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Chapter 17 – The Hide-and-Seek and the Darkness and the First Love (3)

“Junya-senpai, please let go of me.”

“Don’t wanna.”

He put force into his fingertips that were around my waist. He put in so much force that it hurts.

Junya lifted his head suddenly and gazed at me with eyes so large they looked like they were going to spill out. Peeking through his partly opened mouth, one could spot a crimson tongue and his cheeks were lightly dyed in a peach colour.

As he stared at me, he slowly but surely pushed me down. I’ve become the horse that’s being ridden on again, exactly what should be done about this?

Pop, pop, he unfastened the buttons I took great pains to fasten from top to bottom. I’m not embarrassed although my body was bared again because it’s pitch dark.

Ah, that’s not the problem. I’m going to be subject to something more appalling. Straddling me with such high spirits, he even seems to be preparing for sexual intercourse.

“I’ll get angry.”

“Don’t be angered.”

“Release me then.”

The left corner of Junya’s mouth rose and he smiled.

“No way.”

Geez, he’s not listening to me at all!

This isn’t the time to be acting so easygoing, right.

I almost unconsciously yelp when he ultimately hoisted my belt. Click click sounds resounded throughout the entire storeroom, and the uninhibitedness made me draw my hips back.

While just for an instance, I had the resolution to have sex with Junya just now. But at this moment that resolution feels like a faraway thing. In other words, it means that I’ve no intention of doing such a thing with him now.

“What you do mean “No way”! Junya-senpai, for real, please stop……”

“I’m not stopping. I like Makoto. And I want Makoto to like me too.”

“Who on earth would come to like you when they’re having such things being done to them? Rather, they’d come to hate you!”

Junya became on the verge of tears when I bluntly told him my genuine feelings. Panicked, I stroked his head. Then, he cheerfully placed his hands on my belt again with a face as though nothing happened.

Eh, what’s this. It’s considered self-defence even if I hit him now, right? It’s not my fault, right?


My shoulder shook in surprise when the door of the storeroom was knocked.

This voice belongs to the Prince.

The Prince could have noticed because we were making so much noise. That’s lucky of me.

“Un! Kiritani, it’s me. I’m over here.”

“Makoto! So you’re fine. Is the hentai Student Council President with you?”

“That’s right~. Prince-sama. I’m together with Makoto. Right, Makoto?”

Letting out a wheedling voice, he deposited the tip of his nose in the nape of my neck. At the same time, he slipped his hand onto my torso and caressed my flank, causing me to involuntarily let out a sound. It’s ticklish.

Hearing my voice, the Prince started beating the door as though he had the intention of tearing it down.

“Makoto?! Makoto!!”

“Kiritani, both Junya-senpai and I are safe. Can you help me fetch the key?”

“I understand. But that hentai bastard! I’ll beat you to death if you lay a hand on Makoto!”

The sounds of his footsteps faded away.

Ah I’m relieved. I’m truly relieved. The Prince today was really a prince-sama.

It takes less than 5 minutes to fetch the key, there shouldn’t be any danger of me losing my chastity in this short amount of time. This way, my chastity has been protected.

Relieved, strength left my body. Thereafter Junya made a pouting face and got off my waist in a peppy manner.

“How disappointing…… I was thinking of creating a fait accompli.”

“‘Fait accompli’……. can’t you talk about more serious matters?”

It’s unbearable that my chastity was being targeted time and time again.

He sat in seiza-style[1] before me, with a serious expression on his face.

Even though he’s such a frivolous guy, he tentatively made a promise to face me seriously and he’s a honest child at core. He should be able to understand what I’m saying.

“I won’t come to like you even if you do such a thing to me.”

“Then what should I do? To get you to like me?”

I initially thought he’s joking but it appears he’s serious.

“You see here……”

“Because, if we part ways here, Makoto probably won’t talk to me again?”

“I’ll apologise for avoiding you so far. From now on I’ll properly listen to what Junya-senpai has to say. Only if you talks about proper matters, that is.”

Junya took my hand and placed it on his cheek.

“…… Okay.”

“While it’s easy to connect only the bodies, I don’t want to build a relationship on that. We need to communicate properly, heart to heart. Do you understand?”

“Un…… As I thought, I’m useless, huh. At this rate I’ll really become a sex fiend. I’m sorry, Makoto. Because t’s the first time I’ve come to love someone so much, I don’t know what to do.”

A guy like him who’s an experienced master at love-making was blushing while looking at me. He hid his lips with his large fist and looked at me with upturned eyes.

It’ll become a spectacle whereby Subaru rolls over with a nosebleed if she sees this. It’s fortunate that Subaru isn’t here.

However, what should I do about his ‘coming out’……

Does Junya really love me? Nope nope, no way no way no way. There’s no way, right…… right?

He likes me ‘as a friend’, right? It’s okay to interpret it that way, right?

Noisy footsteps came from beyond the door, growing louder. The clattering sounds of a key unlocking the door rang out and he dove into the storeroom with excessive vigour.

“Makoto! Are you okay?”

“A-ah… I’m fine――”

Just as I saw the figure of the Prince who’s bathed in perspiration, he was hidden by the Junya’s shadow the very next moment. In other words, Junya embraced me strongly and even left a kiss on my cheek.

Though to me it just feels like I’ve been bitten by a dog, the look of the Prince’s changed as he grabbed hold of the back of Junya’s neck.

