God of Thunder – Book 7 Chapter 17

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Book 7 Chapter 17: True Treasure Lun Yin Master

The silver masked man flew up as the rest of the people on the boat were very relaxed, especially the gold masked man. He felt that the organization was overreacting to actually send a seventh and two sixth ringed true masters for a fourth ringed true master, as well as a group of true masters, this was too ridiculous.

Watching as the Silver masked man charge towards the boat, he spoke, “That fellow is doomed, hehe……” but before his laughing ended, he saw a man fly form the small boat, shocking him. He spoke, “En? What’s wrong?” only sixth and higher ringed true masters could fly, why would there be someone there capable of flight?

Before the gold masked man could react, the fight had a result already.

When it came to battles, Feng Ying and Shi Hu were extremely experienced. The two of them regularly go through cruel fights, fighting with the people here was nothing to them. Furthermore, this weak sixth ringed true master was nothing to an eighth ringed true master.

It was an instant kill.

Feng Ying did not turn back as he continued to fly towards the opponents’ boat.

The gold masked man suddenly shouted, “Block him!” With his experience, he knew this was bad. To be able to kill a sixth ringed true master with a single attack was not the ability of a seventh ringed true master, even he could not kill a sixth ringed true master with one attack.

At that moment, the gold masked man suddenly understood. This was a trap set for their arrival.


A large boat was shattered with one attack, causing the gold and silver masked man to escape to the skies. The boat they rode on was utterly destroyed, scaring them into turning back and running, the both of them knew that that man was at least an eighth ringed true master, what a joke, a true heart Yin master, a top tiered strength.

Feng Ying shouted, “Old Hu, I’ll leave the rest to you, these two fellows are mine!” as he chased the two men.

This was the first time XinFeng had seen Feng Ying attack, it was a shocking sight, this was too powerful, it was just like killing a chicken.

Shi Hu laughed, “I’ll go destroy their boats! Prevent their escape!”

XinFeng was speechless, these two were indeed strong. He nodded, “Alright, go. “He couldn’t go and kill himself since they were on water, unless he were to swim there.”

Shi Hu flew out.

The gold masked man was shocked from afar, they already had an eighth ringed true master on their side, could it be that they had another one? What kind of people had they offended? He felt extremely unlucky and the only thought he had was to run, he was already a seventh ringed true master, dying in such a place was too pitiful.

Hong! Hong! Hong……

Shi Hu did not target any particular practitioner, he only aimed at the boats as he attacked, each attack taking down one boat. To him, this was an extremely easy task.

The people on the boats desperately jumped into the water to escape, staying on was just suicidal.

An attack took not only the boat, but the lives of anyone on it, everything was shattered!

With five attacks, he had taken down five large boats, including the boat Feng Ying destroyed, all six boats were gone, only the small amount of intelligent people who had first jumped into the he water survived, everyone else who stayed on the boat had been destroyed along with it, even a sixth ringed true master couldn’t block the attack, so how could the rest? No matter what defense techniques they used, it was all useless.

Shi Hu only attacked five times before he turned back, landing on the small boat from the skies, “Too weak!”

XinFeng laughed bitterly, an eighth ringed true master did not appear often on this continent, they were used to terrify and intimidate, but once they started to move, they would not stop until death. Of course, the him now also didn’t stop until death, he didn’t leave a single enemy alive.

Only a few people were left on the lake, those who had first jumped off. Scanning the surface, XinFeng suddenly noticed a fellow, “That man……that blue masked fellow, bring him here!”

Scanning the lake, Shi Hu spoke, “That fourth ringed true master? Alright, I’ll go catch him.”

Quickly, Shi Hu caught him and brought him to the boat’s front, that fourth ringed true master could not resist him at all. Breaking his four limbs, Shi Hu threw him at the boat’s front, “You have vengeance against him?”

XinFeng spoke, “Not that bad, I fought him once in the past and he swore that I would be doomed, hehe.”

Taking off the man’s mask, he spoke, “A group of shady fellows, wearing masks for nothing.”

XinFeng spoke, “I’m curious too, to bother this group of things randomly and be bitten relentlessly by them, a pack of mad dogs, I don’t understand, why are they so tyrannical?”

