Adorable Consort – Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 – The lord wants to see but doesn’t want to meet

Chu Qing-Yan, after leaving the hall and entering her parent’s residence, let out a large mouthful of air in relief. Her heart was full of an invigorating, at ease feeling. This feeling was something she had experienced in the middle of a debate competition from her previous life. In the competition, even though the arguments were intense, but people also took care not to overdo it. But just now, it wasn’t just full of smoking hot arguments, it was on a battlefield where it was a ‘you die and I live’ kind of atmosphere. Just a little bit of inattentiveness and very probably, there would be no hope for a reprieve. Fortunately, she didn’t lose. Moreover, she had made an unexpected recovery under the most difficult situation. She turned the tables on them and won the promise of protection for her parents.

Mother Chu, seeing this, immediately patted her back, her face full of tenderness as she said, “This is all because Mother is useless. Everything has to depend on you to step in.”

Chu Qing-Yan turned her head to reveal the most sincere smile she had for tonight to placate her own mother, “Mom, don’t worry, daughter has already grown up and can protect you and daddy. Therefore, don’t worry about causing trouble for daughter, daughter is still you guys’ happiest bundle.”

Mother Chu’s heart was emotionally moved, stroking daughter’s face that, day by day, became glossy and had the luster of gems. Choking back emotions, she nodded her head.

Daddy Chu surround the mother and daughter duo with a face full of joyous smiles.

Because of tonight’s farce, Chu Qing-Yan thought that Elder Madam Chu and them won’t come to disturb them once again. As a result, she felt at ease to remain in her parents’ room.

Mother Chu twisted the cotton cloth and helped her husband wipe clean his cheeks. Then, she slanted her head to ask her daughter who was using the candlelight to mend clothing, “Cai Cai, mother doesn’t understand one matter, why didn’t you agree when they mentioned returning your father to the family genealogical records. Unexpectedly, in the end, when they mentioned it again you agreed, is there a lot of difference between the two?”

Having heard Mother’s question, Chu Qing-Yan put down the needle and thread in her hand and lightly smiled in the warm candlelight, “Mother, do you think that when they first mentioned this condition, they would really do it? It was just a makeshift stratagem, wanting to use it to fool us and nothing more. Daughter wanted them to accept wholeheartedly and not dare to play some game with us. Now, daughter is the life-saving rope that they have no choice but to rely on, at that time when they wanted to substitute one person for another, a pity they chose the wrong person. Your daughter is not a little sheep, but rather, a little fox draped in rabbit fur.”

Saying this, Chu Qing-Yan even revealed her white teeth to her parents under the candlelight, making a tearing movement.

Mother Chu couldn’t help but to laugh with exasperation from this childish movement her daughter made. Moreover, Daddy Chu felt it was very fun, after he was finished wiping his face, he also jumped in front of his daughter. He imitated her movement, and the two people happily compared to see whose teeth looked more like a wolf’s teeth.

The warm light of the flame jumped about cheerfully in this humble room, infecting the cold and quiet in the whole courtyard.

And this scene, luckily, landed in the eyes of the guard outside the courtyard.

“Honorable Fire Spirit, did we neglect our duties? Clearly, His Highness wanted us to help Chu family’s little Miss to run away, but not only didn’t we do our best to protect her, we even let her escape plan be exposed. Shouldn’t we go to beg forgiveness from His Highness?” The black-clothed guard hesitantly asked.

Fire Spirit’s gaze moved away from that fuzzy yellow halo from the window ledge, the corner of his mouth twitching, “His Highness asked us to escort her when leaving, and didn’t say we should aid her in her escape. Besides, her plan was full of errors and holes, sooner or later, it would be discovered. It has nothing to do with us.”

The black-clothed person glanced at him, “Honorable Fire Spirit, in fact, it’s because you simply don’t want Chu family’s little Miss to escape Chu family, right?”

A slight carelessness and his thoughts were seen through, Fire Spirit simply didn’t conceal it any longer, with two snorts, he said, “That’s right. Could it be that you want His Highness to get married and there isn’t a wife? And let His Highness once again become a joke in Western Xuan?”

The black-clothed person immediately shook his head.

