Adorable Consort – Chapter 59

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Chapter 59 – Raising a child is also pretty good

After Xiao Xu left, Huang Yi entered carrying a tray of melon-type fruits.

Seeing Huang Yi, Chu Qing-Yan greeted her in a very good mood, “Older Sister Huang, the honey preserved fruit you make is really delicious!” Supplementing the words with an adorable smiling face.

Huang Yi pursed her lips and smiled. Before, she’d blamed herself for Chu Qing-Yan getting poisoned. She had already prepared herself to be punished by her, yet she never thought that she still treated her the same with a smiling face. Huang Yi felt this child was really forgiving, so she treated her with even more heart.

“It is this servant’s duty.” Huang Yi placed the tray of fruit in her hands before her.

Chu Qing-Yan had already seen the purplish-red bayberry that she carried and was drooling with desire, so seeing this, she received it without being too polite. She picked one up and put it in her mouth. It was so sweet that it made her feel very happy.

“Older sister Huang, you treat Qing-Yan really well!” Thinking of the honey preserved fruit from before, Chu Qing-Yan was all smiles, expressing her thanks.

Huang Yi smilingly shook her head, “That was something His Highness specifically ordered this servant to prepare. Even this red bayberry was sent by the servants just now. His Highness took a glance and let this servant deliver it to you to enjoy to your heart’s content.”

Huang Yi recalled when master came out of this room a moment ago, his whole body was emitting an intensely cold air, so she was guessing whether this Chu family’s Miss had provoked his anger. However after hearing Sister Hong’s report, His Highness didn’t even have to think before letting her bring over the red bayberries. These two masters’ way of interacting makes people extremely curious ah!

The red bayberry that had just entered her mouth got stuck in her throat and almost suffocated her. Huang Yi was so frightened that she immediately went forward to pat her back. Only then was Chu Qing-Yan able to vigorously cough it out. Huang Yi rebuked her and warned her with several sentences before leaving to do her work.

When only she remained in the room, her face revealed a rare look of bewilderment.

It is only when she’s alone that she slightly lowers the guards around her heart.

She looked at the dark purple red bayberry in her hand and remained perplexed despite much thought.

Xiao Xu, in the end, what kind of mentality was he using to treat her?

The first time they met, he was estranged, cold and detached.

After entering the manor, letting her accompany him for meals, making her attend to him when writing. Time and time again she tested his bottom line, yet it always seemed like punching cotton, he imperceptibly blocked then returned it.

To personally teach her to write characters, even though his requirements were harsh, she still didn’t see him giving up on her dog-like scribbles.

After being poisoned, he didn’t allow the poison to run its course for her to perish. Rather, he ordered people to pull her out from the hands of Yama, King of Hell.

Wasn’t he supposed to watch her die of poison and then have this perfectly justifiable reason to set aside this marriage everyone in the prince’s manor was dissatisfied with? Why was he willing to lower his noble self to feed her?

She had always felt that the Prince’s manor was only tolerant towards her, this kind of tolerance wasn’t from fondness of wanting to accommodate her, but perfunctory reverence based on the imperial edict.

She had also waited for them, otherwise the servants wouldn’t stand it anymore and explode.

Although these days she still suffered having little things made deliberately difficult for her, but it wasn’t worth mentioning. She looked as if she lived carefree without worries, but in reality, she was scared inside, because waiting for the unknown explosion to happen still made her restless.

As if being trapped in a small world where she couldn’t budge, a sharp knife hung above her neck that could fall down at any moment.

She didn’t live a carefree life at all.

She laughed innocently and without guilt, she spoke adorably and amusingly, she constantly had to act ignorant and foolish. But this was merely to relax their vigilance towards her.

However, just when she calculated the time that knife was about to drop, each and every move Xiao Xu made puzzled her and she couldn’t see the situation clearly anymore.

What was the enigmatic Xiao Xu really thinking of doing?

She wasn’t narcissistic enough to think there was something on her body that he wanted or maybe she had a treasure map concealed on her body. Otherwise, how could she have gotten such special treatment from him?

