Adorable Consort – Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 – A feast for the eyes makes it easier for the food to go down

While Chu Qing-Yan was stamping her feet and beating her chest inside, a certain someone had already started to enjoy his breakfast without any qualms. He didn’t even have a bit of awareness of having disrupted someone’s sweet dreams.

Yesterday night, in order to understand the entire situation in Prince Ying’s manor, she especially chatted with Xi Ning until midnight. Now, she only felt that her eyelids were very heavy and she was only thinking of setting an appointment with the God of Dreams to play chess.

But the person at the same table didn’t seem to want to fulfill her wishes. A deep and low voice that was as pleasant as a deep sound from a grandfather clock, but that also jolted a person’s lungs and heart sounded, “Haven’t woken up yet?”

With this respected huge Buddha present, how would she dare to tell the truth? One quiver and she woke up, then repeatedly waved her hand. “No no no, I have slept my fill!”

“Oh? Did you sleep well?” A certain someone seemingly interested, asked in an even tone as he picked up some food from the dishes.

A bead of cold sweat formed on her forehead. Was she allowed to say that the bed was too hard and the quilt still had a musty and rank odor?

But how could you tell the master of the house that their hospitality was bad? That’s not right, it seemed right now she wasn’t actually a guest, then what could she be considered as?

Just when Chu Qing-Yan was mulling over this question, Xiao Xu glanced at her, speaking only a syllable. “Uh?“

This single undulated sound from him give rise to fine beads of sweat on Chu Qing-Yan’s back. Why does this Prince Ying always give her the feeling he was a hibernating snow wolf? His cold eyes were like the snow with a cold atmosphere that threatens people.

“I slept very well, very well, there’s nothing that wasn’t good!” She said while laughing insincerely.

Xiao Xu didn’t look at her again, rather, he became engrossed in eating his meal.

Chu Qing-Yan let out a breath of relief, she dared not be absentminded again and doze off. She obediently picked up her chopsticks and filled her stomach. Although she wasn’t hungry, she still needed to put up the appearance, ah!

After eating several mouthfuls, she saw Xiao Xu set down his chopsticks and stand up neatly. At this moment, a female voice sounded from her side, “Your Highness, these are your clothes for today’s morning court.”

The voice sounded a little familiar. Chu Qing-Yan bit her chopsticks, turned her head around and just so happened to meet a pair of mocking eyes.

The orange clothing against her skin made it glow with the luster of gems, her deep set eyes with a raised chin looking down at people carried a touch of harshness.

If she didn’t guess wrong, this was the person responsible for the prince’s clothes, Cheng Yi. This was also the female in the courtyard yesterday who told Hong Yi she was a girl who had exaggerated opinion of her abilities. It seemed her enmity wasn’t shallow!

Chu Qing-Yan bit her chopsticks as she smiled amiably at her. A pity that person simply didn’t pay her any heed and handed over the clothes in her hands to His Highness.

Xiao Xu accepted the robe and very quickly put it on. Then he said to Chu Qing-Yan who was still sitting at the dining table. “If you have any problems, look for Hong Yi.”

And then he left with large strides.

Chu Qing-Yan stared dumbfounded, he left just like that? Dragging her out of bed at dawn just to eat several mouthfuls of food?

Now there was only Chu Qing-Yan, Huang Yi and Cheng Yi still left in the room.

Cheng Yi gave her a cold ‘humph’ and then walked out of the room completely ignoring her, as if just saying a few words to her would lower her social status.

Huang Yi thought she’d feel sad so she hurriedly explained. “Don’t mind her. Older sister Cheng Yi’s personality has always been like this. Other than His Highness and older sister Hong Yi, she doesn’t give anybody else a good face.”

Chu Qing-Yan timidly shook her head. “It’s alright, I don’t mind.”

Seeing that Chu Qing-Yan was wronged but still showed a well-behaved expression, Huang Yi’s heart couldn’t help but soften. She really wanted to lift her hand and rub her head to appease her. It’s no wonder Prince Ying ordered someone to bring Ninth Miss Chu over. Looking at Ninth Miss Chu’s pink, tender jade-like face, it was really easy for the food to go down!

Chu Qing-Yan simply didn’t know what Huang Yi was thinking, otherwise she probably wouldn’t be able to eat anything.

Don’t make this kind of international joke. It’s more likely this person intentionally came to torment her!

Fire Spirit puzzlingly asked a certain somebody walking in the courtyard. “Your Highness, why did you call her over?”

