God of Thunder – Book 7 Chapter 8

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Book 7 Chapter 8: Tracking (2)

Tanda spoke, “To be able to track is all the way here……if they’re aiming at us, then they must have some secret technique that can be used to track us, it no longer matters how much we hide, we’ll always be found, these Fake Masked men, how troublesome.”

Wu Zhen was shocked, “Ah? So……this means, once we’ve irked them, we’ll never get peace?”

Tanda sighed loudly, even if he was willing to shoulder this matter, he was not the decision maker, XinFeng was. He was just the underling of XinFeng, any decision must be made by XinFeng.

XinFeng laughed indifferently, “It’ll be fine.” he wasn’t scared, with just a message his two guards would come, and he himself was a decent opponent as well, to kill him was a hard task to accomplish.

The three of them sat in the room. XinFeng spoke, “Since we’re not planning on hiding, let’s go out, hehe, I don’t believe they can be that strong.”

With a bitter laugh, Tanda spoke, “Alright, let’s go together.”

The three of them walked out.

Wan Dao had brought a bunch of his disciples and stood at the door facing the group of masked men.

The leader wore a black mask while the people behind him were all white masked men. XinFeng came to the entrance with Tanda and Wu Zhen, easily noticing the group of men.

Tanda spoke softly, “Black mask!”

XinFeng nodded, “It should be a second true ringed master, hehe, a small group with a second true ringed leader. This masked group is quite strong, to have so many true master experts.” his tone carried a hint of mocking.

Tanda relaxed, a second ringed master was not much of a threat to XinFeng, killing one was no problem to him, he had seen XinFeng kill a third True Ring master before. Therefore, he lost his tense expression and slowly relaxed.

Wan Dao was worried, he had already felt the threat of the opponent, the black masked fellow had purposefully released his aura, suppressing Wan Dao. He spoke, “Senior……please instruct me if you have done anything wrong.”

XinFeng could not help but laugh, he had heard this sentence a lot of times, and now, it was being used yet again to the black masked man.

Wan Dao was extremely worried, this was the life of the weak.

The black masked fellow looked at Wan Dao, and after only a bit of scilence Wan Dao was already drenched in sweat. The black masked man spoke, “Have you very seen these people?” he took out a beast skin with three human Silhouettes on it, though it wasn’t clear, it was obviously XinFeng and the Two other men with him.

Wan Dao easily recognized them, if it were only one person, he would be hesitant to confirm, but all three together? He was sure, these were the experts he had invited. In an instant, sweat appeared in his forehead, this was too troublesome, he dared not to speak since of the three men, two were true masters, yet this man before him was also a true master, this was too ridiculous.

The black masked man started at Wan Dao, and noticing the sweat appearing on his forehead, he spoke, “You saw them! You must have, where are they?”

Wan Dao did not know what to say, and before he could think, that black masked man was already frustrated, with a flash of his silhouette, a pipa sound could be heard. Wan Dao was slapped twice, thanks to the black masked man still wanting the information, he was still alive, but these two slaps were not light.

The black masked asked coldly, “Remember now?”

Wan Dao was furious but he did not dare to retaliate, the opponent was too strong, he did not have hope of winning or even escaping. A line of blood appeared from the side of his mouth and after stabilizing himself, he spoke, “You……you……”

That black masked man’s eyes were gleaming with coldness, he spoke indifferently, “Will you remember if I destroy this whole town?”

Instantly, cold aura rose in their surroundings, everyone had goosebumps on their skin, this was too cruel, he actually wanted to destroy the town.

Wan Dao opened his mouth, he could not hide it anymore, “Yes……I’ve seen them……I’ve seen them.”

The black masked man nodded, “Where?”

XinFeng spoke, “Tanda, stay with Wu Zhen, don’t come out.” after instructing them, he walked out of the entrance with a laugh, “How tyrannical, are you looking for me?” with a flash of his silhouette, he appeared next to Wan Dao, patting him on the shoulder and scaring him, he spoke, “Sorry, I’ve involved you in this.”

