Adorable Consort – Chapter 139

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Chapter 139 – The night of full moon, people are not united

Fourth Prince was attacked by assassins, the First Prince was locked up. In one night, the imperial court and people’s hearts were anxious.

Morning court.

With Right Minister Fu Xian-Rong heading Fourth Prince’s faction, the whole group was grieving and heartbroken, loudly cursing that Prince Ying was cruel and inhuman to actually harm his own brother.

While the ministers standing on Prince Ying’s side refuted that this was simply a naked frame up, things shouldn’t be said without proof.

Just when the people battling with words were about to fight, Western Xuan Emperor said to let the Justice of Peace Official investigate this matter.

When Left Minister Liang Cheng-Yu, Empress Liang’s father, Xiao Xu’s maternal grandfather stepped up to plead for Xiao Xu, Western Xuan Emperor was greatly angered and rejected his pleas.

The ministers supporting Xiao Xu all tightly closed their mouths and didn’t dare to speak another word.

After Morning Court, Fourth Prince’s faction coldly humphed toward Prince Ying’s faction then swaggered off.

Minister Liang’s face was full of anger and one minister at his side inquired in a low tone. “Esteemed Left Minister, now how should we deal with this matter?”

Minister Liang, with a calm and collected expression said. “His Majesty is always searching for matters to suppress His Highness Prince Ying. Only that after painstaking efforts, he couldn’t find an opportunity. This time, His Highness originally wanted to return to the border but His Majesty doesn’t want to release a tiger back into the mountains to leave any trouble behind. So this was the reason His Majesty was determined he stay behind. Now this matter happened, even if His Majesty clearly knew the mastermind behind the scenes wasn’t His Highness, he would still open an eye and close the other eye. Must get His Majesty——”

Based on his speech, that minister wasn’t one that had walked the path of officialdom for a few days. So he somewhat nodded his head in shock, looking at His Majesty’s attitude, it could be assumed His Highness Prince Ying would have a difficult time escaping censure.

“But we still can’t allow His Highness Prince Ying to carry this black pot!” The minister said in a low tone.

Minister Liang nodded. “I’m going to look for Empress and see what the Empress will say.”

“Esteemed Left Minister quickly go, this humble minister will wait for your news. No matter what, this minister will advance and retreat with His Highness.” The minister seriously said.

Minister Liang took a deep glance at him, this was a deputy general that had followed him for dozen years. From a small soldier at that time, along the way he surmounted all difficulty to becoming a brave general. Now he was already around fifty years old, white hair with ash grey, the straight body could hardly cover the heroicness he had back then.

Minister Liang patted his shoulder, and said “Good.”

A gentleman’s treaty need not be said, it was already reached.

Inside Morning Sun Palace.

Empress Liang leaned against the couch with a tired expression. Hearing her father wanted to see her, she immediately ordered people to let him in.

“This old minister pays his respects to Empress.” Minister Liang bent his head in salute.

Empress Liang immediately ordered people to help him up. A father that was about to step into the doorway of being sixty years old, although his body was well-built, it was still hard to cover up his getting old day by day. Son was locked up in prison, her heart was not very happy, so seeing father in front of her, she couldn’t help but feel grieved.

“Father——” Empress Liang called out, somewhat choked with emotion.

Minister Liang sighed. “Yuan’er, Father entering the palace this time is also for Xu’er’s matter.”

Empress Liang hearing this, waved off the people at her side till there were only two people that remained in the huge palace hall.

“Father, do you have a way to save Xu’er? Empress Liang’s pair of eyes were full of hope.

Minister Liang looked at this daughter in front of him, from small she didn’t grow up in front of him. She stayed in the women’s backyard and saw many public and secretive fights vying for power. She did learn a lot but she still lacked perception of the greater situation. Moreover, her heart and mind wasn’t open enough, thus she was suppressed by Concubine Yue for the past several years. Even His Majesty didn’t want to be anywhere near her Morning Sun Palace.

