God of Thunder – Book 8 Chapter 11

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Book 8 Chapter 11: Hammer and Axe

Challenges like this frequently occurred in Hanya Castle, it was nothing too shocking, therefore, if one were to be weak, it would be impossible for him to stay in Hanya Castle.

Since everyone didn’t have much to do, they went out together.

Two men stood on the walls, though it was unknown whether they flew up there or secretly crawled up, but what shocked XinFeng was that they were both only wearing thin leather with long fur hanging from their necks, their two thick arms revealed. Both of them had square faces and a thick beard, their arms also similarly hairy. The both of them carried weapons.

One wielded a large axe and the other carried a hammer, the hammer’s head as thick as a water bucket. The two of them were over two meters tall, their terrifying aura suppressing downwards.

Xin Zhou Lun laughed as he walked out, “Two round bastards, roll your way down!”

What shocked the crowd was that those two fellows actually jumped from the ice wall, hitting the ground with a loud crash before they appeared before Xin Zhou Lun, but they immediately bear hugged him, completely covering Xin Zhou Lun from the crowd’s side as his voice could be heard, “Do you want to strangle me to death! Release me!”

Feng Ying was rather shocked, “These are the natives of this land, they’re definitely powerful, not only are they not afraid of the cold, their bodies are like steel and their strength is enough to terrify, their only weakness is their inability to fly. With their strength, they must be very powerful figures in Hanya Castle, even high tier practitioners wouldn’t want to offend them.”

Xin Zhou Lun laughed, “They are my friends, I had them look after this land, they probably thought that other practitioners had come seeing the house we built, and came to help me defend this place, hehe.”

XinFeng looked at the two seemingly fierce men and asked curiously, “Senior, introduce us, these two fierce men are locals?”

Xin Zhou Lun laughed, “Chui Zi, Kuang Fu, En, the two of them are natives, very powerful fellows, hehe.” He introduced them to the crowd.

Chui Zi waved the large steel hammer in his hands and spoke, “Since you all are brother Xin’s friends, then you are my friends, if you have any problems in the future, come and find me, I’ll help you!”

(Puttty: Chui Zi = Hammer, he refers to Xin Zhou Lun as an elder brother.)

Kuang Fu also waved his axe, “Call me Fu Tou!”

(Puttty: Fu Tou = Axe.)

The two of them looked at Xin Zhou Lun sadly, their sad expressions scaring the crowd, who knew what they wanted.

Xin Zhou lun laughed helplessly, “Alright, we’re preparing dinner right now, eat with us.”

The both of them joyously cheered, “That’s good! Ah……there’s something to eat!”

Their strange cries terrified Miao Ling, she mumbled, “What is this? It’s just food……what’s there to be overjoyed about……”

Chui Zi spoke excitedly, “Enter the house, enter the house! Brother Xin is the best! I love brother to death!”

Kuang Fu waved his axe as he nodded, “That’s right, that’s right, I love brother to death!”

Their words gave the crowd goosebumps, these words were too mushy, and it had actually came from these two incomparably terrifying fellows, this was too unbearable.

Xin Zhou Lun shook his head helplessly, the natives here were very clear cut, if they liked you, anything would be fine with them, but if they didn’t, they would just raise their weapons and attack. These two were very extreme and their personality was very straightforward and prideful, they said everything directly and they could only like or hate.

Returning to their room, the pot was already steaming a large amount of food, it was a chowder dish that contained everything from fish to meat, sauced meat to dried duck, all kinds of bamboo and mushrooms were throw in with a large amount of peppers, causing the room to be filled with the smell of food.

Chui Fu ran to the large pot with his mouth watering, “Is it done? Is it done? I’m, I’m hungry!”

Kuang Fu placed his axe next to the large pot, sitting down, he stared at the boiling soup and spoke, “How fragrant…….how fragrant……it’s really very fragrant!”

Just like that, then two of them sat before the large copper pot, one of them drooling madly and the other was just like the reincarnation of a starving ghost, causing the crowd to feel shocked or amused, but Feng Ying was the only one who didn’t find fault, he spoke, “It’s normal……the natives rarely get to eat their fill, their staple diet being raw meat, but they prefer to eat cooked and spiced meat.

XinFeng softly asked, “Are they carnivorous?”

Feng Ying shook his head, “They also like to eat grain and vegetables, just that they don’t have them.”

Hong Jie was the chef, this pot of chowder was cooked by her, she gave everyone a plate the size of a water basin with two hardtacks.

XinFeng slowly ripped apart the hardtack into small pieces, when the chowder was done he could just spill it on top, an extremely crude meal.

