God of Thunder – Book 7 Chapter 19

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Book 7 Chapter 19: Hundred Unity Sect

Feng Ying laughed, “When you get your ninth True Ring body and can continue at such a speed, my words are useless, hehe.”

XinFeng did not understand, “What do you mean?”

Feng Ying spoke, “You’re too quick, your foundation won’t be sturdy, to continue levelling after reaching your ninth ring, it’s not easy.”

XinFeng sighed in relief, this was something he was focused on. He was already warned in the beginning by the old man Lei Bao about the importance of one’s foundation. His talent was actually too good, after levelling he only need a bit if effort to build his foundations, it was not detrimental to his cultivation at all, something Feng Ying didn’t know.

Shi Hu spoke, “Ignore him, you just need to remember that fact.”

XinFeng nodded, “I will.” He could feel the good will from Feng Ying, he spoke again, “Let’s go back to Ripple Origin City, there should be news.”

Feng Ying squatted, “I’ll carry you, hehe, when you get your sixth True Ring body you’ll be able to fly.”

An Chun spoke, “We did not find A Silan, we sent a lot of people to ask the large sects, but until now we haven’t found a person named A Silan. Two people haven’t returned yet, en, within these next few days they should be back, they went to more distant sects.”

XinFeng was extremely disappointed, he laughed bitterly, “Where do I go to find……ridiculous, fuck!” He regretted not asking the name of her sect in the beginning, but now, it was just like looking for a needle in the ocean.

Feng Ying comforted, “It’s fine, when we get back, we’ll send people to look for them.” he believed that with the help of their master sect, they would be able to find her.

XinFeng spoke, “There’s two more sects left to check?”

An Chun spoke, “Qian Zhen Kun and An Wu, they haven’t returned yet. You must know that……to use the Lun spot, they needed to go with merchants, they can’t open it themselves. En, wait two days and they’ll probably be back.”

XinFeng nodded, “Alright, I’ll wait two days.”

An Chun did not have a method to rush them, two eighth ringed true masters appearing in Ripple Origin City was very stressful to him, the best was if he could get some news and send them away as early as possible, not only couldn’t he bear it, even Ripple Origin city couldn’t bear it.

The second day, An Wu returned, but he had no news of A Silan, making XinFeng depressed as he placed all his hopes on Qian Zhen Kun, who had have given him a good impression. He was the one that told XinFeng about Lightning Lucky Mountain, though he had forgot to reward him, he had a good impression of him.

On the third day, Qian Zhen Kun did not return on the fourth day, even after the tenth day, he still didn’t appear. XinFeng became anxious as he asked An Chun, “Old An, why isn’t Qian Zhen Kun back? Where did he go?”

An Chun was more troubled, he had already sent some men to find him, yet there was still no news after six days. He felt rather unsettled, “Ai, I don’t know either, I’ve already sent my men five days ago, but there’s no news at all.”

XinFeng thought for a while, “Which sect? If it’s really bad, we can go ourselves!”

An Chun spoke, “Hundred Unity sect……you’ll need to go through three Lun spots to reach it.”

XinFeng spoke, “Then, we’ll go to Hundred Unity Sect.”

Both Feng Ying and Shi Hu stood up, at that moment, a disciple charged in and shouted, “Uncle Qian was carried back!”

An Chun’s face changed. Coming back was normal, but to be carried back was not. He spoke, “What’s wrong? Where is he?”

A few disciples quickly brought in a stretcher which Qian Zhen Kun laid on, his body was full of injuries. An Chun immediately spoke, “Invite Elder Yan Wei.” causing a disciple to run out as XinFeng entered.

Looking at him with furrowed brows, Feng Ying spoke, “His cultivation is harmed……who was it that did this? His injuries are too heavy, it’ll be hard to recover.”

An Wu entered as he wiped his sweat, “It was the Hundred Unity Sect……”

XinFeng spoke, “What’s the reason behind this?” he did not expect a sect to attack a true master without reason, especially one with a large sect as a backing, this was easily a reason for war.

An Wu spoke, “I don’t know the general reason, when I found him, he only spoke one sentence before he fainted, and he hasn’t woken up even now.”

A disciple came to report, “Elder Yan is here!”

Yan Wei walked to Qian Zhen Kun’s side, and with some inspection, her face turned dark. She spoke, “I’ll try to treat him, his injuries are too heavy and it’s been a while, it will not be easy to heal.” as she spoke, her two hands reached toward his body as green light appeared, entering Qian Zhen Kun’s body.

After a while, Yan Wei retracted her hands as she shook her head with a bitter smile. With the flick of her wrist, a medicine bottle appeared and its contents were poured into Qian Zhen Kun’s mouth. She spoke, “His life is fine but to preserve his cultivation will be hard. Even with treatment, retaining the strength of a Milun master would be considered good already, he may not even be a million Lun master.”