Unable to guess his thoughts, Chu Qing-Yan felt that the red bayberries in the tray had suddenly lost their color. She couldn’t help but throw herself on the couch and groan. Did everybody who transmigrated have to deal with this kind of life of living on the edge? Just because the soul was different, did they have to put up a guarded attitude towards this different world?

Her teeth started to hurt, it must be because she ate too many red bayberries. Chu Qing-Yan had a mischievous look, she felt that there was some of the fruit’s taste lingering between her teeth and couldn’t help but give up.

Forget it, this kind of wasteful use of her brain, it’s better not to think too much about it. Let’s just take it step by step and see how it goes.

Since she couldn’t understand it after much thought, she just threw it to the back of her head, and the black clouds around her heart dissipated a lot. She felt out for the red bayberry on the tray before putting another one in her mouth. Life is supposed to be about enjoying the moment. What ought to come, will always come, can not be anxious about it!

What ought to come, will always come.

As a result, in the middle of the night, she had a high fever.

Air Spirit was dragged out of bed in the middle of the night and his mood was not very pretty. He retracted the finger placed on Chu Qing-Yan’s wrist and turned around to face his displeased master, respectfully saying, “Miss Chu was poisoned this time so her foundation has worsened by a lot. Perhaps, because she was blown by the wind, it caused this high fever. Next, this subordinate will write a prescription for the servants to pick up, not long after, the fever would be reduced.”

“En, then go.” Xiao Xu waved his hand, letting him go.

After the people left, Xiao Xu looked at the pale-faced person on the bed, the anger she provoked in him today immediately dissipating. He only thought that her rosy complexion was much more pleasing to the eyes, the her right now was too irksome of a sight to see.

“Your Highness, it’s now very late and tomorrow you still have to attend morning court. Letting Hong Yi take care of Ninth Miss Chu would be fine. You should go and rest early!” Hong Yi, who was good at understanding others, stood at the side and said.

And Cheng Yi, who was woken up by the noise, was not very happy at this moment. She shot a glance at Chu Qing-Yan and then continued with what Huang Yi was saying, “What Sister Hong said is right, colds can be easily spread. Your Highness should go and rest, leave this to us to take care of.”

“No need, both of you can withdraw, leave two maids outside the door to be on call.” Xiao Xu remained unmoved.

Hong Yi and Cheng Yi exchanged a glance, both were very surprised. Did this mean His Highness was going to stay and take care of Chu Qing-Yan? Before, the matter of His Highness personally feeding her had already spread widely in the prince’s manor since earlier. Now he was being meticulous and caring again, was it possible that His Highness really regarded her as his future consort ah?

As a result, both people left with their own worries.

The high-fevered Chu Qing-Yan laid on the bed very restless, both hands tightly clutched the quilt, and from time to time, she would even wave her hands, murmuring incomprehensible words.

Xiao Xu saw this and couldn’t help but sit down and extend his hand to put her restless hands inside the quilt.

That slender hand that looked like it could easily be snapped if one was not careful surprised Xiao Xu. She really was a child! And a weird one at that!

Even though she was sick, her perception towards what was happening outside did not grow sluggish, on the contrary, it was even more keen.

Chu Qing-Yan in the muddle-headedness, felt a stabilizing strength at her side, and in a daze, she leaned in that direction.

Xiao Xu, who was thinking deeply, suddenly sensed a certain somebody restlessly climbing up on his body.

He looked down and saw her nudging into his arms with great deal of effort, so Xiao Xu simply placed his hands on both side of her ribs and, with a bit of strength, hugged her to him.

Once Chu Qing-Yan’s body, that felt cold and hot, came in contact with this warm embrace, her whole body felt so comfortable that she sighed and no longer flailed about.

Xiao Xu lowered his head to looked at the contently curled up person in his embrace. He recalled seeing the joyous and harmonious picture of common people carrying children strolling down the streets, and the corner of his lips curved up.

It seems raising a child was also pretty good.

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