God of Thunder – Book 8 Chapter 10

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Book 8 Chapter 10: Secret Door (2)

Feng Ying reminded, “In this place……there isn’t a group mentality, everyone fights for themselves. We do not bully them but if someone tries to take advantage of us, we’ll immediately kill him.”

Xin Zhou Lun nodded, “En, this place is very chaotic, there are all kinds of people and all kinds of speech, we need to use a special method of speaking, I’ll teach all of you when we’re settled.

In the skies, someone would fly past them occasionally, their speed would be very fast as they maintained a distance to the best of their ability.

Miao Ling spoke, “This place……is very dangerous?”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “Of course, that’s why you need to have certain strength to come, those who aren’t even true masters won’t even be able to withstand the cold, how could they resist the fighting between groups.”

XinFeng was rather curious, “Senior, then why did you want to come?”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “I found a mine here, I need the minerals here, en, I also need all of your help with mining it……en, it’s one of the ingredients for making my secret door, you guys will need it too.”

XinFeng then understood, but he didn’t mind, though he didn’t know what material it was, but since it was needed for a secret door, then he would need it too. Preparing it beforehand would be beneficial.

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “Be careful everyone, we’re entering, follow me, and don’t go anywhere else……” He did not fly in a straight line, but instead he stuck to the ice walls and quickly came to a land surrounded by the ice walls.

As they flew over the ice walls, XinFeng felt as though someone was watching them, making him uncomfortable.

This piece of land was about an acre, covered by a layer of snow that was half the height of the ice walls, the walls here were about thirty meters, and before they landed, Xin Zhou Lun hit his plam towards the ground, creating a large space.

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “Stand properly, don’t move around, let me take care of it.”

In an instant he absorbed all the snow on the ground into his Hidden Lun space, as he was a ninth ringed expert, his Hidden Lun space was extremely big, its size not something XinFeng could compare to.

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “Building a house……there is still half a day left, it should be enough.”

XinFeng, Miao ling, and Xiao Diya were all confused, XinFeng asked, “E, senior, this……building a house in a day?”

Xin Zhou lun nodded, “That’s right, we don’t even need a day, it’ll be very fast……I already had someone build the frame.”

Miao Ling was shocked, “Senior, what kind of frame?”

Waving his arm, a steel made frame appeared in front of the crowd. It was a crude four corner frame with the height of four meters and the length and breadth of three meters, the walls were a layer of steel wires about half a meter thick filled with pieces of wood, a type of soft wood filled with pores.

Feng Ying could not help but praise, “To use float wood as filling, hehe, after pouring water, this wall will definitely be unordinary, it’ll block out cold air.”

Taking out a large pot and placing it above firewood, they started to melt the snow.

Only now did XinFeng understand, this was how people built in this place, water was used as adhesive and cement, this was rather ingenious, in this ice cold place, was there a better construction material.

The eight of them were all true masters, not only were they strong, they all had their own Hidden Lun space, this didn’t take much effort.

All the constructs here were first made with steel wires, as long as one positioned them well, adding water in this cold temperature would instantly freeze it at an unbelievable rate.

The building didn’t even need half a day to complete it. After some slight fixing with a blade, the steel and ice made house was finally complete.

The flooring was also built with ice and steel, layered with wooden boards about a few inches thick after the ground was smoothed followed by another layer of beast skin pads. Fixing a large copper pot of charcoal, the room was complete.

Organizing the room for a bit, XinFeng finished by lighting the pot, this charcoal pot was made specially to have a smoke vent that warmed the room up.

As the room was made of ice, light could easily enter, and so, XinFeng fixed a sturdy wooden door and hanging thick beast skin curtains.

XinFeng walked out of the room, to his right was Feng Ying’s room while the left room belonged to Shi Hu, there was only three rooms on one side, opposite of them was also three rooms belonging to Miao Ling and her guards. On the left side, was another three rooms, two for Xiao Diya and Xin Zhou Lun, while the last one was an empty room, the right was an empty space.

Xin Zhou Lun had opened a space on the wall and had just installed a thick wooden door.

Walking to his side, XinFeng asked, “Senior, how do we go out from here?”

Xin Zhou Lun laughed, “I’ve already created a door, walking along the ice walls will lead you onto the large road quickly, though if you have nothing urgent, try not to leave, otherwise, training here at night is pretty beneficial, you should focus on cultivating.”

XinFeng was curious, “Beneficial for cultivating?”

