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Chapter 18 – The GW and the Part-time Job and the Ojou-sama (1)

“Erm…… is it here?”

I checked the paper with the delivery address written there multiple times.

Touka University School of Medicine affiliated Hospital. It’s the number 1 largest general hospital in the area.

If you’re wondering why I’m sending deliveries to the Hospital, it’s because of my part-time job.

I decided to work part-time at the florist’s because I felt that a long break like the Golden Week should be used effectively’…… that wasn’t my true intention.

According to Subaru a lot of events will occur during summer vacation, so I’m working part-time to save up money for Mitsuki’s sake.

Well, it makes sense. In summer there’s the sea, there’s the pool and there’s also the Summer Festival. To raise the favorability rating during summer, they’ve to go on many dates. Be it cute clothes, swimsuits or yukata, they all have to be purchased.

At this rate, the allowance given by our parents might not be sufficient. Onii-chan will do his best at work in order to make the cute Mitsuki even cuter.

I’ll work zealously this one week, saving up money to buy Mitsuki lots of cute outfits!

“Touka University School of Medicine affiliated Hospital, room number 801’s Yukinoshita Madoka-sama, huh.”

The delivery item was a bouquet of more than 50 flowers. It’s a bouquet that’s too large and bulky for calling on someone who’s ill.

Carrying this all the way up to the 8th floor is first-rate tiresome but it can’t be helped since it’s part of my job.

Passing by the visitors’ reception and walking towards the entrance, I saw someone familiar.

A fair-complexioned glasses guy with natural reddish-brown hair. It’s Takayanagi Yasuchika. He was sporting a white V-neck shirt with a black cardigan along with gray slacks. He also had a ring pendant at his chest.


“……N? Ah, Sakurai-kun. What are you doing here, dressed in such a manner?”

By ‘manner’, he should be referring to my t-shirt and jeans, coupled with this apron. The shop’s name was written in a large print on the dark blue cloth.

In one glance, you can tell that I’m not dressed like someone who’s visiting the sick.

“It’s for a part-time job. I’m here as a courier.”

“Courier? Ah, you’ve come to deliver flowers to Madoka, right?”

Glancing at the bouquet I was carrying, for some reason he nodded as though he understood something.

“Eh, are you acquainted with Yukinoshita Madoka-san?”

“The Yukinoshitas are my relatives. The young lady Madoka is prone to falling sick and is often hospitalised in our hospital. I, too, am more or less here to visit her so if you’d like, I can show you the way?”

“Ah, I’d appreciate it if you could do so.”

Come to think of it, Subaru mentioned that Takayanagi’s father was the Director of this Touka University School of Medicine affiliated Hospital.

So Takayanagi’s family is very wealthy. Even though I don’t know how profitable it is to be the Director of a University Hospital, being a doctor is a profession that definitely rakes in money, huh.

“Madoka is in room 801. As it is at 8th floor, Building A of the East ward, we’ll have to ride the elevator here.”

“A University Hospital sure is hugeー. I may get lost if I’m alone.”

“Yes, it contains most of the medical departments. Ah, it’s this way.”

The doctors and nurses we passed by all greeted Takayanagi. They probably know him by sight. 

After calling out to the nurse station at the 8th floor of East ward, I knocked on the door of room 801.

“Please come in.”

A cute female voice can be heard coming from within. This voice likely belongs to Yukinoshita Madoka.

“This is the flower shop Flower Orb. I’ve come to deliver your goods.”

Opening the door, a girl about the same age as me was sitting on the bed.

She was a girl who had skin about as fair as Takayanagi’s and clear eyes like the glass marble in a Ramune[1] drink. Her hair was honey-coloured.

“It’s flowers again…… I don’t need them anymore. You can leave them around there.”

She was wearing a sleeveless maxi one-piece with a Swarovski hairband. Her appearance and way of speaking was like an ojou-sama’s.

“Madoka. These flowers were conferred upon you by Kakitsubata-sama, you know. Wouldn’t it be better to at least give him your thanks?”

Takayanagi pulled out a message card from the bouquet I was holding.

“Ah, from Kakitsubata-sama…… That’s right, that person is noisy. If I don’t write a reply, things will get troublesome.”

As though finding it bothersome, Madoka stood up from the bed and with an unsteady gait approached Takayanagi.

This is completely that, huh. Madoka is the rival character you’ll meet when capturing Takayanagi, huh. Capturing Takayanagi appears to be troublesome with the existence of a rival. While I’d like to ask Mitsuki to give up on Takayanagi, if she wants Takayanagi at all costs, onii-chan won’t stop her.

If possible, I prefer if Mitsuki dates the Prince, but if Mitsuki by all means prefers someone else, I can only support her. Since technically, it appears to be possible to head for an ending even if it’s not with the Prince.

“Wait, be careful!”

Just as she was about to reach Yasuchika, Madoka lost her strength and tumbled down.

I instinctively rushed over and caught her in my arms. Small! Light! Though I thought Mitsuki was rather light, she was even lighter and smaller than her. As expected, it might be because she has a weak constitution. What a worrying girl.

“…… let go.”

Madoka looked at me with ice-cold eyes. Uwah, scary.

