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Chapter 13 – The Student Council and the Solicitation and the Frightened Rabbit (2)

Monday. There’s a throbbing pain in my head.

The meeting in the family restaurant was, of the highest degree, the worst. When I left the restaurant, I ran for dear life from Narahashi who wanted me to join the Student Council.

I was really grateful to have the physique of a high school boy. Although it’s the most average of the most average physiques amongst guys, it was considerably faster compared to when I was female. Despite that, there were many occasions when I was almost caught by Narahashi. But I barely managed to escape in the end.

I may have escaped, however, Narahashi is a student of Izumino Gakuen.

While it’s natural to attend school, this school has Narahashi. I can’t help but feel that Narahashi’s lurking around somewhere.

Putting myself aside, Mitsuki at least must be protected.

I got fired up. More than ever before, as an onii-chan I got fired up!

If her chastity gets stolen by Narahashi, it’ll become an issue before even dating the Prince. I definitely can’t let that happen.

I have to prevent Mitsuki from meeting him while protecting my chastity somehow.

“Good morning, Mako. You seem unwell, what happened?”

“Ah, Soutarou…… Various things……”

“If you’re okay with me, I can lend you a ear?”

Soutarou placed the enamel bag he had been carrying by his side onto the table and looked at me worriedly.

As I thought, Soutarou is kind. That kindness appears more distinct now that my mental state is weakened.

I was lying prostrate sluggishly on the table but I stretched my back muscles and turned towards Soutarou.

“Are you okay?” ―― He inclined his head with a concerned look and asked the me who was exhausted and felt like crying.

Even though it’s said that being loved is a happy thing, there are times when it feels oppressive. In the first place, Narahashi’s ‘love’ wasn’t love at all. It’s attachment. It’s the same as a child throwing tantrums, saying he wants that particular toy. While that’s okay on its own, don’t drag me into it. And if you were going to drag me, please do so more courteously.

“Narahashi invited me to join the Student Council.”

“Eh?! …… Then, does Mako want to enter the Student Council?”

“There’s no way I’d want to, right. I don’t know what will happen to me if I join a Student Council that has Narahashi.”

Soutarou patted his chest in relief, and while sitting on the chair, he pulled it closer to me.

“I’ll cooperate if Mako’s troubled!”

“Un, thank you. Soutarou sure is kind…… I’m getting hungry now that I feel better.”

I regained a bit of cheer thanks to Soutarou’s desperate encouragement.

When I looked at Soutarou with a gratitude-filled gaze, I was startled to see the「 Mako, Mako, Mako, I’m worried about you, cheer up 」face he was making with all his might.

The usual dog ears sprung up. A tufty tail also rose in the air.

The dog ears of Soutarou who heard I was hungry perked up and he excitedly retrieved a bento box from his bag.

Holding it with both hands, a huge smile grew on his face and he tilted his head.

“If you’re fine with this, you can have my bento?”

“It’s your bento, isn’t it? Your lunch would be gone if I ate it.”

“It’s fine if I buy one from the school store laterー. The school store isn’t open at this time, and Mako didn’t bring a bento, right?”

Certainly, be it the school store or the cafeteria, they only open at 11am. Moreover, Soutarou’s cooking is superb.

“I will be digging in.”

“Please go ahead. I hope it’s up to your tastes.”

That there’s no way Soutarou’s food doesn’t suit my tastes was something I knew since long ago.

Accepting the bento, I opened it and took a look. The standard side-dishes, karaage and tamagoyaki, were so well-made they looked good enough to sell. The wieners were octopus-shaped and the apples were rabbit-shaped. I supposed he made the same thing for himself as he did for his younger siblings. I can only say “as expected” when even the rice was a noriben.

As I thought, Soutarou would make a good bride.

First, I took a bite of the karaage. As expected of Soutarou. It wasn’t microwaved karaage, it was karaage that was properly fried in oil. The taste keenly permeates and it’s very delicious.

“So good…… It’s amazingly good, Soutarou.”

“Thank goodness. Please eat lots.”

“Oh. You guys seem to be enjoying yourselves.”

Kaname appeared so suddenly that I almost spit out the karaage in my mouth.

Looking up, I saw Kaname who was grinning broadly. He had a deep blue cardigan above his school uniform. There were also shrewdly calculated moe sleeves.

“What do you mean, ‘enjoying’ ourselves?”

“You’re still feigning ignorance even though you’ve been gobbling your wife’s homemade bento early in the morningー?”

“Soutarou isn’t my wife.”

Are you still going with the setting that I’m the husband and Soutarou’s the wife?

As expected, Soutarou was giving a troubled smile. Though I’m curious about the tinge of redness on his cheeks, let’s not stick myself into that.

I continued to eat the bento innocently. The tamagoyaki was the salty kind. I also prefer the salty version.

“Me tooー I want to try Soutarou’s bentoー”


Aa~n, he opened his mouth wide and brought his face closer. I randomly threw some potato salad into his mouth.

Truthfully, I wanted to give him the yellowed broccoli but he’ll really be too pitiful if I did. You ought to be thankful that I’m kind.

“As I thoughtー Souta’s cooking is deliciousー!”

“Potato salad isn’t a difficult dish to prepare.”

“No, it’s tasty. I like the way you seasoned the food.”

The bento box’s emptied and I’m full. Soutarou’s seasoning may be simple but it’s to my liking.

Kaname made a fuss about wanting to eat more. But it’s his fault for not coming to school earlier.

Soutarou cheerfully put away the bento box and smiled happily. To think that he’ll even handle the cleaning up, he’s such good bride material that it leaves me speechless.

“Hang on~, can you not flirt like a married couple~?”

“We’re not flirting.”

“Then, let me join in!”

Kaname put his arms around Soutarou’s and my shoulders and clung to us.

Even though I made a good grief expression, inwardly I was happy.

My tired heart due to the encounter with the hentai Student Council President yesterday is being cleansed. It’s being healed by Soutarou’s kindness and Kaname’s cheerfulness.

Although I don’t want to admit that I’m being healed by Kaname’s teasing, he might have also noticed that I was behaving listlessly. And perhaps this is his way of cheering me up.

Because despite looking like that, Kaname is actually quite perceptive.

Alright. My strength has recovered after eating and I’ve also obtained reliable comrades.

I’ll definitely escape from the incoming danger, that perverted Student Council President. I’ll protect both Mitsuki and myself.

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