and boisterous school life once again.
Attending school as a boy 4 months ago was painful, but now I’m starting to get used to the position of a high school boy. Well, there’s a sense of discomfort to be getting used to having what I didn’t have before and not having what I’ve gotten used to, but I think that being a high school boy isn’t too bad.
That I can hang out with Soutarou and Kaname this way and have such a relationship, is probably because I’m a guy. If I were a girl, it’s sad, but we likely won’t have such a relationship.

“Does Mako-chan have someone you like?”


After school. Soutarou left early for Basketball Club activities, but Kaname, the Prince and I in the Go-Home club remained in class, having a lively boys’ talk while stuffing our cheeks with snacks.
The contents of the talk is extremely trivial. Imitating x teacher’s way of speaking, chatting about what’s been amusing in the latest manga, things like that.

Clearly of a different nature from the conversation up till now, the sudden foxy query alarmed me and I couldn’t reply properly.

Biting his straw, Kaname looked at me with an expression full of curiosity, grinning broadly.
The Prince also stopped eating gum, staring fixedly at me with the same full-of-curiosity expression as Kaname. Despite being primarily expressionless, it’s troubling when at unexpected moments his emotions stream out. The Prince at times like that will usually be decidedly difficult.

“There isn’t. I don’t talk to girls much in the first place, so it’s a problem even before coming to like any.”

Since enrolling in Izumino Gakuen, the girls who spoke to me are, or should I say 99% of them, were aiming for Soutarou or Kaname or the Prince. Between Soutarou, Kaname, the Prince and I, the one who’s easiest to speak to, well naturally the answer is obvious. Even as a girl if I want to approach these sparkly boys, I’ll also think of attacking from a normal guy like me.
Girls who genuinely want to converse with me, excluding Mitsuki and Subaru, there’s only Mitsuki’s friend I guess? Somehow I’m starting to feel a little dispirited.

“I seeー. That’s unfortunate since Mako-chan’s cool and looks popular.”

“There’s no use flattering me.”

It’s not convincing at all when I’m told that by Kaname who has that sparkly face.

“I wasn’t flattering you. Really!”

“I think Makoto’s cool too.”


I can just wave it off with “Hai, hai” hearing it from the easily-carried-away Kaname, but hearing it from the Prince with a serious look makes me very sheepish. Because the Prince is several hundred million times cooler.

“Well then well then! What kind of girls do you like, Mako-chanー?”

“I don’t really…… More importantly, what type of girls do Kiritani and Kaname like?”

I didn’t even think about what type of girls I prefer. As I was originally a girl and in the first place have no intention of having a romance as a boy, there wasn’t a need to think about it.
More importantly, to ease Mitsuki’s romance, it’s better to hear about the Prince’s and Kaname’s preference. I especially have to hear the Prince’s preference so I can metamorphose Mitsuki into his type.

“If Mako-chan doesn’t tell us, I’m not answering eithe~r!”

“What’s with that.”

Kaname stared at me with a mischievous glint in his eyes, tilting his head.
Even the Prince, while silently munching a cookie, gave me a hard stare as though he’s waiting for me to answer the question.
There’s no doubt these two will continue waiting until I reply.
There’s no way out, huh. Let’s think about my preferred type for a little. What kind of guys did I like when I was female, again? I wasn’t interested in romance since long before, so nothing comes to mind.
Let’s change the way of thinking. Yes for example, in the world of Dokidoki Renai Kakumei Revolution who would I want to go out with? But hanging out with them as friends now is too enjoyable, I wouldn’t think of going out with them as lovers.
If I have to choose, it’ll probably be Soutarou? That absent-minded healing type is a little like Mitsuki. I’ll say it vaguely without being obviously indirect.

“…… a healing type and cute one is good.”

“That’s mainstream~”

“I’ve already answered, Kaname and Kiritani have to answer too.”

It’s sad that the answer I frantically produced is less than 10 words, but I don’t have the confidence to come up with more details regarding my preferred type of girl beyond this.
Isn’t it fine for the person you already like to be your preferred type? It may not be convincing for someone who never fell in love to say this, but the thing called love is probably like that. Besides, shoujo manga also said something similar.

“Me? For meー, maybe someone with a cute smile. Also, someone who’s fun to be with!”

“Isn’t Kaname’s mainstream too.”

“Eh~, is it. It’s not easy to have fun together, you know~?”

Possessing a cute smile and having fun when you’re together, Mitsuki fulfills those.
Mitsuki’s smile is lovely, and above all it’s fun to be with her. Good, good.

