Adorable Consort – Chapter 75

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Chapter 75 – Daddy Chu entered the Manor and the fowls started to fly

After Xiao Ran left, peace was restored to Jade Courtyard. And the Zi Yi that told her she was going to get her breakfast, she was still nowhere to be seen.

The corner of her mouth bent into a smile that wasn’t a smile. For some people, the more mistakes they made, the faster the time it took for them to get their retribution. In any case, she wasn’t the proper master of this courtyard, she didn’t have the power to tidy it up, but naturally, there would be someone to help tidy it up.

She held a hibiscus pastry in her hand that Xi Ning had prepared in advance to fill her stomach and leisurely passed the time.

Only, not long after, the Jade Courtyard started to get lively again.

Chu Qing-Yan noticed that the sounds this time were more clamorous than before and couldn’t help but be suspicious. Could it be Xiao Ran fought his way back again? Really an unrelenting spirit ah!

This thought had just landed when she suddenly heard murmurs from afar that were coming closer.

“Cai Cai, Cai Cai, Daddy has come to see you! Cai Cai, where are you! Don’t keep playing hide and seek with daddy ah!”

Chu Qing-Yan was immediately stunned, the pastry in her hand fell with a ‘bang’ sound, wasn’t that daddy’s voice? She didn’t have time to tidy up and immediately rushed to look at the door.

And at this moment, a warm voice came through, “Official Yuan, you mustn’t be so hurried, once you enter the door, you’ll be able to see Cai Cai.”

Both of Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes shone, Mother also came!

And as if to verify Chu Qing-Yan’s thoughts, a man’s foot effortlessly stepped into the room, followed by a woman.

“Cai Cai——” Once Daddy Chu stepped into the room his eyes immediately widened to search in all directions. Once he saw his treasured daughter that he thought of every night and day, he immediately rushed over. He stumbled over a couple of chairs on the way.

“Official Yuan, slow down, slow down!” Mother Chu was also delighted to see her daughter, however, she had to be more worried about Daddy Chu this big child at present, and so, she repeatedly persuaded him.

But how could Daddy Chu have the time to care, he rushed to the front of the bed like a whirlwind, both eyes looking at his daughter, all smiles as he said. “Cai Cai, Daddy caught you, you lose!”

Being able to see her daddy and mommy in Prince Ying’s manor was simply beyond her expectations, it was better to say that she thought she was having a dream, but when daddy and mommy really indeed stood in front of her, she finally believed her own eyes.

“Daddy’s awesome, you won again this time!” Chu Qing-Yan smilingly responded to him, what could make one happier than reuniting with your parents?

When Daddy Chu was praised by his daughter, his entire person almost floated to heaven.

Daddy Chu calmed down for a bit after being praised, and that was when Chu Qing-Yan had the time to ask her mother. “Mother, how come you and daddy appeared here?”

Mother Chu heard this and was also somewhat suspicious. “Wasn’t it said that you missed us, therefore you asked mother to bring your father to the Prince’s manor to visit you?”

Chu Qing-Yan frowned, she didn’t say it like that ah!

And at this time, Hong Yi who was following behind also stepped inside and just happened to hear the conversation between the two people, so she smilingly said. “Ninth Miss Chu, it’s like this, His Highness was afraid you’d be somewhat bored staying in the room to recuperate. Therefore he had people go to Chu manor to invite lord and madam to come and talk with you!”

Hong Yi was a person who could see through every situation, after she finished talking, she then smiled and withdrew. She knew this family would want to have an intimate talk so she left to give them space…

Chu Qin Yan didn’t expect the truth would be like this. She thought it was because her mother knew that she was injured so they would came over to visit her. She would never have foreseen that Big Block of Ice would think of her mood of longing for close relatives, it really was outside of her expectations.

When Mother Chu heard Hong Yi say that daughter was injured, she immediately became nervous. Her pair of hands grabbed her daughter’s hand and wanted to inspect where she was injured.

