God of Thunder – Book 7 Chapter 10

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Book 7 Chapter 10: Retreating in Defeat (2)

The two fought borrowing the traits of their attributes, as the battle continued, they got angrier and angrier as their attacks became stronger and stronger.

XinFeng’s fist was surrounded with electricity while that man had flames surrounding his own fists. It was much more effective to attack directly and the two of them fought fist to fist, leg to leg, it was much more exciting to fight with one’s body.


That man’s fist landed on XinFeng’s shoulder, the flames burning, causing XinFeng’s shoulder to tremble as an electrical spark went from his shoulder to his palm, causing that flame to disappear as his own fist landed on that man’s shoulder, an eye piercing white light causing fire to start on that man’s shoulder as he blocked the electrical attack.

The two of them madly exchanged blows, and within two minutes, the surrounding houses were demolished as a fire about eight meters tall was created, flames burned and lightning flashed as sounds of collisions could be heard, the two of them fought fiercely without care.

Tanda and Wu Zhen, who had already escaped outside of the town, stared the rising pillars of flames and smoke, likewise Wan Dao had also escaped with his underlings and the citizens of the town who were lucky enough to escape.

Wan Dao held his chest, “My……my town is gone!”

Tanda comforted, “Move to somewhere else then.”

Wan Dao laughed bitterly, “Who knows if I’ll find somewhere suitable, ai.” he could not feel sad, this was just how this world operated, there’s no point holding a grudge. Perhaps if he were a fifth True Ring master he would be able to chase these two fellows away, but he was just a small Milun master who could not compete with the masked man and XinFeng, he could only watch as his town was ruined.

Tanda spoke, “How about leaving with us, hehe.”

Wan Dao was shocked, “Leave with you? To where?”

Tanda replied, “To the edge of the Wansee continent, in a lake.”

Wan Dao laughed bitterly, he knew the edges of the Wansee continent only had lakes, the living conditions there far poorer than this place. He shook his head, “Forget it, I’ll just look for another place……en, maybe after this battle……we can rebuild the small town……”

Tanda could not help but shake his head, if XinFeng won, perhaps it would be fine temporarily, but once he left and the Fake Masked men were to appear again, they would probably kill Wan Dao and the others.

However, Tanda did not persuade him, this was Wan Dao’s choice, he couldn’t control his life.

Wu Zhen spoke, “I wonder……if we can win this time.”

Tanda did not understand the situation either, after all, he was just a first True Ring master, the battle between fourth ringed masters was not something he could comprehend.


Another row of houses were set aflame as Wan Dao’s expression became uglier and uglier. Large crowds of mortals ran from the town as they screamed, cried and ran in all directions. Wan Dao spoke, “Qi Yao Yan, get a group of helpers to gather them, running around like that will just decrease the survival rate.”

Qi Yao Yan nodded as he led a group to gather the residents of the small town.

XinFeng got more and more excited as he fought, and before he knew it, they’ve exchanged blows for over ten minutes, ruining half of the small town.

As they fought, helplessness appeared in that man’s heart, it was obvious that the opponent was getting stronger as they fought, and he had to use a lot of his techniques to barely hang on, but his underlings were mostly dead thanks to the ripples and only a few of them escaped. The worst thing was that XinFeng got more and more energetic as they fought, he couldn’t help but curse, this fellow was too perverted.

XinFeng finally could not contain himself anymore as he released the lightning stamp once again, and with the sound of thunder, that man was forced to escape. He hadn’t expected XinFeng to actually be hiding such an abnormal thing.

Once he started escaping, that man knew that he had completely lost, to retaliate was an impossible thing, and at this point, he did not want to fight anymore.

XinFeng had not expected the opponent to run, and as he hesitated slightly, the opponent was already gone, causing him to curse, he hadn’t fought enough yet.

That man brought his remaining underlings and ran to the Lun spot, turning to shout, “I’ll be back to find you……let’s go!” he opened the Lun spot and left with his underlings.

XinFeng walked outside of what was left of town and found Tanda, “Let’s return!” he did not dare to run around anymore, knowing that he was a target of the Fake Masked man, running around was a foolish decision.

Tanda agreed, “Alright, let’s return.”

Wan Dao asked, “Senior, those people……will they be back?”

XinFeng nodded, “Definitely, you guys better leave, staying here will be dangerous.”

Wan Dao sighed, “Yes, senior.”

XinFeng thought for a moment before taking out a few Lun rings, “This is to reimburse you, sorry, I didn’t expect my enemies to find us here.”