Shi Hu laughed, “Nothing strange, these kind of shady organizations are all tyrannical like this, hehe, but they probably didn’t expect to offend such a big trouble, hey hey, let’s see if Old Ying can catch that seventh ringed true master, if he can do it, perhaps we’ll find their hideout, and at that time, we’ll go play.”

XinFeng squatted as he patted that man’s face, laughing, “Hey, we meet again! What’s your noble name?”

That man looked at XinFeng with despair, that attack of Feng Ying’s had completely destroyed his courage. They were too strong, it was something that people at his level couldn’t hold out against. If even the old ancestor expert of his sect had ran away, what was he doing here? Getting caught was nothing strange.

Though that man had lost the hope of living, he was still extremely stubborn. Gritting his teeth and staring at XinFeng, he had deep hatred in his eyes, giving an extremely cold feeling.

Shi Hu spoke, “That man won’t say anything, just kill him. If we release him, he’ll do anything to get revenge, even if you’re not scared, you’ll be annoyed to death.” he could tell that that man hated XinFeng to death.

XinFeng sighed, “What’s the point? Never mind, I won’t ask, just kill them all for piece of mind.” a light flashed from his palm and hit that man, turning him into a pile of ashes in a second.

Shi Hu laughed, “Wait a while and Let Old Ying interrogate.

XinFeng turned to look at the rain pouring down, his mood turning extremely good suddenly. Though this wasn’t the time to cultivate, but he knew he had found himself a good place, increasing his cultivation to fifth ringed true master at least should not be a problem.

Shi Hu looked at the people desperately escaping, “Those people……are you letting them go?”

Xinfeng spoke without hesitation, “Kill them, leaving them alive will only bring trouble to us.” though these people looked extremely savage as they escaped now, if it weren’t for XinFeng’s two guards, these people would still be playing boss.

Shi Hu nodded as he immediately flew out, he liked XinFeng’s decision.

XinFeng sat at the boat’s front with the rain falling freely on his body. Bolts of lightning struck from the sky, but what he noticed was that all the lightning bolts landed on the tall mountain peaks, not one fell into the lake.

With every lightning bolt, a mountain would shootout fire and sparks, looking at that sight, XinFeng celebrated in his heart, luckily he had chosen to not stay on the mountain, even as a lightning attributed practitioner, he would not be able to withstand the lightning bolts, even Feng Ying and Shi Hu may not be able to do so as well, this was the threat of nature.

Calculating for a bit, XinFeng shook his head, he knew he had to honestly practice on the lake’s surface.

Flying close to the water’s surface, Shi Hu easily killed everyone in the water in a short while.

After a while, Feng Ying flew back by himself, “One died and the other escaped, hehe, that seventh ringed true master is too cautious, to run so quickly, but he’s been heavily injured by me, though he won’t die, keeping his seventh ringed true master cultivation would be hard unless he can find a high tiered green attributed master.”

XinFeng spoke, “A pity that we can’t find their hideout.”

Feng Ying spoke, “Hehe, unless they have a ninth ringed true master, they’ll…….most likely give up.”

Shi Hu spoke, “Scourges.”

Feng Ying spoke, “It’s alright, I’ve left a mark on that fellow, hey hey, no matter what, we’ll be able to find their hideout.”

Shi Hu nodded, “I wondered……why would you left him go, so it’s like that. Those secret organizations are the most troublesome ones, even if they’re not a threat, they’ll annoy you to death.”

XinFeng spoke, “I want to stay here to cultivate for a while and wait for the news from Ripple Origin City.”

The two of them nodded, though they did not understand why XinFeng would want to cultivate here, they were just guards that followed the words of their owner.

Feng Ying spoke, “I’ll leave for a bit to track that guy, hehe, I want to see where their organization is, old Hu, you stay here.”

Shi Hu laughed, “Leave it to me, I’ll protect this place.”

XinFeng did not have an opinion, he also wanted to find out where the Fake Masked men were, once they found their hideout, they would go back and find helpers to destroy them.

Feng Ying immediately flew into the sky, and determining the direction, he immediately disappeared.

Shi Hu walked to the boat’s end, “Where are we going to cultivate?”

XinFeng laughed, “Just go around the mountain.” He did not dare to go up the mountain yet, circling around it was already enough to increase his cultivation.

Shi Hu nodded and moved the boat, moving along the mountains foot while XinFeng cultivated at the boat’s front.

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