God of Thunder – Book 7 Chapter 20

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Book 7 Chapter 20: Hundred Unity Sect (2)

Shi Hu and Feng Ying left with XinFeng, and An Chun led the three of them to the Lun Spot, and only after seeing the three of them disappearing into the Lun Spot did he finally relax. Sighing in relief, he spoke, “They’re finally gone, ai, they’re really fucking scary.”

Yan Wei spoke, “That Lei Xin Feng……has an unknown background, but I know that he’s not someone our Ripple Origin City can offend, it’s good that he’s gone, I hope they never come back.”

An Chun nodded, “That’s right, this type of expert is too threatening to us, the earlier they leave, the better, this means that Zhen Kun has done well.”

An Chun spoke, “Those Lun and Lun Yin rings……do we give them to him?”

An Chun spoke, “What’s wrong? Are you moved?”

An Wu laughed, “Aren’t you? Hehe, those are Lun Yin rings, never mind about the Lun rings, the Lun Yin rings are too hard to come by, who knows where they come from, that little fellow didn’t even feel any pain in giving it away.”

Yan Wei spoke, “This only means that they’re not lacking Lun Yin rings.”

An Chun spoke, “We’ll discuss it when we back, maybe we’ll trade some things with Zhen Kun.”

XinFeng and the others came to where the Hundred Unity sect was, and with some information gathering, they found it.

Feng Ying spoke, “Do we kill our way in or visit their higher ups?”

XinFeng spoke, “Kill in for what? We’re looking for someone, not killing.” his sister may be in the Hundred Unity sect, he didn’t want to kill anyone, since if Feng Ying and Shi Hu were to attack, the ripples could easily kill his young sister. She couldn’t cultivate yet and was a mortal, once the battle started, the ripples may kill her, before he confirmed, he wouldn’t do anything.

Feng Ying laughed, “Alright, let’s go and find them.”

Shi Hu spoke, “I hope the person you’re looking for is here.”

XinFeng spoke, “Those people in front should be practitioners, Feng Ying, go ask them.”

Hundred Unity sect was also a residential area, they had the same pattern here as Ripple Origin City, the practitioners and mortals had differences in status, they had different residential areas.

Feng Ying blocked a few practitioners on the street, he spoke, “Everyone, can I know something.” he released a bit of his suppressive aura, of course, not all of it, or these people would’ve already fell flat to the ground.

These few practitioners were all obviously low leveled, the strongest amongst them were only a million Lun master. Suppressed by Feng Ying, their attitude was very good, one of the practitioners spoke, “Senior, please instruct us.” this was an ordinary thing for Feng Ying, to practitioners, the higher your level, the more the opponent would not dare to do anything rash.

Feng Ying spoke, “I’m looking for an old friend here called A Silan, a true master.”

That man thought for a bit before speaking, “I’ve never heard of a true master named A Silan, En……” He turned to his companions, “You guys heard of a senior named A Silan.”

Feng Ying added, “It’s a woman, that’s right, a rather old one.”

Those few practitioners shook their head, they did not know that person.

Feng Ying returned, “There isn’t, they don’t know.”

Disappointment flashed in XinFeng’s eyes, “Let’s directly enter Hundred Unity sect, and look for their higher ups.”

Shi Hu laughed, “They may not want to see us.” He knew the pride large sects had, without sufficient strength, they didn’t even need bother to go, and those sects don’t normally bother with a few practitioners unless they were strong.

XinFeng spoke, “Let’s go see first, if they don’t want to, hehe, I don’t mind showing my strength.” This wasn’t time to hide their strength, if the situation called for it, by revealing their strength, the sect wouldn’t ignore them.

Feng Ying laughed, “To their door? Hehe, I like.”

XinFeng spoke, “We’re not fighting our way in, we’re going to show off our strength, I don’t want to kill for now.” He had a lot of worries and constrictions.

Feng Ying, “Alright, I’ll go.”

The three of them walked to the entrance of the inner sect. Feng Ying spoke, “I want to meet your chief, En, if he’s not here, any great elder is fine.”

All of the inner sect disciples were all shocked, this was the first time meeting such practitioners, but they did not dare to offend them randomly. One of them spoke, “Do you have a visitation slip? Which sect are you from?”

Feng Ying spoke, “I don’t have one, we’re not from sects either, it’s just that we have to visit your chief.”

XinFeng knew it was mean, Feng Ying that fellow was pretending to be an idiot, such words at any sect would be ignored, it was too rude.

And of course, that inner sect disciple laughed coldly, “There isn’t a visitation slip, alright, do you know our higher ups?”

Feng Ying spoke very cleanly, “Nope!”

XinFeng did not go up, he wanted to see Feng Ying settle this, he knew that with Feng Ying’s way of speaking, they would ignore him.

