God of Thunder – Book 7 Chapter 9

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Book 7 Chapter 9: Retreating in Defeat

In an instant, the few white masked man were killed in the gold circle, the middle aged man simply did not have enough time to stop it and could only watch as he killed his own underlings. Shouting in anger, another gold ring appeared, causing him to cough out another mouthful of blood.

XinFeng was shocked, “How powerful!” his silhouette flashed again as another few white masked men were sent flying.

The three consecutive attacks of the gold rings had all landed on the men XinFeng threw out, the middle aged man could not control the gold ring and every time it descended, it killed. It killed extremely quickly, causing even XinFeng’s scalp to go numb, in only a while, there was no one else near XinFeng anymore.

That middle aged man laughed fiercely, “I’ll see what you’ll use to replace yourself! Haha! Go and die!”

XinFeng laughed coldly, “You think I’m scared of you?”

In an instant, an electrical glow shined as XinFeng shouted, “Destroy!” that electrical glow was his lightning stamp.

That incomparably large lightning stamp appeared like an electrical net, creating heaven shaking thunder as it shocked everyone in the town.

That middle aged man was shocked, “Lightning stamp……my god……”

The lightning stamp immediately hit the gold ring, and as if the countless sparks found a target, the gold ring turned into a mass of golden spots and scattered into the air, the stamp continued on hitting the middle aged man, and with an eye piercing light, that middle aged man cried out in pain as he disappeared.

In an instant, that middle aged man became a pile of ashes, even if he was a true master with his second True Ring body, he couldn’t block the attack.

XinFeng opened his mouth as the lightning stamp turned into a ball of light that entered his mouth, his face slightly pale, he had not expected the lightning stamp to be so powerful to turn that middle aged man to ash, as well as everything within a hundred meters. Whether the houses or street, they were all ruined. It even went so far as to create a pit seven to eight meters deep in the surrounding area, the entire place was turned into a ditch.


An angry shout came from afar as a group of people came over.

XinFeng stared at the coming group as he felt annoyed, “Fuck, another group!”

Tanda and the others had already retreated far away, the lightning stamp’s attack had almost scared him to death. Wan Dao who was next to him had his mouth opened as he jumbledly spoke, “This……this is……is, the strength of an attack……from a Great True Lun Yin master? Too……too scary……”

Wu Zhen also had a pale face, he now understood that once a true master was to take out his trump card, it would be ridiculous. Its strength had far surpassed his expectations, but what he didn’t know was that this was far from the true strength the lightning stamp contained, as it was not something XinFeng condensed, but something that came from his grandfather. Of course, if it were his own, the attacks would be more ridiculous.

The leader coming here this time wore a blue mask as a group of white masked men followed behind him, before he even came, his oppressive arua could already be felt.

Shock flashed in XinFeng’s eyes, he could tell from the opponent’s aura that this time, this man was the same strength as him, a Great True Lun Yin master.

“Tanda, leave this place with Wu Zhen!”

Tanda did not bother asking why and ran out with Wu Zhen, he was not an idiot, he could feel that crazy oppressive aura and immediately understood that a true expert was here, and he was at least at XinFeng’s level. Once the battle started, he did not want to stay here to die from the ripples of the fight.

Wu Zhen kindly reminded, “Wan Dao, bring your men and run!”

Wan Dao immediately reacted, scolding himself for being so slow in his heart, a battle between powerful experts could easily destroy a small town. He turned and ran, shouting, “Qi Yao Yan, inform everyone in the town to run, to leave this place!”

XinFeng had already went over to greet this new group, he did not want to fight in such a large hole.

Walking a few hundred meters down the street, he stopped, that group of men were already before him. He now understood that black masks belonged to second ringed masters, red belonged to third ringed masters, and the blue masks belonged to fourth ringed masters, the same level as him. Now it all depended on their attributes, anyone who could cultivate to this level had extraordinary talent.

This was XinFeng’s first time fighting with someone close to his strength, his heart becoming excited.

The blue masked man was not too far away from XinFeng, observing XinFeng, he spoke, “You……killed him?”

XinFeng replied, “Rubbish!”

