Adorable Consort – Chapter 74

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Chapter 74 – The Young Highness’s concern

For the next two days, the newly arrived servant Zi Yi made known her status as Xiao Xu’s Senior servant girl, she always had her chin up high, arrogantly ordering Xi Ning around. She acted even more like a master than Chu Qing-Yan the actual master.

However, Chu Qing-Yan let her to do as she pleased. Having a person who showed all her feelings on her face by her side was always better than having a person who hid a dagger behind a smile.

Whereas Xi Ning had always been simple-minded and never put this person in her eyes. As long as she didn’t bully her master, then it was fine.

Because the courtyard arranged for Chu Qing-Yan before was truly too remote, Xiao Xu ordered people to pack her stuff up and he arranged for her to live in the Jade Courtyard.

Since before she started to recuperate from the injuries till now, Chu Qing-Yan had always lived in the Jade Courtyard. As a result, there were no inconveniences, moreover, she didn’t have a lot of stuff. She asked Xi Ning to pack it all up and moved over.

Jade Courtyard was much livelier than that little courtyard of hers, at the very least there were 20 to 30 servants. Only, everyone was well-behaved and knew the rules. Everyone of them knew very well that His Highness Prince Ying wasn’t fond of people being noisy, so everyone walked around with cat-like steps, quiet and noiseless.

However, today, don’t know for what reason, but there was a bit of clamor outside. She was just about to ask Xi Ning when she suddenly heard an announcement that Fourth Prince had arrived. She couldn’t help but narrow her eyes, what did this person come here for?

After the words were spoken, a youth dressed in embroidered clothes entered the room as if responding to that voice.

Under Hong Yi’s guidance, Xiao Ran walked to the front of Chu Qing-Yan with large strides. Seeing her complexion was pretty good, the heart that was always raised up high dropped down in relief.

“I heard from royal brother that you sprained an ankle, so this prince kindly came by to look at you.” Xiao Ran sat down on the chair the servants pulled over and pretended to say this casually.

In fact, he specifically sneaked out from the royal palace for this trip. If it was not for Eldest Royal brother entering the palace to see Father the Emperor yesterday, after which he pulled Eldest royal brother to a stop and asked a few words, he wouldn’t have known the matter of her being injured. He originally had a bit of guilt in his heart towards her, and this time, it deepened even more.

Moreover, ever since that day when they hurriedly separated at the city wall, afterwards that pair of pure watery eyes would emerge in his mind from time to time as if it was a lake full of stars, making him unable to forget it for a long time. Her features would always waver in front of his eyes without dispersing, making him unable to rest or eat in peace.

He thought it must be because for these 12 years he had never brought disaster to anyone, thus he must be feeling guilty towards Chu Qing-Yan so that was why his head would be filled with her.

So today, he took advantage of when his mother concubine wasn’t paying attention and stealthily brought his imperial bodyguards over to Prince Ying manor, all just to see her once to properly say an apology to her. Then it may be assumed that those strange feelings would dissipate.

However, he had always been up high and was accustomed to it. Normally it was always other people fawning over him, he had never lowered his head to anybody so his tone when he started to talk was extremely arrogant, as if to say this prince had moved his honorable self to come and see you, you consider this your blessing. As expected, in a short while, this attitude ruffled Chu Qing-Yan’s feathers.

Chu Qing-Yan rolled her eyes, but she also knew that the other party’s identity was noble so she treated it as if she heard a parrot chirping. In any case, his outfit today was multi-colored, very much in keeping with the image of a parrot.

“Thanks for the Fourth Prince’s concern.”

Although Xiao Ran was pampered, he still grew up in the imperial harem. His ability to read people’s expressions wasn’t lacking, so he was able to hear the perfunctory meaning in Chu Qing-Yan’s words. Immediately he became somewhat angry.

This little grandpa, in order to avoid the Nanny, spent a tremendous amount of strength. Not only did he crawl out the window,he even laid in a pile of grass for a hour in order to avoid the patrolling imperial guards and thus he had several bumps from being bitten by mosquitoes. Up until now it still itched, when did he ever receive this kind of suffering? Wasn’t it all just to come out and see her!

“What kind of tone are you using!” Xiao Ran was angry.