“Now that’s more correct!” Fire Spirit’s gaze once again landed on that window, and he could faintly see that petite figure and hear the soft voice. An expression of dislike flashed through his eyes, “Although this little girl doll from Chu family’s age is small, but at least she is not stupid. It’s better than nothing, I don’t want to see His Highness be controlled by those people because of this marriage.”

The black-clothed person was unable to speak, as if he sympathized.

There was no sound at his side, and Fire Spirit nodded his head in satisfaction. Looks like his brainwashing task had been quite successful.

Chu Qing-Yan, I don’t know if you can live till the marriage, but in these several years, you cannot leave the Capital.

The expression in Fire Spirit’s eyes turned cold.

The only good thing with laying her cards on the table with the Chu family, was that parents’ meals had greatly improved. They had moved out of that deteriorating courtyard to live in a refurbished courtyard once again. And she also obtained the convenience of going outside for a walk. This was an opportunity she obtained from grinding away at Elder Madam for most of the morning.

The purpose of going out, not only was it to familiarize herself with the Capital, to experience the bustling ancient Capital, local customs and conditions. The most important point still was to find a doctor for Daddy.

This time, going out, Shan Cha accompanied them. Madam Xing had also dispatched several strong servants to attend to them along the way. Chu Qing-Yan knew that protecting was, actually, in fact, to monitor them. Chu family was still afraid that they would take this opportunity to flee, and Chu Qing-Yan was also indifferent to this matter.

Since Shan Cha betrayed them the last time, afterwards, her words had become less and less. However, Chu Qing-Yan didn’t mind, whoever chooses what path had nothing to do with her. Besides, she had never considered Shan Cha as a confidant. Therefore, when Shan Cha came out to testify, besides being somewhat astonished, she had no other feelings.

Going out, with regards to Daddy Chu, was something very novel, especially when he saw the streets full of snacks and desserts. Daddy Chu’s heels became more joyous as he ran even faster, Chu Qing-Yan originally had wanted to bring him to see a doctor, but never expected that she could only powerlessly chase after him.


Having seen Tanghulu, with both eyes shining, Daddy Chu simply didn’t see the several people walking head on towards him. Daddy Chu’s eyes only had Tanghulu, advancing forward in a fast trot, he directly bumped into them, getting tangled among them. Fortunately, Daddy Chu’s abilities from practicing martial arts was still there, he merely bounced back several steps just by chance, retreating to in front of a very worried Chu Qing-Yan.

Chu Qing-Yan helplessly had her hand over her forehead, Daddy was simply too impatient, however, the top priority was to check if Daddy was bruised from the bump. After she finished checking, Chu Qing-Yan remembered the innocent people that Daddy might have injured. Immediately, she turned around to look.

She only saw that in front, were four or five males wearing conical bamboo hats, the leader was wearing a black robe, with his hands behind his back. His figure was very tall, she needed to raise her head to meet that jet-black screen over his hat. With only one glance, she could see that this person was the master among these people. The black-colored clothing was made from first-class material. The cuff embroidered with golden thread exposed a pair of well-cared-for slender fingers like a moon god’s. The long body stood there like jade, although she couldn’t see his appearance, but he reminded Chu Qing-Yan of a poem. There are bandit-like noblemen that are cut, polished and grinded into gems.

And in the short time Chu Qing-Yan was sizing him up, the guy also noticed her. His brows under the bamboo hat rose slightly.

Chu Qing-Yan, who wanted to continue looking, met that pair of eyes under the bamboo hat’s screen. She couldn’t help but be apprehensive, such a pair of strict and sharp eyes. That sharp penetrating gaze gave birth to fear in people’s hearts. She promptly lowered her head, just now, she clearly saw that when Daddy was about to bump into this guy, the servants by his side had already stepped forward to block. Moreover, these several people were all tall and strong, it could be assumed that they were not hindered or harmed. So, Chu Qing-Yan immediately pulled Daddy’s hand and apologized in a low voice. Then, she immediately pulled Daddy in Mother’s direction, so she didn’t see Daddy start to narrow his eyes suspiciously at the guy in front of them.

“This person looks a lot like inserted in backwards scallion?”

He mumbled in a low voice that was drowned out in the crowd and dispersed as his eyes were filled with Tanghulu.

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