God of Thunder – Book 7 Chapter 18

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Book 7 Chapter 18: True Treasure Lun Yin Master (2)

The rain and XinFeng’s cultivation went on for two days, shocking even Shi Hu, who could tell that XinFeng’s cultivation was increasing madly, a pity that on the third day, the rain stopped as well as XinFeng’s cultivating. In just two short days, XinFeng was on the verge of breaking through.

Shi Hu saw through a bit if his secret, he asked, “Is it because of the thunderstorm?”

XinFeng laughed, “Yes, thunderstorms can increase my cultivation.” He didn’t reveal too much, but Shi Hu understood, this was XinFeng’s cultivation secret.

Shi Hu sighed, “When I was your age, I was only a thousand Lun master, yet I was already called a genius.”

XinFeng knew that if there was no special occurrences or if the person did not have great talent, reaching his cultivation at seventeen years old was impossible. For Shi Hu to become a thousand Lun master at that age was already rather shocking.

But XinFeng knew his weakness, his fast speed had caused him to lose out on skills, he did not have time to create his own weapon either. He lacked special abilities, he did not have the time to learn them at all. He only used his own strength to attack, though it was decent, it was very crude. When he had just started to fight, he learnt to fight with his body, and as he done so since he was young, it was embedded deep into his bones.

XinFeng did not have the chance to fix this weakness of his yet, to him, the most important thing now was to cultivate and level, it would be best if he could first get his ninth True Ring body, at that time he’ll go back to the basics and fix himself since it was easier than cultivating, he wasn’t too rushed.

With his ability to control lightning, XinFeng’s attacks weren’t too weak, it was strong. Lightning itself was considered very strong already, and with that fact, XinFeng did not have a problem with true masters of his level, which was why he was not rushed.

According to XinFeng’s estimation, another thunderstorm and it would be enough for him to breakthrough, and after some foundation building, he could leave.

The second thunderstorm came after eight days, and XinFeng immediately started cultivating. Condensing his Fifth True ringed body required a certain amount of Yin Li, but there was more Lun Yin Li in his body than his Yin Li, once his Yin Li count surpassed Lun Yin Li, he would become a True Treasure Lun Yin Master and condense his fifth True Ring body.

The largest difference between the sixth and the seventh True Ring body was the Lun Yin Li and Yin Li. A sixth ringed true master was also a True Yin master who only had Yin Li in his body, which is the strongest power available to true masters, it was a level higher than Lun and Lun Yin Li.

XinFeng was rushing to reach his fifth True Ring body, large amounts of Yin Li appeared in his body, taking the space of his Lun Yin Li, once it became the majority, it would be finished.

This thunderstorm gave XinFeng that chance, training in a thunderstorm, within lightning bolts and thunder claps brought great benefits. It was rather unbelievable, especially in this place, with all the lightning being absorbed by the mountains, cultivating on the lake was not only safe, but effective as well.

Shi Hu paddled nonstop, knowing that this was XinFeng’s critical point, he was on the verge of levelling up. Relaxing his limbs, he stopped the paddle in the water and gently waved it, allowing the boat to go slowly on the lake.

The rain poured onto the lake’s surface, creating ‘hua hua’ sounds accompanied by thunder claps as eye piercing lightning bolts struck the mountain peaks, creating countless bright sparks in the darkness.

Shi Hu was extremely envious, with these few days of observation, he came to understand what a true genius like. XinFeng’s cultivation increased extremely quickly while it took him eight years to accomplish the same thing, but without Lun Yin rings, it would take him ten to twenty years, yet now XinFeng only took a few days to level up.

Going from fourth to fifth true ring body was much easier than going from the fifth to the sixth. This wasn’t a big bottleneck, he only needed a certain amount of Yin Li before it would naturally turn into his fifth True Ring body, therefore, XinFeng was rather relaxed as he circulated his Lun Yin Li and the energy the lightning bolts brought. Circulating both of those energies plus the Lightning stamp Lei Bao gave him, he quickly accomplished his goal.

The lightning stamp rumbled in his body as energy rushed in madly, a pity that all the lightning bolts were absorbed by the mountain peaks, if a bit were to be absorbed, he would be able to level up instantly.

Reaching this step, XinFeng understood that to become a sixth ringed true master, he needed to go into the skies and absorb the lightning bolts, he would definitely be able to instantly level, something the old man Lei Bao did and succeeded in.