Wan Dao was shocked to the point where his soul left his body and could only mumble incoherently, he couldn’t offend either sides, he was just a pitiful land owner terrified by two experts.

XinFeng laughed, “Alright, I’ll get some justice for you!”

With that sentence, his silhouette flickered.


It was the same two slaps, but this time the black masked man was the victim, while the slaps were much more vicious.

That black masked man couldn’t dodge at all, the speed of a lightning attributed expert was not something he could compare to. These two slaps sent his teeth and blood flying, in the air were his shattered teeth as well as his broken mask.

It was a middle aged man, his most recognizable feature being his two thick eyebrows and triangular eyes. His mouth was deflated thanks to his shattered teeth, his face an expression of disbelief. He was terrified to death, he knew the enemy could easily kill him like how he could easily kill Wan Dao earlier.

XinFeng spoke, “How vengeful, I’ve already left yet you chose to chase, there’s no need to rush even if you wanted to die.”

That middle aged man touched his face as he revealed a despairing expression, his mask was shattered. He immediately went crazy as he shouted, “You……I’ll kill you!”


The two of them clashed and the ripples of their strength instantly sent the surrounding people to the ground.

That middle aged man’s eyes bulged as he took a few steps back, his joints creaking with every step. This attack had messed up the Lun Li in his body, causing his vision to go bright as he could only hear ‘Hong Hong’ sounds as if a drum was in his ear. After retreating a dozen steps, he could not hold on anymore and fell to the ground.

XinFeng did not move at all, after all, his strength far surpassed the enemy’s, this clash was simply not enough to shake him.

That middle aged man spewed out blood nonstop, XinFeng was in no rush to attack and waited silently. The rest all looked on with shock, not expecting XinFeng to be so strong. Wan Dao could only laugh bitterly, he had decided to leave with his men once this was over to find an isolated place to stay, this place could not be used anymore.

“Send……send the signal!”

The middle aged man ordered before vomiting another mouthful of blood.

XinFeng stepped forward, “What organization are you from?”

The middle aged man had a poisonous glare, “You’re……you’re doomed……to offend us, you’re doomed!”

XinFeng was enraged again, he did not want to involve himself with this but these people were so unrelenting in killing him, they even wanted to slaughter a town, something he couldn’t bear. Normally he had a good temper but with his lightning attribute influencing his personality, these kinds of things easily enraged him.

A few of the white masked man hurriedly sent out a help signal as a few other white masked man pounced over.

Without even closing in on XinFeng, a bunch of lightning bolts had already appeared from his body, and in an instant, it pierced the people pouncing his way, turning them into ashes instantly.

Walking to the middle aged man, XinFeng kicked him, though he had stably placed his hands on the ground, he was sent three meters back. However, XinFeng’s leg did not land on the ground, instead, a lightning bolt was sent from it, landing on the middle aged man’s body.


The lightning bolt broke the middle aged man’s defense in an instant, after all, he was only a True Milun master, this attack had easily gave him a heavy injury, but not death. In front on XinFeng, he felt like a newborn child, not only was he injured, he was incapable of retaliating. In anger, a gold colored ring appeared in his hands as he flung it into the air where it expanded. He bellowed, “Seal!”

That gold ring suddenly enlarged, and with a gold flash, it had flown into the air.

Curiously looking at it, XinFeng saw the gold ring appear in the sky and fall towards him.

Another mouthful of blood spilled from the middle aged man, that gold light had become brighter, and with his shout and blood, it was about to reach XinFeng.

XinFeng cursed, “What’s this?” he moved into the group of people as he randomly grabbed a few white masked men and threw them, only after doing that multiple times XinFeng disappeared to the side as he looked at the gold ring land and hold those white masked men together.

With XinFeng’s speed as quick as lightning, it was impossible for that middle aged man to react in time to change his target, and he could only watch as his underlings fell within the gold ring.

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