God of Thunder – Book 6 Chapter 9

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Book 6 Chapter 9: Plume Lun Circles

XinFeng walked to the little lady and asked, “What’s your name?”

The little lady instantly became nervous as she took a step back, “You……who are you?”

A Tai Meng disciple softly spoke, “Don’t talk rubbish, answer what your senior asks.”

That little lady was instantly shocked, she did not expect the man who was roughly her age to actually be her senior, not daring to be rude she answered, “Junior……junior is called Han Jiao……”

XinFeng nodded, “Test first.”

Han Jiao did not understand, but she placed her hand on the Jade pillar anyways, and instantly shone a silver light, the Tai Meng disciple was shocked, “Lighting attribute? It’s the single lighting attribute! How rare! ”

The crowd instantly understood, why XinFeng would stand up, as everyone could tell that he was also single lighting attributed.

XinFeng spoke, “Hit the Star Python drum once, no need to use too much strength, just hit the middle.”

Han Jiao smashed her small fist against the center of the Star Python Record as layers of ripples appeared. Staring at the drum, he counted silently, eight rings had actually appeared. Instantly, he smiled and spoke, “This child, I’m taking her!”

The entire crowd was shocked, this was no way to snatch someone, so daringly and showily, this placed everyone in Tai Meng in a bad position, this was supposed to be something done in privacy,  yet how would XinFeng know that it was? The only thing he knew what that this lady was the same attribute he was and had strong potential, she was something to snatch no matter for which sect.

XinFeng couldn’t care less, since he chose her, he wouldn’t let her go. He spoke, “Han Jiao, follow me.”

Han Jiao did not understand anything, but she knew that XinFeng was a senior and did not resist, following him in excitement.

XinFeng came to Han Tian Zhan, since he was the boss of Tai Meng, and spoke, “Brother Han, I’m sorry but this little lady, I’m taking her…… ”

Fei Lun spoke first, “This is the only exception…… You can’t do it again anymore. ”

Han Tian Lun hesitated before nodding, “Alright, Old brother Feng, you’re putting me in a difficult spot, hehe, however we’ll talk about it later, it’s fine if you take her but you’re a bit too impatient.”

Xin Zhou Lun did not speak at all, only after the two most important figures spoke did he speak, “I’ve led you two into a difficult position, don’t worry, I won’t let Tai Meng suffer.” with this one sentence both Fei Lun and Han Tian Zhan sighed in relief, it wasn’t worth it to offend an expert like Xin Zhou Lun over a talented disciple.

Sitting down, XinFeng ordered a Tai Meng disciple to bring Han Jiao out and prepare a space to live for her, from now on Han Jiao was considered his underling, not Tai Meng’s citizen, they could only treat her like a guest.

Countless people looked at Han Jiao leave with jealousy, she had been taken in directly by an expert, the best thing that could happen to any of them.

Han Jiao did not come by herself, she had come with her entire family, not only her parents, but also her siblings who had surrounded her immediately the moment she walked out.

XinFeng knew he was too reckless, but with his senior here he couldn’t care less, the disciple was his now anyways, it was not as if he wanted to take in a lot of them, only a few to test himself, and if the results were good he would take in more, if it were bad, having only a few of them didn’t really impact him much, it’s not as if he was lacking in money to take care of them.

The rest continued testing themselves, the batch this time was quite good in terms of talent and potential, and they quickly came to notice a few with strong potential and higher medium potential.

No matter if it was Han Tian Zhan or Fei Lun, both of them relaxed as in this recruitment, Tai Meng did not have a requirement as to how many people they could take in, and they had already discussed it amongst them as Xin Zhou Lun had already said that if he was satisfied he would use a Lun ring or a Lun Yin ring to change with them and if there were a genius he would take out a Yin ring.

Han Tian Zhan was lacking in Yin rings, and if there were enough of them he could quickly condense his seventh true body, becoming a True Wild Yin master. Then his position would become more stable. It was just that Yin rings were too hard to come by, it wasn’t something a True Ashen Ring master could make, only True Monarchs could make it, but where could they find a True Monarch to make it for them?

Han Yao laughed, “Brother Lei, since you didn’t test yourself before, why not try now?”

Fei Lun was extremely curious too and spoke, “You’ve never been tested before?”

XinFeng laughed, “No, I haven’t, I have no idea what my own potential is, hehe.”

Xin Zhou Lun was also very curious, as master hadn’t taken in anymore disciples for a long time now, XinFeng must have some quality of his that moved him so much that he brought him back. He spoke, “Try it, I’m curious too.”

