Adorable Consort – Chapter 65

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Chapter 65 – Being pulled in by the unyielding and lovable father-in-law

Daddy Chu’s loud clamor had attracted everybody’s attention in an instant. At the same time, they all had cold sweat running down their bodies.

Chu Qing-Yan covered her face: Daddy, don’t make a scene!

Mother Chu’s face paled: Official Yuan, restrain yourself a bit, this isn’t your average person ah!

Gu Rong and Gu Yi’s faces were full of contempt: As expected, people who don’t belong together, don’t get married. With this kind of girl, there would certainly be this kind of father!

Xiao Xu looked at the person who suddenly scuttled out, those unpleasant memories from Mao Village now resurfaced one by one, and his eyes turned dim as he coldly said, “Mr. Chu, you’ve got the wrong person.”

Daddy Chu immediately shook his head like a rattle-drum, both of his eyes still shining with light, “Inserted-in-backwards Scallion, how would daddy forget about you, this son-in-law! Don’t you forget, daddy even carried you! Therefore, this figure of yours, daddy remembered all along.”

Being carried by a manly guy wasn’t exactly a good thing, and Xiao Xu’s face became cold. His gaze was like arrows shooting towards Chu Qing-Yan. Chu Qing-Yan got this cold-faced Highness’s instructions and immediately jumped over and pulled her dad back, advising in a low voice, “Daddy, this person is the big prince of the royal family. He’s of blue-blooded nobility, how could he be Inserted-in-backwards Scallion? Your memories must be muddled!”

Mother Chu also walked over to persuade, “Official Yuan, don’t cause trouble, this is a prince ah, let us go play on the side!”

Daddy Chu stretched out his neck, persistently turning his head around and howling at Xiao Xu, “Liar, even if you’re a prince, you’re also my inserted-in-backwards scallion son-in-law! Don’t believe me, then let daddy carry you one more time! I‘ll definitely make you accept this wholeheartedly.”

Xiao Xu’s face immediately darkened!

Gu Yi furiously said, “Presumptuous! The prince’s identity is so respectable, how could he be someone you can profane!”

Being roared at by this fiend like Gu Yi, jolted Daddy Chu to a stop. He suddenly started to sob, his whole face full of grievances as he pulled his daughter’s hand. His finger pointed in Xiao Xu’s direction, crying, “Cai Cai, Inserted-in-backwards Scallion doesn’t recognize daddy anymore! He clearly promised to weave a fishnet for daddy. He spoke words that didn’t count!” Then facing Xiao Xu’s scrowling brows that were vertical, he shouted, “Liar!” Then he continued to turn towards his own daughter to complain, full of grievances.

Chu Qing-Yan blushed slightly with shame, what’s with Daddy today, how was it that he would suddenly grab onto Xiao Xu and wouldn’t let him go? Clearly, the two people had no connection, and there shouldn’t be any interaction between them! But why was Daddy’s reaction upon seeing Xiao Xu so huge?

That day in the village, she and her daddy did indeed save a guy. Afterwards, he left some silver for them and left. She never expected that her dad was always concerned about him. After several months had passed, he still constantly kept him in mind! However, Daddy had never lied before, Chu Qing-Yan felt that it was strange and couldn’t help but carefully stare at Xiao Xu, recalling the distinctive features of that person, but she couldn’t see any worthwhile result! She rubbed her nose and still did her duty to pull her daddy to a stop, to prevent him from doing anything else that was inappropriate.

Having Xiao Xu’s group there, Mother Chu didn’t know how to start speaking the intimate words she had wanted to tell her own daughter. On the contrary, Chu Qing-Yan directly held on to her mother, asking them how their situation was in the past several days. Mother Chu felt hindered by outsiders present, so her mouth remained sealed. The joyful Chu Qing-Yan also gradually detected something wrong with the atmosphere and looked somewhat embarrassedly at Xiao Xu.

Xiao Xu had self-knowledge and got up nimbly, telling Chu Qing-Yan indifferently, “One hour.”

The meaning was to give her only an hour to reminisce.

Chu Qing-Yan gratefully smiled at him, thinking that the big block of ice was sometimes quite a considerate person. Although she only had one hour, she was already more than satisfied.

Xiao Xu’s front foot was about to leave when he turned around and saw Daddy Chu’s figure moving, and the next moment, he was blocking the door. Just now, Daddy Chu was always glaring at him on the side like a tiger eyeing its prey. Although he wouldn’t admit he was Inserted-in-backwards Scallion, this didn’t affect Daddy Chu’s judgement. He very much believed his own intuition, so seeing he was about to leave, he immediately barred the way.