Chui ZI and Kuang Fu were familiar with this kind of meal, the two of them didn’t rip it to small pieces like XinFeng, instead they ripped it into the size of a palm as they looked on at the copper pot.

Hong Jie scolded jokingly, “Two killers who only know how to eat, it’ll be done in a moment.”

Chui Zi said sadly, “Big sister, chewy meat is delicious!”

Hong Jie could only smile bitterly, she took a copper spoon and Chui Zi’s plate, digging out large spoonfuls of vegetables and soup, she spoke, “Eat first, Fu Tou, give me your plate!”

Kuang Fu revealed a happy expression, “Thank you big sister!”

Hong Jie laughed, “You’re only polite when you can eat, alright, eat!”

With the two natives joining them, they definitely needed to cook more food. Hong Jie took out another copper pot and started to make another chowder dish.

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “Chui Zi, did you gather enough helpers?”

Chui Zi ate and spoke, “No, no I didn’t……including Fu Tou and me, only three people……”

Xin Zhou Lun laughed bitterly, “You only found one helper?”

Chui Tou spoke, “It’s hard to find helpers, big brother, recently there has been one person generously recruiting people, if it weren’t for our promise, we would have joined that person already.”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke rather nervously, “Who?”

Chui Zi replied, “A rather powerful fellow, he brings around two men and has recruited about a dozen people, they’re preparing to enter the mountain.”

Feng Ying was shocked, “Enter the mountain? Have they gone mad? The weather is going to become colder soon.”

Miao Ling was rather shocked, “What did you say? The weather is going to get colder……isn’t it very cold already?”

Feng Ying spoke, “It’s not considered cold yet……the truly cold weather isn’t here yet.”

Miao Ling covered her forehead with her hand as she sighed, “My God, it’s not considered cold yet……Hong Jie, I regret it now, I shouldn’t have come.” As she spoke, she jumped into Hong Jie’s embrace.

Hong Jie patted her back as she laughed, “It’ll be fine, with me here, you don’t have to be scared, at most we can coop ourselves here and cultivate in the rooms.”

Miao Ling spoke, “That’ll be boring……”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “Just train yourself, you are a practitioner, not a mortal.”

Miao Ling did not know what to do, she was lectured by her senior, and as she was instructed to come by master, not senior, she came because of her curiosity and asked master to allow her come, she couldn’t blame anyone. With a bitter face, she stopped eating and brought the plate of food to Chui Zi before returning to her room.

Suddenly receiving a plate of food, he couldn’t help but smile, “Little miss is very kind……”

Kuang Fu turned his head and glanced his way as he shoved a piece of meat into his mouth, “Idiot!”

XinFeng found it funny, “Enter the mountain……for what?”

Chui Zi spoke, “Since we’re not going, they won’t tell us.”

Xin Zhou Lun looked unsettled, after a while, he spoke, “Rest for a few days, we’ll enter the mountain too.”

Miao Ling mumbled, “I’m not going, it’s too cold.”

Xin Zhou Lun spoke, “Junior sister does not need to go, Xiao Diya stay too, I’ll bring Ah Feng, en, Chui Zi and Fu Tou as well.”

Chui Zi spoke, “No problem with me.”

Kuang Fu spoke, “As long as my meals are taken care of……I don’t have a problem as well.”

If XinFeng was going, Feng Ying and Shi Hu must go as well, this was a team of six men with decent strength. The task of guarding the house would be left to Miao ling and Hong Jie. After Xin Zhou Lun planned everything, he spoke again, “Alright, the sky is dark already, after eating go and rest.”

This meal was very satisfying for Kuang Fu and Chui Zi and they left after eating, not forgetting to invite XinFeng to go and find them to play, they only lived next door.

XinFeng also returned to his own room, and as Feng Ying and Shi Hu living at his two sides, they followed XinFeng to his room for a bit.

Feng Ying spoke, “Ah Feng, if you want to follow third master, the two of us will also comply, but you need to be careful this time, the weather will turn horrible quickly, thankfully we prepared well, there shouldn’t be any major problems.”

Shi Hu spoke, “It’s rumored that this place is a sacred land for cultivating, much better than our Hidden Space, we’ll try tonight, maybe we’ll condense our ninth ring, hehe.”

Feng Ying shook his head, “Old Hu, stop dreaming, without the help of Yin rings it’s impossible for us to level, we don’t have anymore potential left, the only reason why we can come to this day is not because of hard work, but because of the Lun, Lun Yin and Yin rings we have, getting to the eighth ring is already our best……unless we have a large amount of Yin rings, but you know that is impossible.”

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