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Watashi, Dokidoki Renai Kakumei de Onii-chan Yattemasu.

Chapter 12 – The Student Council and the Solicitation and the Frightened Rabbit (1)

“So you finally encountered the Student Council! How did it go? Did you have a kiss with Junjun?”

“I didn’t! Don’t even joke about it.”

I was forcibly called out by the doujinshi writer, Subaru, immediately after returning home from the training camp.

Due to my promise to notify Subaru, who was busy against her will, about all BL-like developments, I got dragged out by her. While it wasn’t my intention for this to happen, this story could be going towards a grim ending if I don’t get some advice from Subaru.

We conversed while having a late lunch at the usual family restaurant. Subaru got the cake set while I went all-out and asked for the 1500 yen cut of thick steak

For some reason, I don’t feel full no matter how much I consume after getting this body. I also don’t gain weight. It could be due to puberty.

“The first encounter in the scenario should have been a CG scene where the onii-chan gets his lips stolen in front of Mitsuki?”

“What’s with that, such a scenario.”

“Junjun is bisexual even in the official story. Moreover, it was set that Mitsuki-chan and her onii-chan, Mako, are totally Junjun’s type. While we’re at it, there’s also a Narahashi x Mitsuki-chan x Mako 3-person ending.”

She sleekly dropped a bomb on me as though it was nothing much.

It can’t be that Mitsuki-chan and I fall within his strike zone, right. Also, we don’t need an ending like that.

This may not be some horror game, but doesn’t this mean that there’s no hope no matter how much I struggle? I won’t let Mitsuki meet him even if I have to be her shield.

I thought there won’t be any BL developments since it is an otome game, but I should have known that the fujoshi Subaru would have included BL scenarios somewhere. I was careless.

“Things are getting interesting now that the capturable characters gradually enter the picture.”

“What do you mean by ‘interesting’…… Will I be able to return to the previous worldー?”

I have a feeling that as things stand, I won’t be able to return. I think the possibility of the Prince and Mitsuki dating is currently an approximate 0.

I heard about their experience in the kimodameshi but they only casually walked around and casually completed the course. In Mitsuki’s words, “It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be”.

Can you really be an otome game heroine like that! While I’d like to rebuke her so, I found myself unable to scold Mitsuki when she gave a face that said I was admirable for conquering the ghosts.

When did I become a siscon? Mitsuki, what a frightening girl.

“You want to return, right? I’ll be sure to work hard so that we can.”


Subaru smoothly said the words I wanted to hear as she picked at her cake. It was slightly surprising.

Since it’s Subaru, I thought she’d take the stance that it’s more fun here, but it seems she properly has the intention to return.

I see. Even though it’s Subaru, she does wish to return to the previous world. This makes me relieved.

“But until then I’ll make sure to fully enjoy this trip~”

“…… As expected, huh~”

I felt relieved now that I know it’s the usual Subaru nee-san.

It was of course impossible that Subaru would disregard the phenomenon of transporting to another world, tantamount to the burning desire of an otaku girl.

But she did say she’d think of a way to return even while enjoying herself. That’s something to feel glad about.

“Of course crackerー![1] Does Mako have a character you likeー? Didn’t you have a good feeling going there with Soutarou? Unless, you already kissed and all?”

“TchーObviously not. I’m male on the family register, you know?”

“Love transcends the gender barrier!”

I’ve had enough of this person. Even though she spoke with a good smile, the words that came out weren’t good.

Soutarou and I definitely don’t have a relationship like that. Soutarou said that he thought of me as a friend and similarly I don’t think of him as anything more than a friend. He’s my best friend. It’s disrespectful to be making a fuss about matters of like and love.

What should I do if weird rumours surface? I don’t mind but it’ll be a nuisance for Soutarou.

“How about it? Since I called you all the way here, tell me about the training camp~”


Subaru who was elegantly consuming the millefeuille was really a bishoujo. However, this beauty only gets the most fired up when listening to BL stories, what a disappointment.