XinFeng did not expect this Yan Wei to have such a medicine, a green attributed true master, when a green light appeared in her hands, he knew that Qian Zhen Kun’s life was preserved.

With a gurgle, Qian Zhen Kun opened his eyes as An Chun touched his beard, “Zhen Kun, do you feel better?”

Revealing a hint of a painful expression, he took a while before speaking, “I, I’m back already……”

An Chun nodded, “Don’t worry, you’re already in Ripple Origin City, can you tell us……what happened? Who harmed you? The men of Hundred Unity Sect?”

Qian Zhen Kun Laughed bitterly, “That’s right, the men of Hundred Unity Sect……I don’t understand either why they would do so.”

XinFeng asked, “Is it because you were looking for A Silan?”

Qian Zhen Kun spoke, “I don’t know why, they said there wasn’t anyone named A Silan, but I wasn’t satisfied so I went to ask a few disciples of theirs but to no avail, after I left, I met with a second ringed true master, and for who knows why, he attacked me suddenly, but I managed to escape, but with heavy injuries……then I met An Wu…..”

XinFeng sighed again, he immediately understood. A Silan was most likely from Hundred Unity Sect. He asked, “Did that man say anything when he attacked you?”

Qian Zhen Kun thought for a while, “He cursed a few sentences before suddenly attacking, I didn’t expect him to attack me.”

XinFeng furrowed his brows, even if they wanted to hide A Silan, they didn’t need to attack him, there must be something wrong, or was it this True Master just didn’t like him? This was strange.

Qian Zhen Kun suddenly felt that something was wrong, circulating his Lun Li, he suddenly noticed that his cultivation was all lost. Instantly, tears fell. He was nothing without his True Master cultivation.

An Chun spoke, “What’s wrong?”

Qian Zhen Kun cried, “My cultivation is crippled?”

An Chun looked at Yan Wei.

Yan Wei spoke, “Don’t despair, your cultivation is not completely crippled, there’s still chances of recovery.”

Qian Zhen Kun was slightly better, “How do I do so?”

Yan Wei smiled bitterly, hesitating for a while. Qian Zhen Kun gritted his teeth, “Sister Yan, please tell me the truth!”

An Chun nodded, “Tell him the truth.”

Yan Wei spoke, “If it’s this kind of treatment with my best effort, maybe you’ll retain the cultivation of a Milun master, En, at least a million Lun master……as for recovering your original cultivation, there’s two methods, using a heavenly treasure, or a hundred Lun rings and a Lun Yin ring. With that, even if you fell to a Milun master, you can continue cultivating.”

Qian Zhen Kun instantly despaired, even if he found a heavenly treasure, he needed a high level green attributed master to make it into medicine for him, but he still had hope for Lun rings, as for Lun Yin rings, it would be too hard to find.

XinFeng spoke, “This……I can take care of it, Lun and Lun Yin rings, I’ll fork it out, it’ll be reimbursement to thank Old Qian.”

Taking out a bag, he placed it next to Qian Zhen Kun, “This is two hundred Lun rings and four Lun Yin rings.”

Qian Zhen Kun instantly revealed a shocked expression, followed by excitement and happiness, “Thank you! Thank you!” he was at the point of despair, yet now he could recover. His forehead was covered in sweat thanks to the excitement.

An Chun looked enviously at the bag as he nodded, “With this……Qian Zhen Kun may even be able to become a second ringed true master, this is like finding fortune in disaster.”

Yan Wei did not expect XinFeng to be able to take out so many Lun and Lun Yin rings, she spoke, “There shouldn’t be a problem if it’s like this.”

XinFeng turned around, “Uncle Feng, uncle Ying, let’s go to Hundred Unity sect.” finding a clue like this was not easy, how could he just give it up, he had to go there no matter what.

Feng Ying spoke, “Alright, no problem, I have something to ask him.” walking to Qian Zhen Kun’s side, he asked, “What was that man’s name?”

Qian Zhen Kun spoke, “He, he’s called Wu Zi Qi, a second ringed true master. I don’t know if that is his real name, but he’s definitely an expert of the Hundred Unity sect.”

Feng Ying spoke, “Wu Zi Qi, alright, I’ll remember it.”

Qian Zhen Kun hesitated for a bit before speaking, “Senior Ying, if possible……let him suffer my pain.” He wanted Feng Ying to help him get revenge.

Feng Ying laughed loudly, “Alright, haha, if I find him unpleasing to the eye, I’ll let him suffer your pain.”

XinFeng was extremely expectant, he hoped to find A Silan as well as his sister through the Hundred Unity Sect, he spoke, “Let’s go.” the earlier they left, the faster they could reach the Hundred Unity sect.

Puttty : fumu, I found a marshmellow-y reincarnation novel of this cultivator princess creating a royal nursery, fumu, it’s so cute it melts my heart, too bad it’s not translated.

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