HS-Chapter 46-47

Lord Zero here

its been a while since my last update XD

well long story short

i’ve always been short on time recently and so i wanted to quit translating

but my conscience wouldnt let me, so after a lot of soul searching

i decided to sacrifice most of my dota time to continue translating

anyways —->>Chapter 46 & Chapter 47<<—-

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4 Responses to HS-Chapter 46-47

  1. deante says:

    see if someone else will pick up this novel cause ur slacking

  2. kenken says:

    WB! Thnx very much for the chapters xD

  3. [] says:

    Thnx very much for the chapters

  4. VLS says:

    Thanks for the chapters! I really like this story, but if its too hard to find the time maybe see if someone want to inherit it? 🙂

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