She leaned forward with glittering eyes and a huge full-face smile.

Prompted by Subaru, I tried to recall yesterday’s events. Even though I wanted to recount the events in chronological order, at this rate won’t she misunderstand something again? This may be me overthinking, but the happenings of the training camp from top to bottom feels like BL.

Perhaps I’m thinking too much but I’ll evade a little and muddle things up a little as I talk.

“Well, that’s true. I made curry with Kiritani, Kaname and Soutarou. I then participated in the kimodameshi with Soutarou. During which we strayed to the Student Council room and met the hentai Student Council President and the man who gave him a Lariat. Finally, I went to sleep, sandwiched between Soutarou and Kiritani.”

Although what I said was abridged here and there, I didn’t tell any lies.

“I see~. You enjoyed yourself, huh.”

“Well, it was rather fun. Soutarou, Kaname and the Prince are good kids……”

Subaru was grinning. Looking at that expression of hers, I had the uncomfortable, creepy feeling that she understood everything.

Even though usually I’ll grab more of the free rice[2], for some reason I don’t have much appetite today. But as I thought, the steak from this family restaurant is truly delicious. The me before would have been bloated with just 60% of the curry rice but the usual current me who turned male could eat about 3 times that amount.

“I see~. Fufu.”

The grinning Subaru appears to be having fun. I had a bad premonition as I looked at her.

But it’s true that Soutarou and the others are good kids. Being with them is very enjoyable. Or should I say that it heals the heart.

At this point, a shadow was cast upon our table. While thinking “Oh, my?” and lifting my head, I abruptly felt a weight on my back. When I raised my voice in astonishment, sounds of giggles entered my ears as that person applied strength with the arm that was looped around my neck.

“Ehehe~, guess who?”

This voice…… I’m unusually scared of turning my head. After all, this voice was undoubtedly, undoubtedly, that of the absolute worst hentai.

Like the rusty screw mechanism of a machine, with a creak creak sound, I turned behind in slow motion.

“…… Narahashi…… kaichou[3].”

He was clad in a dress shirt with a loosely-fastened tie, revealing part of his skin. Narahashi who wore a flashy yellow sweater on top of that turned to observe me.

Even when looking at him in a bright place, as expected he’s one showy guy. Completely like a V-Kei[4] band member. He’s done well not to get caught breaking the school regulations.

“Haven’t seen you since yesterdayー, bunny-chan. Ehhh, you’re with a cute girl. On a date?”

“You’re wrong. Leave right this instant, pervert.”

“Muu. I’ll seal those lips that are saying such nasty things.”

Narahashi grasped my forehead and forcibly tried to kiss me.

Trying to kiss me yesterday and then today again, this guy really has a persistent heart. Something’s seriously wrong with him.

Furthermore, attempting to kiss a fellow male in a family restaurant, what kind of bugged game is this!

“Let go!”

“Don’t wanna. I want to smooch-smooch bunny-chan.”

“What’s with you, “want to smooch-smooch”? Get away, you fool.”

Takayanagi who was standing behind Narahashi stepped out and unleashed a magnificent Choke Sleeper.

I’ve had this thought since yesterday, but Takayanagi occasionally strikes out with pro-wrestling moves and foul words despite looking all elegant.

“What~. Are you jealous, Chika-chan?”

“I’ll bring you away if you keep speaking nonsense.”

“Don’t wanna. I haven’t smooch-smooched bunny-chan yet~. Right~, bunny-chan?”

I distanced myself at full power from Narahashi as he nonchalantly took a seat beside me after Takayanagi released his Choke Sleeper.

And Narahashi who noticed that embraced my waist and forcibly drew me towards him. He entwined his fingers with mine and brought his face closer. Shooting a glance at Subaru, I noticed her eyes were glistening and she looked at me with the expression of a maiden in love. No matter how I think about it, I can’t expect any help from her.

