Adorable Consort – Chapter 62

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Chapter 62 – Taking a stroll down the street with His Highness is really novel

It wasn’t until they exited the prince’s manor and got on the horse carriage that Chu Qing-Yan thoroughly understood what he meant when he said to go out for a walk. It was just to ride in the horse carriage and let it circle around the capital.

Chu Qing-Yan watched as they passed by the the rouge water and cosmetic powder stall, the cute and clever little gadget stall, skewers of shiny red tanghulu….

She swallowed some saliva, and put away the drooling expression in her eyes. Afterwards, she turned around to look at the person sitting across from her who was resting with his eyes closed.

This time, his mask wasn’t like the one in the prince’s manor where it exposed his eyes and lips. Rather it covered his entire face, under the nose was all covered by a silver mask. Only that pair of cold threatening eyes was exposed.

At this moment, his eyes were closed, his thick eyelashes were like the bright wings of butterflies fanning up and down, making a person’s heart itch.

Chu Qing-Yan slanted her head and thought, having such a pair of beautiful eyes that made people envious, what kind of complexion did he have in the end? She heard at that time that a huge fire burned and destroyed his face, to the extent that he had to wear a mask for the past ten years. From that time after, no one ever saw his real face.

She felt that sometimes, the Heavens were unfair, they would give certain things to people that others might not have. However, at the same time, they were fair, because they would also take back certain things that ordinary people would have. For example, Xiao Xu; he was blessed by heaven with authority, identity and status, but at the same time, he lost his countenance.

However, it was only until a very long time after did she know that compared to a matchless respected status, he was even more taken with the lives of ordinary people.

Having practiced martial arts all year around, his senses were superior to those of ordinary people. Therefore, when Chu Qing-Yan’s gaze landed on his body, he had already sensed it. If it was any other person, they would have already breathed their last. There hadn’t been anyone with such courage to stare straight at him for so long. However, he still let her do so, but after a long time, even if he didn’t mind, it was still unacceptable.

“Is this king better-looking than what’s outside?” He slowly opened his eyes, and his clear and bright pupils looked at her.

Chu Qing-Yan was startled, originally, she thought his eyes were closed for so long that he must have fallen asleep. How could she have known that every one of her movements was already within his grasp. She somewhat embarrassedly replied, “The things outside obviously cannot be compared to Your Highness.”

“Since those all cannot attract you, then let’s return to the manor.” Xiao Xu languidly said.

Chu Qing-Yan regretted her previous behavior, and promptly shook her head, “Your Highness, I still haven’t had a good look. Can we not return first?” It was rare to come out once; to just go back like this, wasn’t it too much of a loss?

Xiao Xu saw her becoming anxious, and a ripple appeared at the corner of his mouth. A pity it was covered by the mask, so others could not see.

“Then look properly.” Xiao Xu picked up a book, leisurely opening it to look.

Chu Qing-Yan smilingly nodded her head, she discovered that sometimes, he was very agreeable. But this thought of hers, if Xiao Xu’s subordinates or opponents were to know, afraid there would be a meter of bloodbath!

Following this, Chu Qing-Yan simply did not dare to place her gaze on his body anymore, rather, she obediently grabbed onto the carriage window and enjoyed the endless stream of passers-by, the ancient scents, the ancient appearances and the streets with stores.

How fortunate was she, to have lived in both worlds. She had seen the world with a developed transportation system based on advanced science and technology, now, she had also arrived to this ancient country from the long river of history. Everything was so fantastic that it made her feel it was unimaginable.

Since she came here, this was the second time she passed by this prosperous street. The last time, Chu family invited their entire family to return, and because the future wasn’t clear, she wasn’t in the mood to enjoy it. This time, she had an opportunity to have a really good look.

Xiao Xu, seeing her watch everything with a spirited enthusiasm, felt able to put away half of his thoughts that was placed on her body. He lowered his head to flip through the book.