The inner disciples guarding the sect was rather pitiful, the leader was a first ringed true master. The others were all Milun, million and thousand Lun masters, they could not see through Feng Ying’s cultivation at all, the only thing they knew was that these three were all practitioners.

The one speaking with Feng Ying was a Milun master, he laughed, “If you don’t have anything……you can’t enter, leave!” according to their rules, even if a true master were here, they must be held back if the situation called for it, but what he didn’t expect was that the people they were facing were high tier true masters that would be esteemed guests at any sects.

Feng Ying spoke, “I’m not leaving, not leaving…..I want to enter!”

XinFeng was shocked, he didn’t expect Feng Ying to actually start acting so sassily. Shi Hu laughed, “That fellow is too bored hehe to actually bully these little fellows, looking for things to do.”

That inner sect disciple was done with Feng Ying, “Ai, there’s no point in arguing, leave, the Hundred Unity sect is not something you can offend!”

Feng Ying spoke, “Who said I can’t? I’ll do exactly that! Let me enter!” he spoke without any actions, he only argued like so.

XinFeng spoke, “Uncle Hu, forget it, go up and tell them, stop uncle Ying from playing around.”

Shi Hu walked up, “Feng Ying, stop playing around.”

Feng Ying laughed, “It’s rare for me to find fun, alright, I’ll stop. Little fellow, this is my invitation slip!” He took out a gold plate, a specially made gold plate with information about himself on it. If it weren’t for XinFeng’s attention towards this sect, he wouldn’t take out his own invitation slip.

That inner sect disciple took the gold slip and mumbled, “If you have one, take it out earlier, really…..” he looked down.

The other disciples all looked at them with curiosity, they didn’t know why these three fellows were here but they could tell they were not here for trouble.

That inner sect disciple looked down before looking up to look at Feng Ying with disbelief, his lips started to move and after a while, words came out, “You……you……I, I……” he couldn’t form a sentence.

Another disciple laughed, “What’s wrong, you can’t even speak?” he spoke as he took the gold invitation slip, and with a glance, he started to mumble.

On the slip was only six words, “Feng Ying, True Heart Yin master. No sect.”

That disciple mumbled, “Heart……heart……True Heart Yin master ah……ah, e, eighth, eighth……eighth ringed……my God……”

As a true master on shift, he was in the house at the entrance and could hear everything, as if his ass was on fire, he ran out, “What……what eighth ringed?”

That disciple was still pointing at Feng Ying, speaking incoherently. The true master slapped the back of his head and scolded, “Idiot, speak clearly!’

Noticing the gold invitation slip in the disciple’s hand, the true master snatched it over.

“True Heart Yin master……”

These four words made him uncomfortable, but as a true master, though he was only first ringed, he managed to forcefully control himself, “Senior Feng……no, no……that’s not it, senior Ying……nice to meet you, I am an elder of Hundred Unity sect, Hou Xiao, first ringed true master!”

Feng Ying spoke, “Hard to enter and full of ugly faces, your Hundred Unity sect is really fucking big!”

Hou Xiao’s face changed, he did not know what to say, no matter which sect would treat strangers with caution, it was impossible to treat them welcomingly, their doors would definitely be hard to enter and their faces would not be friendly, but the way Feng Ying spoke, it sounded like a threat.

With a smile, Hou Xiao spoke holding back, “Junior did not know senior has come, forgive my rudeness.”

As he apologized, he kicked a disciple at the side, having him to go report back, who knew that disciple would be so dumb to stupidly stand there looking at Hou Xiao, wondering why he got kicked.

XinFeng could not help but laugh, “Your elder……wants you to go report this, idiot!”

Shi Hu laughed loudly.

Understanding, that disciple ran towards the entrance of the inner sect.

Even Hou Xiao wanted to curse, how could a normally smart person becomes like this in this kind of a situation?

Feng Ying spoke, “Is there a true master named A Silan here?”

Hou Xiao took a while before replying, “A Silan?”

XinFeng looked expectantly at him, “Right, A Silan, do you know her?”

Hou Xiao spoke, “No, no I don’t…..”

XinFeng was instantly disappointed, but he didn’t give up, “Alright, what about……Wi Zi Qi, you should know him.”

Hou Xiao thought for a bit, “We don’t seem to have a Wu Zi Qi in our Hundred Unity sect……is he a true master?”

Feng Ying spoke, “You don’t know him either?” He started to doubt, he knew that Qian Zhen Kun was indeed attacked by a true master from this sect, there shouldn’t be a discrepancy.

Seeing Feng Ying’s face darken, Hou Xiao became flustered, “I don’t know all of the true masters……in Hundred Unity Sect, we have a lot of true masters here.”

Only now did XinFeng and Feng Ying understand, a sect was very large, and not knowing all of the true masters in it was not an unfathomable thing.”

Hou Xiao spoke, “May I know……these two……these two senior’s names?”

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