“What about Kiritani?”


“Un, un.”

The Prince silently ate his snacks, absentmindedly staring in space like he isn’t that interested.
The Prince doesn’t seem very interested in romance. Even though he’s the prince of an otome game.


“Un, what?”

“My type is Makoto.”

The shocking reply immediately froze the air.

“Eh?! Eh…… Thanks……?”

“Does the Prince like Mako-chan~?”

I’m shocked at how Kaname accepted this situation so easily.
Also, Prince, what do you mean I’m your type. Does the Prince like guys?! No, it’s not like I plan to reject same-gender love at all, but the prince of an otome game can’t fall in love with the same gender, right. We may both be Sakurai, but if it’s like this just pick Mitsuki instead of me.

“Somehow, the atmosphere’s good.”

“Atmosphere, you say~. Certainly, Mako-chan’s gentle and very calming, isn’t he. It resembles Sakurai imouto-chan’s ambience, doesn’t it~.”

The feeling’s complicated, but the fact that my ambience resembles Mitsuki’s, means, to the Prince Mitsuki’s his type too, right. It’s okay to interpret it like this, right.
The feeling’s a little complicated, but I’ll treat it as a merit. I’ll interpret it as the Prince’s type being the Sakurai family. Well, being liked by someone won’t cause unpleasant feelings to emerge.


“Ah, Mitsuki. What’s up?”

At this moment, Mitsuki clad in the female Swimming Club’s jersey ran towards me with a broad smile.

“Um you see, I, will be able to participate in the upcoming match. It’s not much, just a practice match but……”

“That’s amazing, Mitsuki. Even though you just joined recently.”

“Ehehe…… Well, I’ve been swimming since long before……”

Mitsuki seems pretty happy to be praised by me, her cheeks flushed as she acted shyly, bashfully.
Rather, had Mitsuki been swimming since long before? I didn’t know. I have to pay attention to not accidentally say something strange.

“That’s why, I want Mako-chan to come support me during the match. It’s this weekend but…… you can’t make it?”

“There’s no way I can’t make it. Mitsuki’s match, I’ll definitely be there to support.”

Something like a reason to not go and support the cute Mitsuki shouldn’t exist. I’ll definitely be there to support even if a typhoon comes or a demon appears.
“I’m glad. Thank you, Mako-chan. I, will return to practice okay~!”

The happy Mitsuki with blushed cheeks is completely an angel. She’s mi dulce angel.[1]
Subtle body line visible from the slightly baggy jersey, moe sode appropriate for a heroine with her fingertips appearing just a smidgen is adorable, gesturing with her small body while frantically trying to speak is also unbearable.
What. Yes, I’m siscon. A siscon. Is that bad?
Mitsuki waved her hand as she left for club activities.
How cute, how super cute. My cheeks loosened reflexively.

“Mako-chan seriously likes Sakurai imouto-chan a lot huh. The face you make is kinder than when you talk to anyone else.”

When I started grinning after thinking about Mitsuki, Kaname pointed at me as he drank strawberry au lait.

“Of course crackerー. I’m Mitsuki’s onii-chan after all.”

“If you have such a hard time letting go of your imouto, what will you do if she gets a boyfriend?”

“I don’t mind her getting a boyfriend. If it’s a good guy like Kiritani or Kaname or Soutarou.”

Rather, I want the Prince or Kaname or Soutarou to date Mitsuki. Especially dating the Prince.

Mitsuki is without mistake terribly terribly cute and I think of her as important, but I can’t always be by her side, and I desire to return to the previous world.

“So technically you do understand.”

“Nuh huh.”

Understand or whatever, from the bottom of my heart I want Mitsuki and the Prince to date. I really think so.

Looking at the Prince, he’s single-mindedly stuffing his cheeks with gummies.
As I thought, the Prince is ikemen. Standing beside Mitsuki it’ll be a biseinen and a bishoujo, very compatible I think. Additionally there’s more to the Prince than just his face.

When Junya persistently solicited me to the Student Council, he desperately tried to save me, and when I was trapped in the storeroom he came to find me. He’s truly a good guy.

Although I think so, there’s too few points of contact between Mitsuki and the Prince.
Isn’t Takayanagi the only character who has the most connection with Mitsuki now?

Does Mitsuki seriously even plan to romance? Despite being the heroine her enthusiasm is too low. Good grief.

Looking at Kaname and the Prince chatting happily, I reached out for the snacks.



[1] マイスウィートエンジェル: mai suwīto enjeru (my sweet angel)

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