“Because I felt like it.”


Fire Spirit’s breathing stopped. His Highness’s interest was indeed high! This early in the morning——

In fact, Chu Qing-Yan also wanted to say something, this early in the morning, who did she provoke, ah!

The moment Xiao Xu left the manor was the moment she also returned to her own courtyard. Although her courtyard was a disorderly mess and a bit secluded, at least it would allow her little body to rest.

Chu Qing-Yan slept until very late in the morning (1). Just when she was rubbing her belly and calling out that she was hungry, she once again saw Xi Ning hurriedly run in with a smile on her face. Chu Qing-Yan couldn’t help but make fun of her. “Is there a wolf-dog chasing you?”

“Master, what are you talking about? It’s good news!” Xi Ning smilingly said.

“What good news?” Although at this time, the most important thing to her was to eat her fill, but she didn’t want to strike down this little maid’s enthusiasm.

“Jade Garden has sent a servant again to say His Highness asked you to go over there!” Xi Ning joyfully told her. Her way of thinking was very simple. If her master could get His Highness to be fond of her, then they would live a more comfortable life in the future.

Unfortunately, when her master heard this news, her body went soft as she collapsed onto the bed. Wasn’t this matter worth being delighted over?

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t know the doubts in the little maid’s heart. Right now her thought was only, what was this ghostly prince trying to find her for again? Was it possible he was looking to eat again with her? Don’t want to, ah! Faced with his ice cold mask, she wouldn’t be able to eat any food!

However, reality was just this cruel. When Chu Qing-Yan once again stepped into the Jade Garden, arranged in front of her was a table of food. It was the same aromatic, exquisite, tasty odor that permeated the air, merely different dishes and nothing more!

Chu Qing-Yan followed the exact rules to make her salutations, slightly bending her trembling legs. Her complexion was faintly pale because the courtyard she lived in was really far from here. In less than two days she had already made this trip three times. Even if it were a boy, he also wouldn’t be able to bear it.

It seemed as if Xiao Xu didn’t notice anything peculiar about her and slanted a faint glance at her. Chu Qing-Yan immediately understood, this was signaling her to sit down.

This time Chu Qing-Yan’s arrival once again deepened the guess in Huang Yi’s heart. Sure enough, it was because His Highness had a good appetite when watching Ninth Miss Chu.

Hong Yi entered to report matters and seeing Chu Qing-Yan present she was distracted for a moment. Then she immediately smiled at her and started to report the matters in the manor.

Chu Qing-Yan simply wasn’t interested in their conversation and somewhat irritably looked at the dishes in front of her. She thought the matter in the morning was just a moment’s interest for Prince Ying but seeing she even need to accompany him for lunch, she couldn’t grasp any understanding on how Prince Ying’s mind worked. She was clearly just a ten year old little Miss and also not a devastating beauty. Was there really a need for Prince Ying to call her to be by his side? Moreover, wasn’t he not in favor of this marriage? He ought to cast her far far away, so that what the eyes doesn’t see, the heart won’t grieve over. Why put her in front of his eyes to roam about, wasn’t this just giving himself something to suffocate with?

After Hong Yi finished talking and withdrew, Xiao Xu started to move his chopsticks. When he saw Chu Qing-Yan with an expression that wanted to say something but was hesitating, he raised an eyebrow. “This king doesn’t like people who beat around the bush, if you have something to say, then say it.”

It was rare that this person would say such a long sentence. Chu Qing-Yan immediately put down her chopsticks and sat upright and still. Her face had that perfect smile of an innocent child as she asked with expectation in her voice. “Your Highness, will Qing-Yan have all the meals with Your Highness from now on?”

“Don’t want to?” The temperature plummeted, his tone contained powerful pressure.

It didn’t seem as if Chu Qing-Yan detected the displeasure in his tone as she jubilantly said. “How could that be! Able to eat together with His Highness is Qing-Yan’s honor. There isn’t even enough time for me to be overjoyed!!” In fact, her heart was howling in grief. You bastard, from now on she will have to walk such a long route every day, her little legs would become thick, ah!

How could Xiao Xu not see the resistance in the depth of her eyes? The corner of his mouth hooked up slightly. Chu Qing-Yan, this king wants to see how long you will last.


1) Very late in the morning: The Chinese is 日上三竿, this refers to the sun in the sky is higher than three bamboo length. Based on Ancient Chinese 12 hours days this could refer to between 7-9am or 9-11am. I’ll let you guys pick.

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