Chu Qing-Yan originally thought that since this person was born into royalty, no matter how crafty and headstrong he was, he shouldn’t be so bad as not to understand the affairs of the world okay! Doesn’t he understand harmony was prized? If one sentence didn’t suit him, then he’d get angry, that was still acceptable. But clearly she hadn’t offended him, so how did this little brat get so angry? Looks like she still overestimated his temperament.

“Don’t know how Qing-Yan had offended the Fourth Prince? I hope Fourth Prince could quell your anger!” Chu Qing-Yan pretended to be terrified and lowered her head to say.

Xiao Ran could see that she was putting on a play, and a bigger fire stirred in his heart. He stood up and wanted to fling his sleeves to leave. However, after taking two steps, he felt that he had spent such a huge effort just to come here and getting into a quarrel with her was really not worth it. Recalling his original intention, he pressed down his anger and said several words to himself, ‘in this world, only small-minded men and women are hard to deal with!’ Only then did he walk back to the place and sat down.

Originally seeing he was about to leave, Chu Qing-Yan’s heart relaxed in relief. Her small temple was unable to hold this huge Buddha. But in a wink, the situation changed. This time, it was her turn to be puzzled, wasn’t this person about to leave? Why did he stay behind?

However, the painting style quickly changed.

The anger on Xiao Ran’s face receded and his original expression was restored. He leaned onto the back of the chair and looked at Chu Qing-Yan to say. “Forget it. This prince is a person of great moral stature and does not remember the offenses committed by one of low moral stature, so I won’t lower myself to argue with you about it.”

Chu Qing-Yan blushed with shame!

Xiao Raw saw he successfully made her eat a defeat, and his mood improved greatly. He waved his hand and the attendant from behind him brought forth a box of food and placed it in front of Chu Qing-Yan.

Under Chu Qing-Yan’s puzzled look, Xiao Ran then leisurely explained with an air of arrogance. “These are the pastries that this prince had brought over for you. No need to be too grateful, just consider this as compensation for this time’s assassination attempt!

Several plates of pastries as compensation for her getting injured on his behalf, this life of his was rather too cheap ah. Besides, she had suffered the bitterness of eating poisoned pastries. She didn’t want to repeat that disastrous policy.

“Thanks for Fourth Highness’s kindness, but nowadays when Qing-Yan see these pastries, I still have lingering fears. Therefore it’s better that you bring these back and enjoy it yourself!” Chu Qing-Yan thought a bit, to avoid provoking this fiendish heavenly body, she exhausted all tact to say.

It was the very first time he gave a present that was disliked, Xiao Ran flew into a rage out of humiliation. “Really unable to tell good from bad! Bai Feng, let’s go!”

The one called Bai Feng immediately agreed, but soon after he asked in distress. “Your Highness, should we take the pastries?”

“What logic is there for this Highness to take back the gift he has sent out. Since she doesn’t want it, then take it to feed the dogs!” Xiao Ran glared at Chu Qing-Yan and soon after, he flung his sleeves and left in a rage.

“Yes.” Bai Feng took at glance at the little Miss on the bed. Didn’t think that this person could actually anger His Highness to the point where smoke was coming out from the top of his head. He had some admiration in his heart for her and nodded towards Chu Qing-Yan before hequickly chased after his family’s Highness to leave.

“Master, His Fourth Highness seems to be really angry.” Xi Ning clicked her tongue.

“It’s not ‘seems to be’. It’s certainly, surely and definitely.” Chu Qing-Yan said in an absolutely did not mind manner.

After saying the words, Chu Qing-Yan stretched lazily and said to Xi Ning. “I’m craving something, go see if Huang Yi has cooked up something new and bring it over for me to try.”

Thinking about those pastries that Huang Yi had made, Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but salivate. Although she had taken an optional course on pastries making in the modern world, she couldn’t help but to admit, Huang Yi’s craftsmanship was seriously pretty good.

“Master, didn’t you just righteously reject Fourth Prince’s pastries, saying you had lingering fears towards pastries?” Xi Ning blinked her big eyes as if she wasn’t well versed with the affairs of the world!

“Darling, you know too much!” Chu Qing-Yan’s lip bent as she smiled.

She simply didn’t like the Fourth Prince. Why didn’t she like him? Obviously, as long as she had any contact with him, she was bound to have bad luck. He was obviously an unlucky star!

Apart from this reason, it was also because it had some relationship to Big Block of Ice!

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