God of Thunder – Book 8 Chapter 9

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Book 8 Chapter 9: Secret Door

Miao Ling spoke softly, “This is a secret door, without certain strength, it is impossible to open it.”

XinFeng didn’t understand at all, this frame had the shape of a door, but it was just a black frame positioned on the ground, how was it a secret door?

Wuri laughed, “This is Ah Feng’s first time seeing a secret door?”

XinFeng spoke, “It’s too strange, just a frame like this, how is it even a secret door?”

Wuri spoke, “This secret door is mine……your master has one of his own. When you become a True Monarch, you can make one for yourself as well, at that point you will be able to travel to all kinds of worlds.”

XinFeng was shocked, this was too mysterious. He asked, “Senior master, you mean when I become a True Monarch and have created my own secret door, I can enter other worlds?”

Wuri nodded, “That’s right, some of them have a lot of mysteries surrounding them, just having a secret door is not enough to enter any world as you please, you must prepare. En, creating a secret door requires a large amount of resources, hehe, before that, you need someone to bring you around and help you like your master, haha.”

XinFeng spoke, “If……I mean, if, without the cultivation of a True Monarch, it will be impossible to create a secret door?”

Wuri laughed, “Of course, the ninth ringed body is not much, it is just the lowest requirement, without reaching that requirement, everything else is meaningless.”

XinFeng laughed bitterly, “No wonder……”

Wuri spoke, “Alright, your cultivation is still low now, work hard on cultivating.”

XinFeng was extremely excited, he learnt of a new world, and with the help of the cultivation method his grandpa devised, he believed he could become a True Monarch.

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “It’s almost time.”

Wuri nodded, “Alright, I’m going to open the secret door. XinFeng, look closely, firstly, opening the Secret Door requires 2 Yin rings for every opening.” As he spoke, he took out two Yin rings, the gold color of the rings resembling gold rings.

XinFeng was moved, until now, he had never seen Yin rings before, he had Yin rings, but never needed them so he never bothered to get them. Seeing the Yin rings Wuri took out, he felt that it was rather familiar. Feeling strange, he thought, “E, I seem to have seen it before……seen Yin rings, where have I seen it before?” In an instant, he remembered something, the ancient gold rings he had obtained from the Ancient Hidden Lun space, could it be that……those were not gold rings, but Yin rings?

With the flip of his palm, he took out an ancient gold ring and walked, “Senior Master, this……have you seen it before?”

Wuri was shocked, “Aiya, ancient Yin rings, where did you get them? This is some good stuff!”

XinFeng was covered in cold sweat, if it wasn’t for little YaoYao liking money, he wouldn’t have collected them as no one around him knew what it was and assumed it to be the gold rings people used in the past, not ancient Yun rings. Despite the one word difference, the two were on completely different levels.

XinFeng had collected a lot of them in the past, XinFeng spoke, “I got it from an Ancient Hidden Lun Space.”

Wuri spoke, “How rare, Ah Feng, if you have a lot, trade a few with me.”

XinFeng wasn’t an ignorant little child, he took out a few dozens of Ancient Yin rings, he spoke, “Senior Master, no need for trading, consider it my offerings to senior master.”

Xin Zhou Lun was rather envious, he spoke, “Pei Pei, you’re too good at bootlicking, hehe.”

Wuri smiled with squinted eyes, “Good child, good child, if you have any problems in the future, come and find your senior master, I’ll help you!”

Taking the Ancient Yin ring, Wuri took up one of them and rubbed it with his finger, and with a gold flash of light, the ring changed and it shined with sparkling light. He spoke, “This is a sealed Ancient Lun ring, hehe, if it isn’t unsealed, it’ll be the same as a gold ring, unless one was knowledgeable, it would be easily disregarded.”

XinFeng was rather dumbfounded, no wonder no one really cared about this item in the past, if it weren’t for his greed, he wouldn’t have taken these Ancient Yin rings.

Wuri spoke, “Alright, our time is limited, I’m going to open it.”

He kept the Ancient Yin Rings on his hands and pressed two of his Yin rings on the two corners of the black frame, in an instant, the black frame started rippling, a layer of silver gradually appeared. Wuri reached his hand out and slapped the silver layer.

A soft Kacha sound was heard.