“I’ll trash you. Narahashi Junya, I’ll seriously trash you.”

One can tell he’s emanating a terrifying killing intent even though he’s expressionless.

The Prince’s eyes were completely hooded, trying to pierce a hole through Junya. His delicate and slender arm constricted Junya’s neck with all his strength.

Junya gave his usual Cheshire Cat-like grin. He had on a face as though he’s totally treating the Prince like an idiot.

“Geez, the Prince is so scary. Bunny-chan, save me~”

“You try and put your hand on him and I’ll put an end to your life.”

“I’ve already put my hand on him. Here, here, take a look.”

Junya pulled open my already-unbuttoned shirt and pointed at the nape of my neck. He’s probably pointing at the kiss mark he made just now.

The Prince released an even more dangerous aura. I think it’s okay to let it go since it’s just a kiss mark. I won’t be able to live in the world of an otome game if I keep feeling disturbed about every single thing.

“What did you do to Makoto…… That, even his clothes were stripped off……”

“I only stripped one clothing though?”

“Hey there, don’t say things that’ll make Kiritani misunderstand. Kiritani, this was caused by an incident. Nothing happened between Junya-senpai and I. It’s fine. Ok, let’s go home.”

I raised my hips and retrieved Junya’s rabbit ear jacket[2]. I then handed it to him while expressing my gratitude.

Beyond the window, the curtain of the night had fallen; the only light source shining on the school building was the moonlight. I buttoned my dress shirt and picked up the necktie that fell near my feet.

Narahashi who was following behind me cheekily seized my hand once I’m out the door.

“Go home with me, bunny-chan~?”

Pulling aside the playful Junya, the Prince wedged himself us.

“Hang on~ Prince, you’re in the way, you know?”

“Don’t call me ‘Prince’. Also, don’t come near Makoto, he’ll catch your hentai-ness.”

While protecting me behind his back, the Prince stood before Junya and blocked his way.

The Prince’s fur stood on its ends as though he was a parent cat protecting his kitten like before. As I thought, he appears valiant, or should I say, kind of cute. I unknowingly let out a smile.

“Stop fighting. Let’s find Yurino-sensei and Mitsuk quicklyi.”

They’re probably still desperately searching for us as they separated in different directions to look for Junya and I.

It’s not too bad because I have Mitsuki’s phone number but I don’t have a way to contact Yurino-sensei at all. It’s also likely that we’ll miss each other if I blindly search for him.

Alright, the moment I came to the decision that we should stay put and wait, something jumped at me from my rear. As one would expect, I was so surprised that my breath got caught. Being jumped at isn’t that scary  as a high school boy, but as expected even the obtuse me would be shocked when I’m assaulted from behind in the dead of the night at school.

Wondering who it could be, I turned around and saw a 155cm fairy-san. It was my cute imouto Mitsuki, followed by Yurino-sensei.

What good timing. How did they know the Prince found me? Is this even possible? Is it because this is an otome game?

“I contacted them.”

The Prince smoothly clarified my doubt. I see.

“Geez! Mako-chan’s an idiot! I was worried!”

“I’m sorry…… I made you worried.”

“Geez…… But I’m glad you weren’t hurt. I prepared dinner for you, Mako-chan. It’s the hamburger you like.”

Mitsuki who looked at me with tearful eyes was really cute. I really think she’s an angel.

That Mitsuki’s neediness struck me around the solar plexus area gave me an indescribable feeling. You definitely can’t let any guys except me hug you. Just the thought of you who’s so defenseless diving into someone else’s chest makes onii-chan so worried that he won’t be able to sleep at night.

She gazed at me with her big round eyes. She said that she made hamburger with her upgraded cooking specs as she scolded me with a frown.

For me to not be home quickly despite Mitsuki having gone to lengths to cook up an evening meal, I’m a failure as an onii-chan.

“Thanks, Mitsuki. I’m sorry.”

I embraced Mitsuki’s small body and gently stroke her head.

“Un. That’s enough.”

Mitsuki gave an embarrassed smile.

“I’ve also troubled Yurino-sensei and Kiritani. Thank you very much for looking for us.”

Putting a stop to my lovey-dovey moment with Mitsuki, I lowered my head towards Yurino-sensei and Kiritani.

After all, my chastity would have been in danger if these 3 didn’t come and look for us. The word ‘grateful’ isn’t enough to express my gratitude to them.

“Narahashi-kun and Makoto-kun caused us a lot of worrying. The deadline for the reflection essay is 1 week later, okay.”

I don’t know where he brought them out from but he handed us 5 blank essay sheets.

Does he want us to write today’s reflection on these…… Yurino-sensei who had the face of an harmless animal, said such sadistic words in the blink of an eye.

“Do you, have any questions?”

For some reason he was emitting an aura that’s hard to oppose even though he’s smiling.

Both Junya and I frantically shook our heads left and right, appealing that we’ll not oppose him.

And thus the eventful 21st of April ended in this manner.

It’s a joke that it’s still April when I’ve been going through every day so eventfully, right? It seems I need to remain in this world for at least 11 more months. The road ahead is too long.

But a part of me is, little by little, starting to enjoy living this kind of life.


[1] Seiza 正座: Traditional Japanese way of sitting down. Both legs folded beneath you and putting your weight on them.
[2] It was under him and he was lying on it.

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