Adorable Consort – Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – To cause chaos, cannot allow Chu family to take unfair advantage

Chu Qing-Yan wasn’t a meddlesome person, especially in this place deep inside a courtyard compound. But now, she had already lost her head, because from the noise just now, she recognized her mother’s voice.

Her footsteps accelerated, the mixed sound of noise and weeping also gradually becoming clearer.

“Official Yuan, Official Yuan——”

Crying until Mother Chu became a person covered in tears, she was lying at the lakeside, shouting herself hoarse.

Chu Qing-Yan looked in the direction Mother was shouting at, a very familiar figure was flopping about in the middle of the lake.

And on the shore, several youngsters watched, as if looking at a joke, they were laughing loudly without the slightest scruple, until Chu Qing-Yan’s ice-cold glance shot towards them. They cowered slightly, immediately after, they quickly straightened up their lower back. Once again, they returned her gaze to look at her with contempt.

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t have the time to bother with these people, she quickly rushed up. She planned to go into the water to save her daddy who had fallen in.

Originally, everyone watching at the side were like detached spectators, but seeing that she was about to jump into the water as if about to commit suicide, they were so scared that they hurriedly stepped forward to surround Chu Qing-Yan. And directly following close behind Chu Qing-Yan, Shan Cha used all her strength to hug her waist, stopping her!

Absolutely must not let this Ninth Miss jump ah!

If the Ninth Miss jumped in and couldn’t be saved in time, then the entire Chu family would compensate the loss with their lives! That bestowed marriage was displayed there, by chance, if some mishap happened to the Ninth Miss, if the Emperor above investigated down, then the truth would come out.

Everyone that was originally detached, now, was like cats on a hot tin roof, making all effort to persuade her.

“Ninth Miss, your body is delicate and frail, this water in the spring is bone-chilling. You mustn’t do something foolish!” A servant clamored.

“That’s right, that’s right ah! Ninth Miss, by all means, you mustn’t be impulsive ah!” Another servant said.


Hearing the voices of servants weeping bitter tears, bursts of twitchiness came from Chu Qing-Yan’s heart. Looking on as Daddy struggled until he almost didn’t have the strength, her tone suddenly became furious, “Either you let me go, I’ll go save him myself, or you guys go down and help me save him by pulling him up! If anything was to happen to my dad, I, Chu Qing-Yan, don’t have other abilities, but the ability to have you guys eat the consequences, I still have enough to spare!”

Chu Qing-Yan released all her aura, immediately suppressing the entire scene. Following which, one plop sounded, two sounded, three sounded….

Seven to eight servants, rolling and crawling, jumped into the lake, one after another, striving to swim towards the randomly struggling Daddy Chu.

Finally, a group of extremely tired people carried Daddy Chu on their backs up the shore.

And Chu Qing-Yan, who was placating Mother Chu on the side, seeing this, immediately went up to meet them. Then, when she saw Daddy’s somewhat pale complexion, she was both angry and full of heartache. She turned around and looked at those several proud youngsters standing under a tree. Her tone was surprisingly calm.

“Chu De-Chang, Chu Shi-Bao, Chu En-De, the three of you, please say, in the end, what happened?”

Just now, seeing they had expressions of watching a good play and also prevented the servants from saving Daddy, she had already guessed that this matter was somehow related to them.

“What happened? Isn’t it just your family’s foolish father wanting to go into the lake to pick a few lotus leaves ah, in a moment of inattentiveness, he couldn’t come up to the shore. What, you guys still want to place the blame over our heads, Chu Qing-Yan, don’t just say arbitrary things to place the black pot on us!” Chu De-Chang was the oldest among this group, so he took the initiative to speak first. His gaze was somewhat evasive, but his tone was still somewhat harsh!

“That’s right, directly calling us, your older brothers’, full name, not a bit of a lady’s appearance. Indeed having no good upbringing!” Once Chu Shi-Bao saw Older Brother start to talk, he also followed along. His lower back also straightened with some confidence.

“That’s not true! It’s you guys who said there are treasures in the middle of the lake. However, when I went into the water, I didn’t find anything. And still drunk a lot of water, you guys are all bad kids!” Daddy Chu, while coughing out water, said in a manner full of grievances.

In fact, the truth had already come out without Chu Qing-Yan having to say anything more. When Chu De-Chang received Chu Qing-Yan’s deeply cold gaze, he was unwilling to retreat and said in an unpleasant manner, “Eldest Uncle, he, himself, wanted to go, what does that have to do with us! What’s more, Eldest Uncle is an idiot, how much persuasiveness would an idiot’s words have?”

Chu Shi-Bao and Chu En-De nodded their heads one after another, returning Chu Qing-Yan’s glare. Merely a little girl child around ten years old, what did they have to be afraid of!

