Adorable Consort – Chapter 97

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Chapter 97 – Gaining advantages by showing obedience

They returned to Prince Ying’s Manor with small-scaled lively discussion along the way. The servants came to lead the horse carriage away. When they saw Chu Qing-Yan inside their family’s Highness’s carriage, everybody was stunned, master actually personally went to pick up the little consort back!

“Your Highness, Little Consort.” The servants immediately saluted respectfully.

Ever since the last time in the Jade Courtyard, when His Highness had punished the inner courtyard’s most popular people, Hong Yi and Zi Yi for offending Chu Qing-Yan, the people watching from the sidelines finally understood that this Chu Qing-Yan has obtained His Highness’s doting. They could offend anyone, but they couldn’t afford to offend this esteemed little ancestor. As a result, everybody started to change how they called her. Chu Qing-Yan became the Little Consort from Ninth Miss Chu, this way of addressing her represented that they recognized Chu Qing-Yan’s identity.

However, Chu Qing-Yan didn’t think anything of it. She only thought that Little Consort – these two words were a lot shorter and easier to say when compared to Ninth Miss Chu.

Once they got off the carriage, Xiao Xu strode forward with large steps. When Chu Qing-Yan finally stood firm on the ground, he had already walked far away. As a result, she lifted her skirt and resignedly chased after him.

“Wait for me!”

Xiao Xu pretended that he didn’t hear her.

Ah, Little Consort actually dared to make His Highness wait for her? Servant A covered his eyes, waiting for His Highness to get angry.

“Ouch, my foot ah!”

Xiao Xu heard this and stopped his footsteps, he turned his head around and saw her triumphant smile.

Ah, Little Consort actually dared to mislead His Highness? Servant B covered his eyes, waiting for His Highness to get angry.

“Big Block of Ice, you walk too fast, I can’t keep up with you.” Chu Qing-Yan ran to him, complaining.

Ah, Little Consort actually dared to blame His Highness! Servant C covered his eyes, waiting for His Highness to get angry.

Xiao Xu took a glance at her. “Your physical fitness is too lacking!”

Chu Qing-Yan widened her eyes, he actually dared to be disdainful of her physical fitness! Her legs weren’t as long as his, and she was also a girl okay?

Seeing Xiao Xu turn around about to leave, Chu Qing-Yan immediately crouched down, hugging her little leg and wailing. “It really hurts from walking too fast. My injury seems to have returned ah!”

Xiao Xu suspiciously looked at her. “The foot you injured was this one?”

Chu Qing-Yan lowered her head to take a look. Damn it, she hugged the wrong foot. She decisively changed it to the other and then raised her head to look pitifully at him.

Xiao Xu felt it was funny. It seemed he somewhat compromised to walk in front of her. With both hands, he scooped her up and threw her on his back.

“Hold on tight.”

“Yes sir!”

One was cold.

One got a small advantage and flaunted her obedience.

When Servant A,B and C opened their hands and saw this scene, their eyeballs almost fell out.

Did the sun rise from the west?

Did red rain start to fall from the sky?

Did it start snowing in June?

If not, were they just dreaming of everything in front of their eyes?

“I have a little donkey ah, that I’ve never ridden on. One day, I rode it on an impulse on the way to the market. I had a little whip in my hand….”

“Shut up!”

“Oh, okay.”


“The sun shone in the sky. Flowers smiled towards me. The little chicks said morning, morning, morning. Why are you carrying a bag of fireworks….”

“If you continue to sing, I’ll throw you down!”

“Yes sir!”


The corner of Xiao Xu’s eyes twitched. Just now, did he become so crazy that his heart softened and he picked up this burden?

Midnight, inside the study.

Xiao Xu sat behind the desk, half of his body concealed in the darkness.

“Today, Ninth Miss Chu strolled around the cosmetic stand, ceramics stand, toys and handmade stand…” Earth Spirit reported everything regardless of its importance.

Xiao Xu’s finger lightly tapped on top of the table as he listened quietly.

“Afterwards, she encountered the Fu Family’s Eldest Son Fu An-Lai beating a girl who was alone on the road. Ninth Miss Chu used her body to protect her.” Earth Spirit somewhat disapprovingly said.

Xiao Xu indifferently said. “Continue.”

“Afterwards, Great Master Xu Xian appeared and stopped Fu An-Lai. Ninth Miss Chu invited him to drink tea, but——” Earth Spirit hesitated and stopped.

“But what?” Xiao Xu raised his eyes to look at him.