However, now was not the time to think of such matters, Xu’er right now was the most important matter.

“After Fourth Prince was attacked by assassins, did you investigate? Did you go and comfort Concubine Yue?” Minister Liang asked.

Immediately Empress Liang’s pair of eyes glared until they were round. “That slut birthed child was injured, for what reason must this palace go and visit? This palace doesn’t have enough time to be happy let alone to comfort that slut!”

Hearing this, Minister Liang shook his head, knowing his daughter well, he had already anticipated this. As a result, he lifted his hand to stop her temper tantrum and berated her, saying. “Making trouble! You still think she is Fu family’s Miss from the first wife that you could arbitrarily take rash action against? You must clearly recognize your status right now. You are this country’s empress, your words and bearing must be the model of an Empress. It’s no wonder His Majesty favors Concubine Yue. You look at Concubine Yue’s appearance then look at your appearance!”

Being scolded, Empress Liang refused to give in. “Concubine Yue’s methods are vicious and sinister, how could you praise her and belittle your own daughter!”

Minister Liang brushed his forehead. “But she knows when to be soft, when to be ruthless. So in His Majesty’s eyes, a gentle agreeable person, whereas you are a selfish narrow minded person. This is the difference. Yuan’er, you have already lived in this royal palace that eats people for twenty years! How come you are still like a child? Don’t blame His Majesty for not liking Xu’er, in fact, a large part of the reason comes from you.”

Empress Liang wanted to refute this but could not say it.

Minister Liang continued to say. “Last night when the incident happened, you ought to have immediately dispatched the imperial physician to give critical care to Fourth Prince. To appease Concubine Yue is equivalent to placating the imperial harem. You mustn’t be stingy, get rare and valuable medicinal ingredients and send it to Bright Dawn Palace. Only this will show off your generosity and steadiness as the master of the harem. But look at what you did! If someone sinister was to make an issue of this, they will think your son made a mistake and because of a guilty conscience, you don’t dare show your face. If you were to have handled everything properly, His Majesty won’t not give you face as the mistress of the harem to so ruthlessly punish Xu’er!”

“Yuan’er ah, Yuan’er, if you don’t quickly wake up, I’m afraid our Liang family will decline or——” Or die without a burial site.

Empress Liang was scared until she shivered all over. She immediately grabbed her father’s hand, and panickedly asked. “Then what ought daughter to do now?”

“Follow what daddy said just now and do it. Reward and placate, not a bit must be missed.”

“Okay, anything else?” Empress Liang finally felt the seriousness of the matter. If father didn’t advise her, maybe Xu’er would be harmed miserably by her.

“There is still more.” Minister gave a long sigh. “Go beseech His Majesty, seeing you guys had so many years of feelings as husband and wife to give Xu’er some lenient treatment. At least, give him a fair, due process of investigating this case.”

Empress Liang nodded, and could only do it like this.

When Minister Liang was about to leave, Empress Liang suddenly called him to a stop.

“Father, if His Majesty won’t let go of this chance to suppress Xu’er, then we——” Her tone was somewhat gloomy.

“Then——” Minister Liang didn’t turn around. “We should plan for the worst, there won’t be a route to turn around.”

Empress Liang’s eyes became even more deep. “Good.”

If it was like that, then they could only burn all the boats.

Ninth layer of the prison.

Xiao Xu, dressed plainly sat on the ground. His expression was cold and cheerless. He didn’t become hot-tempered and flip off his mouth because he was imprisoned. He lifted his head to look at the moonlight outside the window, and recalled the words little guy said by his ear.

Fifteen’s moon was very round.

Before, he had never paid attention to the roundness of the moon. Only because of little guy he took note of it.

Tonight’s moon really was very round. He recalled he had once promised her that tonight, he would accompany her to admire the full moon.

Unfortunately he could only break his promise.

Don’t know if the little guy was scared until she fell because of his matter.

Xiao Xu’s gaze turned as cold as the moonlight.

Longing for that feeling like this peaceful and clear night, it was hard to speak the words.

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