“Release me……!”

“Ehehe, bunny-chan looks superbly cute without your glasses. This face, is seriously completely my type~”

The feel of his breath on my lips is really disgusting.

While it’s said that being kissed by this guy is inevitable, will this keep continuing until that inevitable event happens? Then it’s better to just kiss now. I’ll endure and pretend I’m being gnawed at by a dog.

“Bunny-chan, I love you a lot. If I marry Mitsuki-chan I can obtain you too, rightー?”

I woke up with that one sentence of his. Mitsuki might get bitten by his poison fangs if I fall here.

No way. I can’t let that happen. I can’t get swept away by the current here. Didn’t I just swear not to raise any flags?

“Who’d let you marry her! If you come any closer, you’re suffer something 5 times stronger than Takayanagi-senpai’s Choke Sleeper. I’ll strike you with a  German・Suplex. Seriously.”

Making use of our entwined fingers, I pushed back at him and while glaring intensely, and spoke in a low voice I never used before.

I further strengthened my grip against Narahashi who gave a complacent grin reminiscent of a Cheshire Cat.

“I’ll happily receive it if it’s bunny-chan’s German・Suplex.”

“Seriously just go away……”

“Eh~, Chika-chan~, bunny-chan’s so cold.”

Speaking of Takayanagi, he’s drinking black coffee beside Subaru. What’s more, they’re chatting idly.

Both of them are too carefree. My chastity is in danger right now, you know. I might be kissed by this guy, you know.

Takayanagi who was gracefully draining his cup shot a smile towards Narahashi.

“I believe Sakurai-kun’s more of the tender-hearted type though?”

“He’s not tender at allー. He won’t let me kiss him, y’know?”

I don’t understand how the brain of this guy who’s still thinking about kissing even after being rejected so much works.

While I’d personally like to leave quickly, Takayanagi called the shop assistant over and asked for an omurice. Incidentally, Narahashi ordered a hamburger set while hitting on the shop assistant and even kissed the assistant on the back of the hand. Seriously repulsive.

“The only ones who’ll happily kiss a pervert they just got to know would be those shallow followers of yours.”

“Ah, I see, so it’s fine as long as we get to know each other more! It’s settled. Bunny-chan, join the Student Council.”

“…… hah?”

I doubt that that was what Takayanagi meant. So how come they were interpreted this way? With the situation taking a sudden leap, I revealed a foolish expression as I looked at Narahashi.

“I’ll be able to keep you by my side all the time if you join the Student Council. That way, you’ll come to love me and then we can kiss and do risqué things. It’ll be a paradise where I have Mitsuki-chan and bunny-chan on both sides. Ehehe.”

How did it become like this. Rather, that won’t happen! Definitely not!

A paradise where Mitsuki and I serve Narahashi from both sides won’t happen!

“Stop joking! I’ll definitely not join the Student Council!”

“If you enter the Student Council. I’ll appoint you the person-in-charge of odd jobs, assisting the Student Council President. Ehehe, I’ll be sure to prepare special odd jobs for you, bunny-chan~”

What’s with that improper position!

Exactly what kind of work falls under ‘odd jobs’? I’m scared.

I didn’t expect to suddenly receive a solicitation from the Student Council. Of course I don’t intend to join but will my declining even be of use?

The person I rely on, Subaru, was carefreely having a conversation with Takayanagi. I beg you, Subaru and Takayanagi! Do something about this perverted Student Council President!



[1] Atarimaeda no Kurakka – Pun. There’s a brand of crackers called Maeda. ‘Atarimae da’ means ‘of course’ or ‘obviously’. Put the two together and you get…
[2] Certain Japanese restaurants or eateries allow customers to refill their rice free-of-charge.
[3] What was previously translated as President. Gonna leave it as kaichou on certain occasions from now on.
[4] Abbreviation for Visual-Kei.

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