Scared, I wanted to let go, but she looked like she’ll fall over if I do. Can’t Takayanagi substitute me and hold her instead? When she struggles so much, as one would expect, I can’t hold her properly. I wonder what I should do.

“Takayanagi-senpai, can you change with me and hold onto Madoka-san?”

“Ah. Madoka is still unable to walk properly, right? This way.”

Taking Madoka’s hand, Takayanagi supported her waist and helped her onto a chair.

Oh, that’s suave. As expected of a bocchan[2]. Rather than a prince, he feels more like a butler or a knight.

Perhaps I didn’t notice because I witnessed him using Lariat, Choke Sleeper and the like on Narahashi in school but he’s really someone from a well-bred family.

“That person, who is he? He seems to have a good relationship with Yasuchika.”

“He’s Sakurai Makoto. My kouhai.”

“Nice to meet you. I’m Sakurai Makoto. I’ve been in Takayanagi-senpai’s care.”

For an instant she looked over at me, but quickly averted her gaze. There was quite a sharp glint in her eye, did I do something that caused her to hate me in such a short time?

Certainly, being held by an unfamiliar guy wouldn’t make one feel good, but that was inevitable.

While I was worrying to myself, Madoka stood up from the chair and hugged me.

Even though I was surprised, I couldn’t possibly thrust her away so for now I just supported her body and returned the hug.

“I won’t hand over Yasuchika……”


“I won’t hand over Yasuchika to you. Remember that. No matter how much you like Yasuchika, I know him much better than you do.”

I unconsciously stiffened from the words that were whispered into my ear.

I like Takayanagi?

When did I show any signs of that? I don’t think I showed such an attitude, not even for an instant, so how on earth did she come to this misunderstanding?

“Madoka, you can’t trouble Sakurai-kun.”

“I’m terribly sorry, Yasuchika.”

Madoka who’s holding onto my arm put strength into her grip and above that, dug her nails into my flesh. It was subtly painful. 

As I thought, I can’t let Mitsuki near Takayanagi!

If such a mean girl is near Mitsuki, I don’t know what will be done to her. Just thinking of that made me shudder. It’s okay because I’m a guy but I can’t let the dainty and lovely angel, Mitsuki, fall victim to Madoka. Onii-chan won’t allow that!

“Sakurai-kun, sorry about that. I’ll send you to the entranceway.”

“Ah, yes. Please do……”

I’d probably lose my way if I return to the entrance by myself. That’s why I thought that if he’d show me the way I’d like the way to be shown to me, but as expected, Madoka’s glaring at me.

However, it doesn’t matter. It’s not like we’ll meet again. While judging that it’s okay even if I’m cursed at, I let myself be spoiled by Takayanagi.

“Well then, Madoka, I’m glad you seem energetic. I’ll come visit with Junya next time.”

“…… I understand. Take care when returning, Yasuchika. Please give my regards to Junya.”

“I’ll let him know. Madoka, don’t be too willful and trouble everyone.”

She’s one to be feared, Yukinoshita Madoka. She’s really a mean ojou-sama.

Come to think of it, Subaru did say that some of the capturable characters are accompanied by rival characters. But I expected them to be more friendly. Isn’t this more like a clash? It’s completely a clash!

It’s the pattern where she’ll seriously torment you if you really throw down a challenge wanting to capture him.

But Mitsuki said she wanted to join the Swimming Club, huh. What in the world can I do to salvage this?

Entering the Swimming Club and becoming intimate with Takayanagi, that’s too dangerous. One can only steel themselves and take the risk.

“I’m sorry about that. Madoka said something to you, didn’t she?”

The moment we got on the elevator, Takayanagi finally opened his mouth.

“Eh? A-ah. She said not to approach senpai too much.”

“As I thought, huh. Madoka’s too attached to me. She thinks of me as something that belongs to her.”

The elevator reached level 1.

“What kind of relationship does senpai, Junya-senpai and Madoka-san has?”

In response to my question, Takayanagi let out a small smile.

“’Childhood friends’, I wonder if we can be called that?  Madoka and I, in particular, were together ever since we were born. Likely, they had the intention for Madoka and I to marry since we were born.”

“Is Madoka-san senpai’s fiancee?”

Although I don’t really understand the world of the rich, are there still things like betrothals or fiancees in this modern era?

Perhaps it’s a setting Subaru added to make the story more interesting. But it’s a pitiful thing if the person in question doesn’t wish to be married.

“We aren’t engaged officially, but both our parents will probably agree to it if we do. I’m going to be of marriageable age soon. It’s not surprising if we get engaged any time.”

“Does senpai like Madoka-san?”

“Like…… even if I don’t, even if I don’t like her in that way, this is a situation where I don’t have a choice but to marry her.”

Having that said to me, I couldn’t say a thing back. I didn’t have the right to say a thing.

Even though it’s supposed to be completely unrelated to me, Takayanagi sure has it hard.

Even though it’s supposed to be completely unrelated to me!


[1] Ramune: A soda pop sold in Japan.
[2] Bocchan: Often translated as ‘Young Master’ or ‘son’ but the former isn’t exactly correct and the latter lacks the nuance where the term is usually used to refer to rich, young men. 

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