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Chapter 23 – Gossip: Yurino Subaru’s Delusional Talk

I ―― Yurino Subaru, was thinking this way.

Is Sakurai Makoto seme, or is he uke, or even riba[1]? That is the question.

It’s been roughly a month since we got transported into this world. It’s about time to clearly distinguish whether Mako is seme or uke.

Initially, I thought Mako was uke. The reason was simply because Mako was originally female.

But as I watched his movements this month, I reached the conclusion that Mako could possibly be riba. To me who was fixated on whether he’s totally seme or totally uke, him being riba was the only alternative.

Mako is truly manly.

Okay with touching insects and frogs. Horror videos and haunted houses, those are completely okay too. He’s a guy who can flawlessly complete anything.

In addition, since the transportation he unconsciously created a  “manly self” on his own, the way he speaks and carries himself became even more like a hero from shoujo manga.

There’s times it feels a bit forced, but that natural airheadedness and composure has become quite a sight to behold. And it’s precisely because it’s become quite a sight to behold that he’s able to fall so many characters. Of course, there’s also that the position as Mitsuki’s older brother endows high favorability rating.

Well then the topic has deviated, is Sakurai Makoto seme or uke. Asking the person in question will probably just provoke his ire.

If it’s okay for me to decide, it’s embarrassing but I’ll circumvent, and choose to go for riba. Afterall, I can’t decide! A girl’s heart is complicated!

For example, if the other party is Prince, how will it go.

The Prince――Kiritani Riku is set to be straightforward and cool, an aloof prince. Towards Mako he surpassed the creator’s, my intention and becomes deredere. According to my setting, his image should be more like a white tiger, but in front of Mako he’s like a strong-willed kitten.

From the usual conduct, it feels like Mako’s the seme. If that’s so, MakoRiku?

It feels like attacker seme Mako x attacked uke Riku, huh. But I think RikuMako works too.

* * * * *

“Riku, you’ll get dirty if you lick such a place. Stop that.”

Riku ran the tip of his tongue between the gaps of Makoto’s toes and between his toes and his toenails, coating them with ample saliva.

Fair skin and glossy black hair like that of a bisque doll, the beauty with tsurime eyes and a doubly strong gaze that is the Prince-sama, licking feet――indeed a sensual sight.

Makoto pressed his face into the pillow and while trembling with shyness, grasped the bedsheet. Expressionless, Riku’s cheeks became flushed. He focused his attention on his tongue which moved onto Makoto’s calfs and the inside of his thighs as he seeked for his reaction.

Makoto shook his inner thigh, chasing away the welling pleasure.

“It’s okay. There’s no place on Makoto that’s dirty.”

“Haha, that’s so vain…… As expected of the Prince.”

Makoto slightly raised his face that was buried into the pillow and gave a weak smile. Makoto blushed from his cheeks to his ears and his eyes turned teary, but Riku directed an arousing look at him without backing down.

As though sullen, he lifted his head from the thigh, entwining his fingers with Makoto’s hands and gripped them tightly, sewing him to the bed.

He brought his lips close to Makoto’s cheeks and after licking the tears at the corner of his eyes, softly bit the tip of his nose.

“I’m not ‘Prince’. Call my name properly, Makoto.”

Riku sulkily replied, gently brushing Makoto’s lips with his index finger.

Makoto licked that finger with his bright red tongue, and seemingly embarrassed, seemingly happy, he abruptly laughed.

“I’m sorry, don’t sulk …… Riku.”

* * * * *

Umu. Riku x Mako seems good too.

MakoRiku and RikuMako, so hard to select. Let’s put the decision on hold.

However my first recommendation is still, the Sakurai Makoto and Tsubaki Soutarou pairing.

Though it’s the ‘easy path’, close friends who get along well becoming increasingly attracted to each other is stimulating, huh.

But in that case which is Makoto? Will he be uke. Will he be seme.

Soutarou is tall and muscular, has a generous, gentle and compassionate personality, but is somewhat timid and cowardly. Because he has younger siblings with age difference whom he looks after a lot, he plays the role of an onii-chan in the 3-person good friends group that has Makoto, Kaname and Soutarou.

Thinking up till here, was Soutarou a flexible seme? Even if he doesn’t want to, it might be good to let Makoto have a taste of his flexibility.

Makoto may look like that but he has a childish side, and even as Mitsuki’s older brother, he’s quite the natural airhead. It’s to the point I want Soutarou’s flexibility to somehow make him surrender.

That’s right. Let’s recall the interaction between Soutarou and Makoto.

He seems quite attached, but I wonder what Soutarou thinks of Makoto.

Yes, for example……

* * * * *

“Geez, Mako, you can’t…… What should we do if someone sees us doing it here?”

In an empty classroom, Makoto pushed Soutarou down onto the table.

Standing on tiptoe, Makoto aimed for the lips of Soutarou who’s taller than himself, but Makoto couldn’t kiss him properly as he kept dodging in embarrassment.

Makoto seems to be sulking because he couldn’t kiss properly. He placed his right hand on Soutarou’s chest, caressing the beauty spots on his left collarbone through his open shirt.

“Soutarou doesn’t want to do it with me?”

“The way you ask is unfair. But, be a good kid and let’s go home? Another time, at my house…… Wait, Mako?!”

Makoto licked Soutarou’s Adam’s apple below his chin, sucking his left collarbone and leaving a kiss mark there.

Soutarou’s face became more and more flushed as Makoto looked at him from below and laughed teasingly.

Makoto placed his right knee onto the desk and rested the weight of Soutarou’s upper body on it, pressing his lips onto Soutarou’s.

“Don’t let out a loud voice. What should we do if someone hears?”

“Wai-, Mako, that’s why I said to stop…… uu……. n”

“Even if you say things like that, your body is honest?”

* * * * *

GOOD……!! Very, good.

From this flow, it’ll be Makoto x Soutarou――MakoSou. But Soutarou whose fire was lit, going “Do you really want to be found by everyone? That you’re having sex with me.” with a dark smile works too. 

Soutarou may be pure, but he also has a dark side. How delicious.

“Oi, Subaru. What’s with this unpleasant story?”

Mako entered my room on his own accord, holding the novel I wrote with his fingertips like it’s something dirty.

He spoke with a disgusted look on his face, scowling at me.

“RikuMako…… MakoSou……”

“It means Riku x Mako and Mako x Sou. By the way, do you know that the seme comes before the ‘x’?”

“How would I know, such a thing! Rather, I won’t say those things, or do them! Anyway, my relationship with Prince and Soutarou isn’t like that.”

Mako’s face didn’t turn red, he simply got angry.

This is when you should blush, and bashfully deny with watery eyes, right. “It’s not like I particularly like Soutarou or the Prince……” rightー. Well, I’ll probably get scolded if I say that, so I’ll refrain. Besides, it’s not aligned to Mako’s character.

Also, Mako, you may not have that kind of relationship now, but who knows what will happen in the future?

After all, this is a world where people gather for romance. Even if you don’t want to, a Love Revolution will happen.

Just kidding.

[1] Seme, uke and riba.

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