“Eldest Master Chu, what are you trying to do?” Gu Yi was a bit resentful, today, His Highness was entangled again and again by this idiot. They had already lost their patience, only His Highness didn’t seem to care much about it, that’s why they endured it. Now, seeing him blocking their path, they immediately got really angry.

Daddy Chu held his head high and said with an arrogant and lovable expression, “With me here, you guys don’t even think about stepping one foot outside.”

Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t understand why her daddy would cling to Xiao Xu like this. She somewhat hurriedly stepped forward to apologize to Xiao Xu, “Your Highness, my dad doesn’t have any malice. Asking the honorable one to be magnanimous and not take offense by his actions.”

Xiao Xu looked at the ‘door-God’ like person blocking the door and slightly wrinkled his brows, “This king’s patience is finite.” The hidden meaning was to let Chu Qing-Yan quickly resolve this.

“You’re not allowed to go. Cai Cai, you can’t let him go. Last time, he secretly slipped away, and with great difficulty, I can see him again now. If you let him slip away once again, when can I see him again! Up til now, Daddy’s fishnet hasn’t been completely weaved!” Daddy Chu blinked his pair of tearful eyes, the splitting image of a child that had lost his favorite toy.

Everyone else on the scene was stupefied, only Chu Qing-Yan and Mother Chu were accustomed to this.

However, this made things so very awkward for Chu Qing-Yan, because on one side, it was her daddy, on the other side, it was the big block of ice. She couldn’t offend the big block of ice, but she also didn’t want to make her daddy feel sad. In the end, Chu Qing-Yan could only turn her head to look at the tall person in front of her with a helpless expression, “Your Highness, my daddy seems to really like you, could you please not leave first?”

When the words fell, Daddy Chu’s ears immediately perked up.

Xiao Xu frowned and took a glance at Daddy Chu, whose eyes were spinning randomly, and then looked at the embarrassed Chu Qing-Yan. In the end, he didn’t say anything, rather, he directly walked over to another table and sat down, leaving behind a quiet and peaceful atmosphere for this family of three.

Fire Spirit’s eyes opened wide. It was rare for His Highness to be so accommodating!

Chu Qing-Yan heaved a breath of relief, she was sincerely grateful to Xiao Xu; then, she pulled her daddy to walk back to their original table.

Mother Chu helplessly patted Daddy Chu’s hand and rebuked him in a low voice, “Always making trouble, let’s see who’s going to help you clean your mess up in the future!”

However, Daddy Chu just raised his chin, proudly saying, “Not afraid, there’s Inserted-in-backwards Scallion.”

The Chu mother and daughter pair could only shake their heads helplessly towards this kind of Daddy Chu.

However, this so called ‘a word becomes a prophecy’ was finally validated!

Daddy Chu wasn’t necessarily blindly self-confident ah!

So following this, it was either Mother Chu talking to Chu Qing-Yan, while Daddy Chu would listen on one hand and look at Xiao Xu on the other; Or it would be Chu Qing-Yan talking to Mother Chu, while Daddy Chu would interrupt on one hand and look at Xiao Xu on the other.

In any case, regardless of the time, Daddy Chu would put half of his energy on Xiao Xu, as if he was afraid that he would suddenly bolt.

Chu Qing-Yan felt extremely embarrased, but she was also helpless and could only let Daddy Chu do what he wanted.

However, recalling that in an hour, Daddy Chu would return to the Chu Family and she wouldn’t know how to talk to him to not be concerned about Inserted-in-backwards Scallion, she had a huge headache!

After an hour had passed, just as expected, Daddy Chu became shameless again.

“Not going, not going, Daddy’s not going, Daddy wants us family of four to live together!”

“Daddy——” Chu Qing-Yan was helpless and sad at the same time, in fact, she also didn’t want to be separated from her parents.

Don’t know what matters moved Xiao Xu who was on the side, the coldness in his pair of eyes slightly dissipated. He stood up with hands behind his back and faintly said to Daddy Chu who was on the verge of tears, “After some time, I’ll arrange for you guys to reminisce again.”

“Really?” Daddy Chu looked at him with tearful eyes.


After getting his promise, Daddy Chu’s face underwent a dramatic change, he immediately withdrew his tears, and under everybody’s dumbstruck expression, extended his hand and patted Xiao Xu’s shoulder with a serious expression, and sincerely and earnestly said, “Son-in-law, I’m handing my family’s Cai Cai over to you, don’t miss daddy too much, Mother Dan, let’s go!”

As a result, Daddy Chu swaggered off under the circumstances where everyone’s eyes was about to fall out from watching this scene.

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