Heavenly Star – Volume 1 Chapter 45

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Chapter 45: Tian Long Royal Academy

Ye Wu Yun didn’t say anything else, but he secretly sneered in his heart. Using the Ye family’s influence, perhaps Ye Wu Chen’s words wouldn’t be an exaggeration in an ordinary situation, However the emperor himself would be supervising the fights during the competition…… not having an invitation would mean that his presence was unwanted, or that he isn’t influential enough to enter, even his identity as the young master of the Ye family wouldn’t help.

In the past, the entire Ye family were all given invitations, but Ye Wu Chen were incapable of showing up because of his body. And Ye Wu Chen hasn’t returned yet when these invitations were being made, therefore he doesn’t have his part.

The Tian Long Royal Academy were located east of the palace, it was very close by. It occupied an enormous area, but its appearance exuded a majestic atmosphere. The Royal Academy had been built a long time ago and it was the most respected academy in the entire Tian Long City. All of its departments of literature, martial arts, magic, and even the teachers weren’t simple. However, the conditions to enter the Tian Long Royal Academy were also extremely harsh, one needs to be either; someone from the imperial family, extremely wealthy, showed extremely high talent when enrolling, or someone specially permitted by the imperial family. Therefore, ordinary people could only dream but could not enter.

Academy…… this thing had never appeared in the history of ancient china, it seems that he can’t use ancient china as a reference for this world, the Tian Chen Continent possesses rules of its own. Ye Wu Chen thought until this point, he had finally arrived at the huge gates of the Royal Academy, the gates were guarded by a large number of imperial guards, each and every one of them were sharp and reserved, they were evidently extraordinarily talented people.

Ye Wu Chen calmly walked forward with an innocent expression on his face.

“Please show me your invitation.” An imperial guard wrapped in golden armor reasonably said.

Ye Wu Chen took out his golden invitation in a flash. After seeing the gold invitation, the imperial guard’s expression immediately changed, and he showed a respectful expression on his face: “Young master, please.”

Ye Wu Chen nodded, he pulled Ning Xue and went in. He deliberately slowed down his pace, as if he were waiting for something. It was written on the invitation that he could bring with him one attendant at most, so bringing a child with him shouldn’t be a problem.

Ye Wu Yun was stunned and he was at a loss. At this moment, he also went to the front of the guards, the guard saw him and gave him a good expression as he respectfully said: “So it’s young master Ye, forgive me for being presumptuous, but please show me your invitation.”

Few people knew Ye Wu Chen, but most of the imperial guards were familiar with Ye Wu Yun.

Ye Wu Yun put his hand on his chest and searched, but he didn’t touch anything, his expression slightly changed immediately. Because he clearly remembered that he put his invitation inside his clothes last night, could he have dropped it accidentally, or……

He suddenly thought of something, his eyebrows narrowed and he yelled: “Wait a minute, younger brother Wu Chen, that invitation in your hands is mine!”

“Oh? What do you mean?” Ye Wu Chen turned around, his face obviously unhappy.

“The invitations sent to the Ye family didn’t include a copy for you, so where did yours come from? While the invitation in my hand disappeared for no reason, how can there be such a coincidence. Younger brother Wu Chen, I’ve always been patient with you, but you’re actually a person that crows like a cock and steals like a dog, it’s truly…… very disappointing.” Ye Wu Yun said with an angry face. (TL Note: idk how to translate that idiom.)

“Are you saying that I stole your invitation?” Ye Wu Chen’s face sank, as he walked back with a gloomy face.

“Do you dare to let us look at the name on the invitation!

“Then open your dog eyes and look clearly.” Ye Wu Chen coldly snorted and he readily threw his gilded invitation into the hand of a somewhat stunned guard. He caught it at once and inspected it, soon after, his face showed a strange expression and he said to Ye Wu Yun: “Young master Ye, this…… this is truly not your invitation.”

Ye Wu Yun seized the invitation, but the 3 words “Ye Wu Chen” was clearly written on it, furthermore, there weren’t any traces of alterations, so it was even more impossible that It was forged. Ye Wu Yun’s face immediately changed from red to black, but he was unable to say a word.

Ye Wu Chen pulled the invitation from his hands and sneered: “Have your dog eyes seen it clearly? This is ridiculous, you said it again and again that the Ye family gave you your life, but you’re just an obedient dog of my Ye family, so don’t consider yourself as the eldest young master, you are nothing.”

Not bothering to look at the ashen face of Ye Wu Yun, Ye Wu Chen gracefully stepped aside and walked inside.

“Young master Ye, if you don’t have an invitation then please return. Please don’t make things difficult for me, because the emperor himself ordered……”


He snorted angrily, he had lost a lot of face and he didn’t want to stay a second longer, he quickly left with his heart full of resentment.

“Having a toy makes life truly wonderful.” Said Ye Wu Chen while smiling, making Ning Xue laugh furtively: “Older brother, he’s really pitiful.”

“Maybe so. He and I don’t have any enmity between us, but my identity that I’m using right now certainly has a huge enmity with him. Since he has already harmed ‘myself’ before, he is my life’s enemy, so don’t sympathize with him, but let him go to hell, step on his foot again after he falls into hell, and make him fall into a bottomless abyss of eternal damnation.”

Ye Wu Chen casually said, Ye Ning Xue didn’t really understand and could only answer weakly.

They were in a huge square, the square was filled with people, and the center was spacious for the stages of the matches. The stages were ordinarily used when the freshmen are displaying their talent or for inner college competitions, and every year they were also used for these martial arts fights.

After yesterday’s screening, there were only less than 30 people that could enter the competition, and at this moment, the matches were already drawing to a close, but the audiences were still packed, because the matches were getting more and more exciting as the strong were naturally the last ones to enter the stage.

At first glance, there sat around two to three thousand people on the full ring, among them were numerous people who were ordinarily hidden in their rooms or college, it was a gathering place of young women and young elites, how could they endure staying in their rooms?

Ye Wu Chen and Ning Xue entered from a corner, but they couldn’t find any seats as they looked around, so they just stood where they were and watched from the sidelines. On the stage were two evenly matched persons fighting, a sword and an axe were whistling through the air, with burst after burst of cheers accompanying them. But Ye Wu Chen’s sight passed through the competition stage, he looked around until he finally saw the emperor, he was around 40 years old with a dignified look and an unsmiling expression, he faintly felt an invisible pressure from far away. On his side sat a person with graying hair and a cold looking old man, who sat motionless, they were the two heavenly ranked experts from the three, only when he had two could the emperor feel completely at ease.

It seems like, that person is Tian Long City’s emperor, Long Yin.

Not far from Long Yin, he saw Ye Nu, Ye Wei, and Wang Wen Shu sitting together, and as well as Ye Shui Yao with her face half hidden. But their eyes were only fixed at the stage and they didn’t see him.

She actually came, Ye Wu Chen was slightly surprised.

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