“But Great Master Xu Jian actually wanted to convince Ninth Miss Chu to shave her head and become a Buddhist nun!” Earth Spirit reported things as they were.

Xiao Xu’s finger that was lightly tapping the table paused as he frowned to say. “Become a Buddhist nun?”

Earth Spirit nodded, and proceeded to give a word by word account of the war of words the two had in the tea shop.

After listening, Xiao Xu’s lips hooked up into a smile. She was worthy of being his people, able to confuse even Xu Xian with a tongue that bloomed like a water-lily. However, he quickly stopped his smile and started to pay attention to this matter. If it was any other person, he would ignore it, but this person was Xu Xian. He wouldn’t raise this issue without cause or reason.

Seeing His Highness in deep contemplation, Earth Spirit stood there in silence.

After a short period of time, Xiao Xu came back to his senses, and pretended as if it was accidental as he said. “You seem to have some objection to Qing-Yan?”

Earth Spirit originally thought he had hidden it well, but he assumed that his master had gotten a clue from how he addressed her. He didn’t deny it as he nodded and said. “Master, it’s not that this servant has some objection to her, it’s that this servant can’t regard her as the future mistress of the prince’s manor.”

Xiao Xu looked at him faintly. “Her identity has already been set, even if you can’t do it, you have to do it!”

Earth Spirit sensed the protection in his family’s master’s tone towards her and although he was somewhat resistant, he still complied. “This servant understands!”

Knowing that he was moody, Xiao Xu said. “She was personally appointed by the Retired Emperor. Father Emperor bestowed her as the future Princess Ying. If somebody were to get an handle on this, it’d be considered as defying an imperial decree, the consequences of which you know.”

Earth Spirit immediately understood that Master was afraid some ambitious people would seize this opportunity to create trouble, so he immediately bowed and said. “This servant did not consider everything, in the future, it won’t happen again.”

Xiao Xu waved his hand to let him withdraw. He sat in silence alone in the study for a short time until his body was stained with night frost before he slowly walked out of the study. He passed by Chu Qing-Yan’s room and stepped inside out of habit.

Chu Qing-Yan still hadn’t gone to sleep, when she heard his footsteps, she got up. She looked at him with an apologetic face.

“Big Block of Ice, there is a matter I feel I need to let you know. I seem to have created some trouble for you.”

“Fu An-Lai’s matter?”

Chu Qing-Yan, who was just worrying about how to mention this, heard what he said and with a surprised expression said. “You knew?”

“En, it’s not a problem, go to sleep!” Xiao Xu helped cover her with the quilt.

Chu Qing-Yan strongly resisted the sleepiness because she was waiting to talk to him about this matter. Since it had already been resolved, she felt relieved and boldly fell asleep.

Xiao Xu looked at her peaceful sleeping face before getting up and leaving.

There were too many grudges with the Fu Family and adding one more matter was no big deal.

Ever since Xiao Xu stopped restricting her freedom, Chu Qing-Yan was like a bird who left its cage and randomly flew everywhere.

On this day, the weather was sunny and bright, so she wanted to go out and play again. She originally wanted to have Xiao Xu go with her, but his figure had long since disappeared in the morning.

As a result, Chu Qing-Yan give up on that idea, she returned to her room to change her clothes. Coincidentally, she encountered Hong Yi in the hallways.

Ever since the last time when Big Block of Ice punished Hong Yi because of Zi Yi’s matter, she rarely saw Hong Yi. She was somewhat embarrassed when she greeted Hong Yi, after all the source of that matter was she herself.

Hong Yi seemed to not have been affected by the matter from before as she respectfully replied. “Are you going out?”

Chu Qing-Yan nodded, and immediately thought of something so she smilingly inquired. “Don’t know if the manor has any male clothes in the size for someone of my age?”

When Hong Yi heard this, she somewhat awkwardly shook her head. “This servant doesn’t have any on hand but you could ask Cheng Yi. Normally she manages these clothes, this servant remembers that master had some clothes he never wore when he was young. If little consort doesn’t mind, you could take it out and use it.”

“Why would I mind, this is already very good.” Chu Qing-Yan said.

And so Hong Yi ordered somebody to go ask Cheng Yi. Very quickly, that person came back to relay her reply. “Older sister Cheng Yi said we don’t have them.”

Hong Yi frowned. “Tell Cheng Yi to come over and give me an answer!”

That servant left immediately.

After a short while, Cheng Yi’s sharp voice came from far away. “Older sister Hong Yi, why did you call me over so anxiously, is there something the matter?”

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