However, not long after, he felt his own sleeves being tugged lightly. His gaze shifted and saw a pair of white hands giving off a luster grabbing onto his sleeves. The pink fingernails hung onto his black-colored clothing, giving him an indescribable feeling. This made the bottom of his heart move slightly, and immediately, with the raise of two eyebrows, his gaze followed along her arms towards her.

Chu Qing-Yan received the meaning coming from that beautiful pair of eyes asking ‘what’s the matter?’ and she swallowed some saliva before holding up the other hand, as if she had returned to the classroom and the ‘raise your hand to answer a question’ environment.

“Can I get down and walk around?” Chu Qing-Yan weakly asked.

Those things on the street were all taken into her eyes, yet she couldn’t hold it, making her heart itch. Therefore, she was able to boldly put forth this request.

“Stop the carriage.”

She didn’t get Xiao Xu’s response, but heard his cold command to the people outside of the carriage screen.

Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes opened wide, could it be she provoked his anger and he was about to throw her out of the carriage?

The people outside, having received the order, immediately stopped the carriage. Xiao Xu turned his eyes around to see her look at him with alarm and was able to understand what she was thinking in her heart.

“Such small courage!”

Xiao Xu finished saying this sentence, while two screened hats were already handed over from outside. After Xiao Xu put one on himself, he got off the carriage, leaving Chu Qing-Yan alone to stare stupidly at the white-colored screened hat in her hand.

Xiao Xu saw her still staring blankly in the carriage and he became somewhat impatient. With one move, he pulled her off the carriage. In passing, he grabbed the screened hat from her hand and bent down to put the hat on for her.

“Highness, your identity is not suited to appear in this kind of place.” Following at the side of the carriage waiting to serve, Gu Yi disapprovingly said. When he saw his family’s Highness help Chu Qing-Yan put on her hat, his voice trembled slightly, somewhat in disbelief.

“No matter.” Xiao Xu carelessly replied, having examined that she had the hat on properly before straightening up his body.

Through the white muslin, Chu Qing-Yan raised her head to look at the person before her. Black clothing with ink-black muslin, standing with his hand behind his back, giving people a mysterious and immeasurable feeling.

She suddenly realized, Xiao Xu was from the school of action-oriented people, better to do than speak. Looks like she needs to be a little bit more quick-witted in front of him. If she reacted half a clap slower again, even if he didn’t dislike her, she would have looked down on herself. But now was not the time to appreciate this, so she smilingly asked, “Your Highness, where should we go?”

“According to you.” Xiao Xu indifferently said, in any case the person who wanted to get off the carriage wasn’t him.

“Ninth Miss Chu, this place is not the prince’s manor, His Highness’s noble identity cannot be exposed.” Gu Yi seriously educated her, he didn’t like Chu Qing-Yan, but being blocked by His Highness at the scene, he couldn’t express it. So, he very coldly reminded her.

Chu Qing-Yan stuck out her tongue, really was what kind of master would raise what kind of subordinate. Even speaking his tone was this ice-cold, but what he said was correct. Normally, princes from noble families like them would not lower themselves to walk on the street. Also, Xiao Xu’s reputation among the common people wasn’t that good. Maybe there would be an enemy family waiting in ambush, therefore, Chu Qing-Yan thought about it and said to the person at her side, “Then I’ll call you Young Master and you should call me Cai Cai. My identity is your servant, what do you think?”

“According to you.” Xiao Xu again had a face full of indifference.

“Then let us go!” Chu Qing-Yan had already saw a place that looked fun. Having gotten Xiao Xu’s permission, she immediately opened her legs to step towards that direction.

Gu Rong and Gu Yi exchanged a glance, which family’s servant would walk in front of their family’s master? Also, looking at master’s appearance, he had no intention of bothering with it. They secretly felt this was strange, but also did not dare to tarry. After instructing the coachman to find a place to wait for them, they immediately caught up to the two people up ahead.

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