Taking the Lun rings and checking them, Wan Dao could not help but be shocked, “Lun rings?”

Tanda spoke, “Not bad, it’s a Lun ring, you’re pretty lucky, this thing is……very useful to you.”

Instantly, Wan Dao felt better, “Thank you senior, I will leave first.” of course he knew how to use Lun rings, and as a Milun master, using Lun rings to become a true master was an effective method.

Leaving with Tanda and Wu Zhen, they came to the Lun spot they arrived from and entered the ancient Lun passage.

Eight days later, XinFeng brought Feng Ying and Shi Hu with him back to this Lun spot, leaving Tanda and Wu Zhen.

Both of his body guards had their eighth True Ring body, XinFeng did not believe that the Fake Masked men could have so many experts, not only did he bring his two body guards, he had contacted his third senior brother through the guards and asked him to come to the center of the Wansee continent.

His third senior Xin Zhou Lun had his ninth True Ring body, a step away from becoming a true monarch. Once he was here, XinFeng would be able to do as he pleased.

Feng Ying spoke, “So this is the small town?”

XinFeng nodded, “That’s right, it’s this small town, yi, everyone’s gone……”

The entire town was gloomy and depressing without even a human’s shadow, after a bit of inspection it became apparent that no one stayed. Of course, Wan Dao had already left with his practitioners.

Shi Hu spoke, “It’s rather normal, you’ve already ruined half the town, no one would dare to stay here for the time being, after a while, it should be able to recover.”

XinFeng nodded, “That’s right.”

Feng Ying spoke, “That Fake Masked men organization……it’s my first time hearing about it, I wonder where it’s from?”

XinFeng laughed bitterly, “I don’t know either, it just decided to target me.”

Feng Ying spoke, “It’ll be fine, if they appear again, I’ll try and find their boss, hehe, kill them all for some peace.”

XinFeng felt a rush of coldness, this was the cruelty of experts, they didn’t bother to involve themselves, they instead would go for the boss to ruin the entire organization.

Shi Hu spoke, “To have offended you is their bad luck.”

XinFeng spoke, “I didn’t want to offend them, I was trying to find someone but I met with that group of madmen, they didn’t even try to listen to me and tried to kill me, it’s too fucking unlucky.” he just wanted to find his sister and grandfather, yet after leaving for a while, he had already met with this unlucky situation.

Feng Ying asked, “There’s other Lun spots around here?”

XinFeng nodded, “Yes, there’s another one, this is a merchant’s route so there’s two Lun spots and a town.”

Feng Ying spoke, “Let’s go!” he carried XinFeng as he flew to the other Lun spot with Shi Hu, and in a while, they arrived at the other Lun spot.

XinFeng spoke, “That guy escaped with this Lun spot, but since it leads to so many places, it’s impossible for us to find them, fuck, I don’t know if they’ll come to find me.” He wanted them to track him this time to save them the trouble of searching.

Feng Ying spoke, “Don’t worry, you killed so many of their true masters, hey hey, they probably hate you to your bones, they’ll definitely come to find you.”

Shi Hu opened the Lun spot, “Where are we going?”

XinFeng spoke, “To a place with a lot of people.”

Shi Hu nodded, “Alright, let’s go.”

Ripple Origin City.

Passing through the Lun spot, they easily found the most populated area, the famed Ripple Origin City that sat on an island in a lake, all four directions of the island were filled with people, the islands on the Ripple Origin Lake had towns and the smaller islands had simple fishing villages.

XinFeng and his guards walked out of the Lun spot, immediately noticing that upon stepping out, he was met with a small city for the first time. They had come to an island with a twenty kilometer radius, a medium sized island.

The island was surrounded by large and small boats, the main transportation method on a lake was of course, boats, without them, traveling was difficult, but with Shi Hu and Feng Ying, they could simply fly. Flying was a skill of high tiered true masters, XinFeng who was a Great True Lun Yin master was not at that level yet.

They were surrounded by merchants tending all kinds of small stalls, most of which sold food.

As the three of them stepped out, they immediately heard someone shout, “Please do not stop and quickly leave the Lun spot, there will be someone entering immediately behind you.”

A few practitioners were taking care of the Lun spot as if it were a traffic junction.

The three of them quickly walked off the Lun spot as a few people appeared behind them, as if they regularly frequented this place they immediately walked off without reminders.

A practitioner swiftly walked over, “The three of you, please come over to register.”

XinFeng was shocked, “Register?”

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