“Cai Cai, how did you get injured, where did you get hurt? Is it serious?” No wonder her daughter was lying on the bed when they entered the door. Originally she was going to remind her that the Prince’s manor was not her own home so she shouldn’t do too much as she wished. How was she to know that her daughter was actually injured! As a mother, she immediately panicked and she had no inclination to care there was an outsider by her side.

Chu Qing-Yan immediately pulled her mother’s hands down, smiling while shaking her head. “Mother, it’s not important, I was careless and just twisted my foot, it’ll get better after a few days. Look, isn’t your daughter’s complexion still very rosy? So you shouldn’t continue to worry ah!” She didn’t dare tell her mother about the matter of being attacked by assassins, otherwise, making her mother worried for no reason would be her being unfilial. Moreover, the matter had already passed, therefore two or three matters were pushed aside by their precious daughter. She acted spoiled and was able to dispel more than half of Mother Chu’s worry.

“Then that’s good!” Mother Chu gave a breath of relief.

And at this time, hearing that his precious daughter’s foot was injured, Daddy Chu who was jumping up and down on the side immediately bounced over. Since Mother Chu was sitting, he was standing, so his pair of eyes were like a radar scanning his daughter from head to toe like a machine-gun. In an instant, he discovered something fishy!

“Cai Cai, why is your leg as big as a white, jade colored steamed bun?”

Because her ankle was wrapped with gauze and it was too hot inside the quilt, she had placed it outside. She didn’t expect it would be discovered by her father’s sharp eyes, and at this time, it was too late to retrieve it back even if she wanted to.

She smiled embarrassedly towards her mother’s stern gaze. “It really is going to be fine after two days.”

“No no no, people always say it takes 100 days to recover after suffering from a serious injury. Cai Cai ah, I reckon that you’re going to spend this summer lying in bed. Originally, I was going to let you accompany daddy to go fishing in the pond. Sadly, you already can’t do it, forget, I’ll just get inserted-in-backwards scallion to help me weave a fishnet then!” Daddy Chu was full of pity as he shook his head.

Alas, she was undermined by daddy just like this.

Chu Qing-Yan facepalmed.

Mother Chu sighed softly and in a tone of pity and tenderness she said. “You this child, getting injured and covering it up will only make your mother more worried. Sadly, mother can’t stay by your side to take care of you. Seeing you like this, mother’s heart also feels uncomfortable!”

Xi Ning who was at the side quickly responded. “Madam parent-in-law, you don’t need to be worried, master’s side has this servant, this servant will definitely take good care of master. I ask you to feel rest assured.”

Mother Chu saw that although the servant girl in front of her was still young, she spoke and handled matters appropriately. For example, when they had just entered the door, this little servant girl immediately prepared two cups of tea and even prepared pastries. It could be seen that she was a clever and quick person. The reason why she came to the prince’s manor this time was also to take a look at her daughter’s living environment. Seeing she had such a quick-witted servant girl by her side had eased her worries by a lot.

“Really a good child!” Mother Chu slipped her hand into her sleeves and pulled out a flower shaped embroidered purse to give to her. “This is for you to buy some snacks to eat.”

Xi Ning saw this and repeatedly waved her hands, hurriedly shaking her head to say. “Madam parent-in-law, you’re being too polite. Taking care of master is of course the duty of this servant, Xi Ning will be ashamed if she accepts this.”

Finished speaking, Xi Ning even looked back to her family’s master for help. Chu Qing-Yan saw this and couldn’t help but break into laughter. “You just accept it, my mother is also showing her good regards.”

Master had spoken, only then did Xi Ning happily accept it and quickly said a word of thanks.

After knowing that Xi Ning was her daughter’s confidant, only then did Mother Chu carefully ask her daughter in detail about the big and small matters in Prince Ying’s manor. At that time in the restaurant, with Prince Ying present there were a lot of things she couldn’t mention. Now that she had this opportunity, she grabbed her daughter to carefully find out everything.

Daddy Chu was in the room wandering left then right, and from time to time he would listen to the mother and daughter’s dialog, then he would once again wander from right to the left.

However when the mother and daughter pair had finished talking, they discovered that Daddy Chu was nowhere to be found!

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