Han Tian Zhan nodded, “En, I’m curious too, hehe, go try it.”

Actually, XinFeng was entirely curious himself as well, ever since he came in he wanted to hit that Star Python drum, but since he was a respectable guest, he couldn’t act so rudely, but now after obtaining permission, he did not reject and stood up, “Okay, I’ll try.”

Instantly, the testing hall became silent as everyone looked at XinFeng with anticipation.

XinFeng knew that he shouldn’t use Lun or Lun YinLi in this kind of test, he didn’t need to use too much strength either. Walking in front of the Star Python drum, he aimed in the middle and gently hit it.

With a large sound, countless hair-thin ripples flowed out, creating a shape resembling a flower. The Tai Meng disciple could not even close his mouth as he counted the rings.

One, two, three…… Circles, ten circles……en, eighteen circles……

Xin Zhou Lun’s eyes revealed a light, he did not expect XinFeng to create a Plume Lun circle, much less twenty one of them. This was unbelievable to him. One must know, when he tested himself, he had only made seven of them, seven Plume Lun circles, and he was even termed a genius at that moment.

Many of the people present did not know what a Plume Lun circle was, but all of them knew that XinFeng was definitely abnormal.

Within the group, only a few understood what it meant, including that Tai Meng disciple supervising the drum test, though he was only a Miliun master, he was very knowledgeable in this area, he knew that the Plume Lun circle was an extreme reaction from the Star Python drum, and in the entire Tai Meng, no one could even create one, anyone who could, had an extraordinary potential.

Xin Zhou Lun smiled bitterly, “Twenty one ripples, Ah Feng, you’re too ridiculous, you could actually produce twenty one Plume Lun circles, a pity that this Star Python Drum was too small, if it were a larger one, you could probably produce another reaction. Never mind, I really respect Master’s vision, when I made seven Plume Lun circles in the past I was revered, but compared to you, I’m really nothing.”

His voice was very soft, and siting down, he spoke, “I don’t even know what that is, what is a Plume Lun circle?”

Xin Zhou Lun explained, “Ripples are the first type, it is used to measure most people’s potential, the second being Plume Lun circles, a pity that this drum can only test this type, you have already long passed the second type, if there were a three meter large Star Python Drum, you could test the third type, Star Lun circles, the one used to measure the potential of true geniuses, I bet that you’re that type……”

XinFeng didn’t really mind too much, since he had a genius’s potential, he would not meet with troubles much during cultivation and could easily become a True Lun Yin master, while other practitioners needed to use much more time and effort to even raise a level. He spoke, “At least I tested once, it’s enough to satisfy my curiosity.”

After the commotion, the testing ensued.

Quickly, the time to eat came, and the testing temporarily stopped.

With Han Tian Zhe’s invitation, Xin Zhou Lun and XinFeng came to a small courtyard of the house Han Tian Zhan lived in.

After a meal, a portion of the higher ups returned to observe and host the recruitment, while the others stayed in the small building.

XinFeng spoke, “Brother Han, help me get someone to bring the little girl I took in, I have a few questions to ask.”

With a nod, Han Yao immediately instructed a few Tai Meng disciples to do so.

Instantly, Han Jiao was brought over along with a large group of people, all of which were her family members. XinFeng did not expect such a large number of people to come, but thanks to his experience, he stood up and walked to the group, of course, with Shi Hu and Feng Ying with him.

Han Yao laughed, “They’re all here, Brother Lei, youre really serious in taking her in? Tch Tch, you’re seventeen, and taking in a fifteen year old little lady……” he had a skeptical expression on his face.

XinFeng raised his leg in a kick that was as quick as lightning, even Han Yao couldn’t think of dodging and could only take the hit. Luckily, XinFeng had not put too much of his strength into kicking him, and after his foot landed on Tai Yao’s Ass, he had already retracted his leg.

However, this kick had shocked Han Yao greatly, he knew XinFeng was kidding but this kick was full of threat. He could only stand there and take the kick without any ability to block, it was too scary.

XinFeng walked before Han Jiao and spoke, “Who are they? ” his aura was very strong, behind him was two study men, while next to him was the core of the inner sect of Tai Meng. He wore luxurious clothing and surrounding them were all Tai Meng disciples, all of which were respectful towards XinFeng, this was extremely pressuring to the Han family.

Han Jiao was scared to the point where her face was white, not knowing how to reply, a tear leaked out from her wet eyes.

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