Second Uncle, Third Uncle and Fourth Uncle’s sons, all stood identically together! Chu Qing-Yan coldly chuckled.

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t want to do something to be entangled with them, she let Mother take Daddy back to their room. While she, herself, walked slowly towards the edge of the lake.

There were some matters that she shouldn’t do, but if she was to do it, she must put an end to any future troubles, to finish things once and for all!

Everyone didn’t understand why, all of a sudden, Ninth Miss stopped talking, rather, now, she had the leisurely and carefree mood to stroll along the lake. Until Ninth’s Miss stepped into the edge of the lake, then, in succession, their expressions changed.

Was this the tempo of Ninth Miss wanting to jump into the lake?

Once this thought flitted by, there were people in the crowd who stepped forward to dissuade. There were also people who ran towards the main courtyard to inform Elder Madam Chu of this news.

From the corner of her eyes, Chu Qing-Yan glanced at that figure running out from the main courtyard. The corner of her mouth started to bend, immediately, she moved her hands and feet, concentrating all her attention on the middle of the lake.

“Chu, Chu Qing-Yan, what are you about to do?” Originally, Chu Qing-Yan would continue to question them. They never expected that she wouldn’t say anything further and directly walk towards the lake. Unable to make sense of the matter, Chu De-Chang was frightened by this until he was inarticulate.

Having heard what was said, Chu Qing-Yan laughed shallowly and responded, “Didn’t you guys tell my father there are treasures inside the lake? Qing-Yan is also very curious, so want to go and have a look. Maybe I could still bring it back for Daddy!”

Chu De-Chang and the two of them were dumbstruck. This was truly an insane pair of father and daughter! And at this moment, a servant saw that the three young masters still hadn’t thought of the critical point of concern, he couldn’t help but to say in a long suffering tone, “The three Young Masters, you guys quickly go up to stop the Ninth Miss. If by chance. something unfortunate happens to her, our Chu family will have to surrender our heads for this crime ah!”

Having heard what was said, the three of them finally recalled what their parents made clear to them. By all means, they must not go provoke this little she-devil. As a result, their complexions turned pale from being scared.

Chu Qing-Yan certainly didn’t give a fig about their mood, because the people she was waiting for had arrived.

Elder Chu, Elder Madam Chu, Second Eldest Chu, Madam Wang, Madam Xing, Madam Lin…

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven——

She didn’t expect that this action of hers would actually gather all the seven major managing personnel of Chu family. Don’t know if she could also summon a dragon pearl!

“Qing-Yan, if you have something to say, then let’s discuss it, by all means, you must not jump into the lake ah!” The sharp-eyed Madam Xing, at one glance, saw that Chu Qing-Yan was only a step away from the side of the lake, and she immediately cried out in alarm.

With Madam Xing’s, this loud and clear cry, everyone’s attention was all focused on Chu Qing-Yan’s pair of feet. When Elder Madam Chu saw that foot hanging in the air, she was so frightened that she almost fainted when her eyes blacked out.

Chu Qing-Yan slanted her head, “Elder Brothers said there are treasures in the lake, Qing-Yan wants to go in and see!”

Looking at that pair of weird pupils, Elder Madam Chu’s heart was stifled with panic. But who told Chu family that now, they were inseparable from her. As a result, Elder Madam Chu immediately replied, “You shouldn’t listen to their talk of nonsense, there is no such thing!” Afterwards, she turned her head to admonish them, “De-Chang, Shi-Bao, En-De, look at this good deed you guys did. Why haven’t you guys hurried to make amends and apologize to your Eldest Uncle! The Second Oldest family, Third Oldest family, Fourth Oldest family, from now forward, properly look after these little brats of yours. If they are allowed to stir up trouble again, see if I won’t break off their legs!”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Everyone agreed in a ‘yes-ma’am’ manner.

“Great Aunt, I hope this is the last time! If I hear or see anyone bully my daddy again, this will be the consequences!” Elder Madam Chu really could follow through ah, worthy of having lived for so many years in the depth of a large courtyard. Chu Qing-Yan also stopped beating around the bush and looked at Elder Madam Chu with a serious face.

“You should rest assured that from now on, this kind of thing will never happen again.” Elder Madam Chu guaranteed once again.

Once was already enough to send the chickens flying and dogs jumping, to come again, it’s estimated the entire Chu Manor would be turned upside down.

“I hope it will be so.”

Chu Qing-Yan unhurriedly took back her left foot that was swaying over the lake’s surface. Afterwards, she rightfully left.

She only left behind many pale and intertwined faces in Chu family. This slap sounded really loud and clear, however, they had no choice but to suffer silently and swallow it down!

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