That silver layer suddenly shattered into countless small pieces of light that disappeared. An image appeared within the door frame, an image of a snowy land, it was not a drawing, XinFeng noticed, it was real, he could even feel the cold air blowing out of it.

Wuri spoke, “Don’t dilly dally, enter quickly!”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “Come with me!” He walked in first while the others followed closely behind.

Stepping into the door frame, a gust of cold air instantly hit his body. Turning around, there was nothing, but suddenly, Feng Ying and Shi Hu appeared from thin air, a shocking sight. Then, he shouted, “How cold! How cold!” as he wore the fur clothes prepared beforehand.

It was fortunate that XinFeng had spent this life of his living in the Tiger Cliff Castle, a famous cold area, though it wasn’t as cold as this place, he still easily got used to it.

The most uncomfortable one would be Miao Ling, she did not have any experience of living in a cold climate, and was instantly freezing the moment she entered, before she could even wear her thick clothes, her movements were already dull.

Xin Zhou Lun scolded, “What an idiot! Activate your defense, you can’t endure this!”

This scolding didn’t anger Miao Ling at all, she immediately activated her defense and she instantly felt better, but activating one’s defenses expended a lot of energy and could not be sustained for very long, instead, she used that short time to wear her clothing.

This trip to Hanya Castle included eight people, Xin Zhou Lun took Xiao Diya with him, Miao Ling brought two guards, one named Hong Jie, a ninth ringed true master and Wei Jia, a seventh ringed true master, while XinFeng brought Feng Ying and Shi Hu.

Therefore, for this trip, there was a total of two ninth ringed, two eighth ringed, a seventh ringed, a fifth ringed, a fourth ringed and a second ringed true masters, to XinFeng, this was a rather powerful group.

Only after he wore his clothing did XinFeng get the chance to survey their surroundings.

They were surrounded by extremely special trees, all of them bore fruit and grew very straight, all of them were as thick as a bucket, they had little branches and their leaves were like needles. XinFeng did not understand, “Aren’t there trees here? Can’t we chop them down and burn them?”

Feng Ying laughed, “These are steel wood, it can’t be burnt.”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “These are a type of material for weapon crafting, en, it can also be used to make special cases, and also is a good type of building material here, since it naturally gives off cold air.”

XinFeng spoke, “If used as material for furniture, it should rather useful in hot climates.”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “You can’t do that, someone tried that before, once it is exposed in the hot climates, it will be covered in water droplets……”

Perhaps other people would not understand but XinFeng did, it was like taking something out of a refrigerator during summer, a lot of water droplets would be condensed. He spoke, “The trees here are rather special, right, senior, where is Hanya castle?”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “We’ll be able to see it through this forest, it’s very close.”

Feng Ying spoke, “That’s right, if it’s too far, it’ll be too dangerous, with this weather, staying in the wild is not safe.”

After waiting for everyone to wear their thick outerwear, Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “Let’s go, the snow here is thick, if we walk, it’ll be too arduous, those that can fly carry those that can’t.”

Squatting down, Feng Ying carried XinFeng, Hong Jie carried Miao Ling and Xin Zhou Lun carried Xiao Diya. All of then flew up to the treetops and forwards.

XinFeng looked around, the sky was darkening, the ground was layered with white snow and icicles hung from the countless trees, strange sounds could be heard as they flew. As their speed was incomparably fast, they quickly flew to a ridge and XinFeng easily noticed an incredibly majestic large castle.

The large Hanya Castle was made of steel and ice.

When it was in the process of being created, steel was used as its frame while water was layered over it, and with the low temperature here, the water quickly became ice. This was how the large outer wall was created, rumors say the hundred meter wall was created very quickly, and with hundreds of years of expansion work, the Hanya Castle became a castle occupying hundreds of kilometers.

There were nine circles of walls, each built on large amounts of land, such a formation was not planned, but was built by people who settled here, since these lands were free, one could build on it as they wished as long as they had the ability.

The creation of the walls only required steel and water, but with the condensation methods, the walls resembled fish scales that expanded outwards.

In Hanya Castle were small walled towns combined together to create a maze city.

Seeing the ice and steel formed walls, XinFeng was shocked to the point of silence, this was too spectacular.

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “I have a piece of land here that is already covered by ice walls, it’s just that it does not have any houses built, we need to do it ourselves.”

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