Xin Zhou Lun laughed, “This is a sacred land for cultivating, if not there wouldn’t be so many practitioners thinking of ways to enter this place, you’ll understand when night comes.”

XinFeng spoke, “So it’s like this.”

Xin Zhou Lun continued, “If it weren’t for the cold weather and hard to reach location, the practitioners of the Secret Hidden Lun spaces would all come over, a pity that to the low leveled practitioners, this place was too dangerous, just the cold weather is unbearable to them.”

XinFeng spoke, “I don’t feel that it’s very cold!”

Miao Ling had just came out, and hearing his words she could not help but speak, “How is it not……I, I’m already freezing to death.”

Xin Zhou Lun laughed, “It’s still okay now, at night, you’ll understand what is cold……”

Miao Ling was already wrapped up like a Zong Zi,  her hands were even covered in fur gloves, she covered her face, only revealing her two eyes as she grumbled, “Aiya, then what should I do, what should I do…….I’ll freeze to death……”

Xin Zhou Lun looked at her with curiosity, he knew that Miao Ling didn’t speak much usually, yet she was so lively here that it seemed unusual.

Miao Ling jumped around to keep warm, “I can’t, I can’t, I’m returning to my room to burn a fire, it’s too cold……” She spoke as she jumped off.

XinFeng laughed, “Senior Miao has not lived in a cold area?”

Xin Zhou Lun explained, “She came from the Huiye Continent, a place with four seasons, but the winter there is not very cold, it is a temperature even mortals could withstand, of course she would be unaccustomed at this place.”

XinFeng spoke, “Senior, how long will we be here for?”

Xin Zhou Lun replied, “The next time the secret door is opened, we’ll return.”

XinFeng did not understand, “What do you mean?”

Xin Zhou Lun explained, “Opening a secret door in another world has restrictions, we cannot come and go as we please, it requires a specific time and chance to open.”

XinFeng was shocked, “Ah? If we can’t open it within ten years, it means we have to stay here for ten years?”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “That’s partially correct, but it is impossible for it to be closed for ten years, normally it’s half to one year, there shouldn’t be any problem if we don’t miss the opening times.”

Only then did XinFeng relax, if he had to live here for ten years, he would go crazy. It meant that he couldn’t find his sister and grandpa, and who knew what would happen in ten years, he could want to stay here, or other situations could occur.

“I didn’t expect this to be so troublesome…… ”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “Actually, if one had their own Secret door, it wouldn’t be so troublesome, with your own Secret door there would be less restrictions, but the secret doors of others would be more inconvenient, even if they were your elder’s.”

XinFeng asked, “When will we go mining?”

Xin Zhou Lun replied, “No need to rush, let’s rest for a period of time first, luckily this is not the coldest time of the year yet, Yi, Ah Feng, you seem to be rather resistant to the cold.”

XinFeng answered, “I grew up in the mountainous area of the Barbarian Gathering Continent, the winter season there is rather cold.”

Only then did Xin Zhou Lun understand, he laughed, “So you grew up in the Barbarian Gathering Continent, no wonder you’re better off in the cold than junior Miao.”

After a short chat, XinFeng came to the gathering room where Feng Ying, Shi Hu, Miao Ling and her two guards were at. This room was much larger than the individual rooms.

In the middle of the room was a fireplace, a brick kitchen and a long table, this was not only a place for gathering but also for eating.

Just as XinFeng sat down, sounds of battle could be heard, Xin Zhou Lun entered with a laugh, “Don’t be shocked, battles happens frequently here, death is also very normal, this isn’t a place of modesty, there isn’t any mercy when it comes to fights. ”

Miao Ling laughed bitterly, “I don’t like fighting……Hong Jie, if someone wants to fight me……you must help me……”

“You cannot avoid fighting forever……I can only protect you for a while, not for your entire life.” Hong Jie spoke as she rubbed Miao Ling’s head, it was apparent that they had a good relationship.

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “This place is alright, we are a large group with good strength.”

Feng Ying came over and explained softly, “Normally people gathered in twos or threes, a small portion of people even move solitarily, there is rarely a group of seven or eight people, so in this place we are considered a strong group.”

Though Feng Ying did not speak loudly, everyone could hear him clearly.

But just as he spoke, someone shouted from outside, “Anyone here? Come out for some fresh air!”

XinFeng spoke, “Is this considered a challenge?”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “Right!”

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