That man’s body moved slightly, but he did not attack, he was just furious from XinFeng’s words. He gritted his teeth, “Very good, very good……you, you’re doomed!”

XinFeng could not help but laugh, “I heard this countless times, I’m doomed? Haha, it’s the same phrase every time, did you guys all discuss what to say during meetings before leaving? ”

That man was furious, “You, which fucking sect are you from?”

XinFeng spoke, “You’re a man that hides your face, you don’t have the qualifications to ask!”

That man stared at him in silence for a bit before slowly removing his blue mask, keeping it with the flip of his palm. He spoke, “Our rules state that once you’ve seen my face, I will not stop until one of us is dead!”

The impression XinFeng had from this man was his large eagle hooked nose, deep eyes, similar to the westerners of his past world, he had thin lips and eagle eyes, his pupils radiating a red light, giving off a bloody feel.

XinFeng spoke, “Even if you didn’t take off your mask, you still won’t stop until one of us is dead, I really wonder which pit you fellows came from? Why do you all smell so bad?” his words became worse and worse, he felt rather depressed, he had met with such a ridiculous situation simply by looking for someone, chased for absolutely no reason would dampen anyone’s mood, especially so if the opponent was an entire mysterious organization.


Thick flames appeared on that man’s body as he was submerged in fire, he spoke, “Little fellow, don’t think that you’re powerful just because you’re a Great True Lun Yin master, with just yourself, you won’t be able to escape us!”

XinFeng thought, “Fire attribute, that’s okay, not a light or a lightning attribute, humph humph.” he spoke coldly, “Oh? A Great True Lun Yin master indeed isn’t much, but it’s enough to deal with you!”

That man spoke, “In our organization, a Great True Lun Yin master is an ordinary existence, hehe, if I fail, a stronger existence will come.”

XinFeng spoke, “Is that so? A more powerful expert? Fifth true ringed? Sixth true ringed? I’m terrified! Haha!” he had already decided to immediately go back after this battle and bring two guards with him as well as ask his seniors and master for help, if his seniors were not powerful enough, his master was still here, he wasn’t scared of them.

That man laughed coldly, “We have a method to track you, no matter where you hide, we can dig you out, I believe that once we’ve caught you, you’ll definitely regret that you were even born!”

XinFeng spoke, “Alright, since you’re so strong, since I’m doomed, then tell me, what organization are you guys from? Since you’ve already taken off your mask, you should at least let me know who’s coming for my life.”

That man laughed, “You’re scared now, then surrender and I’ll tell you what organization were from.”

XinFeng sighed, “I hate mysterious organizations! Surrender? Surrender your fucking head! Shit!” he knew it was impossible to check the enemy and chose to attack suddenly.

A large lightning bolt was sent over.

That man shouted, “Hit!” a large fireball flew out and hit the lightning bolt.


Lightning and fire sparks flew everywhere.

XinFeng was by himself now, with lightning as defense, he didn’t care much, but the people on the man’s side were pitiful, the electrical and fire sparks had caused seven to eight men to fall in an instant with a miserable cry, all of which were million Lun or Milun masters, and even if they did not die, they lost half their life.

That man shouted, “You guys……retreat!” he said as he pounced.

XinFeng also pounced, the two of them only had a few dozen meters between them. In an instant, the two of them collided as lightning and fire sparks flew, a cacophony of pounding sounds ringing out.

In an instant, the two of them collided multiple times as the surrounding houses were burnt, that man’s underlings were escaping as quickly as they could, but even so, the ones that were injured earlier who could not escape were turned into ashes by the ripples of their fight.

XinFeng was intoxicated on the battle, this was his first time fighting so satisfactorily, he never had such an experience before where the opponent had a similar strength to him, this made him feel the excitement of the battle.

As the fight went on, that man became more and more shocked. This was his first time fighting a lightning attributed expert, he felt rushed to match his speed, be it his attacking or dodging speed, it was ridiculous, it was far too fast.

XinFeng also noticed his specialty, his attacking speed was 1.5 times faster than the opponent’s, while his dodging made the attacks of the opponents useless. He felt extremely satisfied.

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