The old man Lei Bao’s success was something XinFeng celebrated until now. He was extremely daring in the past, if he had messed up, he would’ve been turned into a pile of ashes that would disappear with just a gust of wind.

He did not dare to think too much, controlling his emotions, he continued to cultivate as the number of Yin Li in his body increased. An hour before the rain stopped, he successfully broke through and became a True Treasure Lun Yin Master.

Shi Hu sighed again, this was too unfair, he was too jealous.

XinFeng stood up accompanied by a cacophony of bone cracking sounds, jumping into the water, he took off his clothing and washed himself. Condensing his fifth True Ring body was like cleansing his entire body, his strength and body’s toughness both grew a level.

Shi Hu spoke, “Congratulations!”

Popping his head out of the water, XinFeng laughed, “Hehe, I have good luck.”

Shi Hu cursed in his head, this had no correlation with luck!

Washing himself quickly, XinFeng climbed back onto the boat and wore another set of pants. He spoke, “Uncle Ying isn’t back yet?”

Shi Hu spoke, “He already sent a message, he will be back soon.”

XinFeng nodded, he had started strengthening the foundation his cultivation as he waited for Feng Ying to return.

On the afternoon of the second day as XinFeng and Shi Hu were eating, Feng Ying landed on the boat soundlessly. He laughed, “Great, to have food upon returning, I came at a good time. Haha.”

XinFeng laughed as be served him large bowl of rice, “Let’s eat together, uncle Feng, did you find their hideout?”

Feng Ying’s face turned slightly red, “I didn’t.”

XinFeng asked, “Oh, you didn’t catch up to that fellow?”

Feng Ying spoke, “I did, I caught him as well, a pity that that fellow actually killed himself.” He shook his head, “A seventh ringed true master would rather kill himself than expose their hideout. We should careful, this organization has an unknown way of controlling their underlings, even a seventh ringed true master cannot resist……I couldn’t opened his mouth.”

XinFeng spoke, “That means our clue is gone.”

Feng Ying nodded, “It is, to find their location, we’ll just have to wait until they appear again, however……I don’t think they will do so for now.” everyone knew that after this killing, the Fake Masked men would be careful in dealing with him, they would only appear again when they had the guarantee of winning, which was why Feng Ying warned them.

XinFeng cursed, “Fuck, what’s this situation.” to offend such an organization was a headache for him.

Shi Hu spoke, “It’s fine, there’s always a solution, we’ll go back and ask around.” XinFeng has so many seniors, at least one of them would have some information. Perhaps they would know this organization.

Feng Ying spoke, “I suspect……this Fake Masked Men organization is just like us……they have a secret Lun space, if it’s like that, it won’t be enough to fight them with just the three of us, if they really do have it, they would also probably have a ninth ringed master. Or even stronger.”

XinFeng touched his chin for a while as he nodded, “En, that’s right, I felt like there’s something wrong as well. We’ll return to Ripple Origin City first to see if they know anything and we’ll decide on out next move afterwards.”

Feng Ying spoke, “It’s best if we go, you’ve been here for a while now.”

XinFeng laughed, “That’s right, there’s some things that need to be settled, En, let me consider.”

Feng Ying spoke, “Though we didn’t find their hideout, we found the thing they used to track you, this thing.” He took out a ball and laughed, “Tracking call, hehe, a very old fashioned thing. As long as it’s destroyed the tracking mark on you will disappear.” Pinching it, the ball shattered in an instant and fell from his fingers.

XinFeng spoke, “Ai, you should’ve let me see it first.”

Feng Ying shook his head, “It’s alright, this kind of thing is very easy to make, when I’m free, I’ll make a few for you.”

XinFeng spoke, “Alright, make a few of this interesting thing to me.”

Feng Ying looked at XinFeng as he spoke, shocked, “Wu, fifth ringed……you, you’re too abnormal……it has only been a few days!”

XinFeng laughed, “I’m just lucky.” What could he say? This was no time to flaunt, learning the Old Man Lei Bao’s cultivation trick had allowed him to successfully level easily without meeting a lot of bottlenecks, this speed was not only causing Feng Ying and Shi Hu to be jealous, it also caused him some headaches.

Feng Ying spoke, “There’s something I have to remind you about.”

XinFeng asked curiously, “What is it?”

Shi Hu laughed, “Old Ying, it’s not time yet.”

XinFeng asked, “What does that mean?” he was instantly intrigued.

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