Adorable Consort – Chapter 128

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Chapter 128 – Her small universe awakens

Chu Qing-Yan raised a brow. “In the end, what exactly do you guys want?”

“What do we want? Stay far away from Fourth Prince. You are a person that already has a husband, stop being so promiscuous by seducing the Fourth Prince!” Linghu Xiao-Mo crossed her arms and said viciously.

Fourth Prince? What did this have to do with Xiao Ran?

“Didn’t think that the crude words on the street would come out of an official daughter’s mouth. Don’t know if the family’s elders know they had raised an unmarried daughter like this, what their impressions would be? Besides, Fourth Prince is Fourth Prince, and I am me, we have nothing to do with each other, so please don’t easily slander someone else’s reputation.” Although she didn’t want to incite someone’s hatred, that didn’t mean she was easily bullied.

Linghu Xia-Mo was rendered speechless because her words just now were indeed beneath her dignity. However if she didn’t say it like this, it was hard to dissolve the anger in her chest. She had previously entered the palace and saw Fourth Prince, she was already bowled over by his elegant bearing and she buried it deep in her heart. It was like a seed slowly germinating, now she had heard that Chu Qing-Yan and him were really close. How could she not seethe and be angered?

“Younger sister Xia-Mo, what’s the use of talking reason with this kind of commoner? She won’t be able to understand, so don’t take it to heart.” Liu Su-Er seemed to be comforting Linghu Xia-Mo but she was actually belittling Chu Qing-Yan.

Chu Qing-Yan rolled her eyes to the sky, these little children, she wasn’t in the mood to pick a fight with them. “The Chrysanthemum Viewing Banquet is about to start, so trouble you guys to let me through. If time was delayed, you guys won’t be able to afford the consequences!

Chu Qing-Yan didn’t wait for their response and spontaneously walked ahead.

Just as she was about to brush past them, Linghu Xiao-Mo and the other two exchanged glances, one person pretended to accidentally step onto Chu Qing-Yan’s skirt, one person raised her leg and pressed it forward to trip her, and the other person raised her hand in a motion of pushing her.

The three people worked together smoothly. Don’t know if it was because they had done this a lot of times before or if it was because their hearts were connected as good sisters. In the blink of an eye, a conspiracy had already taken form from tacit understanding.

Regardless of which person missed, there would be another to substitute, it could be said that this was a backup with another backup.

However, Chu Qing-Yan who had been keeping an eye on their movements saw this and secretly smiled. A body having practiced airy martial arts was very quick, with a turn she had avoided the foot pressing down on her skirt. Afterwards she calmly stepped on the foot trying to trip her. Lastly with a careless wave of her hand, an unspeakable force shot towards the hand that was about to push her, that hand immediately changed directions and pushed towards the person beside her.

Linghu Xia-Mo hadn’t had time to shout with pain from having her foot ruthlessly stepped on when Liu Su-Er already fell towards her. The two people couldn’t steady their footing and fell backwards, a loud smack was heard as they crashed into Ye Ling-Qing who didn’t have time to retrieve her foot. Just like a pile of dominoes, the three people fell into each other and were pushed to the ground.

Accompanied with one ‘ouch’ after another sound of ‘ouch’, Chu Qing-Yan turned her head around and seemed to be scared by this. “Huh, why are the three Misses lying on the ground? Is it to experience the feeling of the sky being the cover and ground being the bed? Although it’s night time, it’s still not time to sleep, moreover, this isn’t the right place for it ah!”

Chu Qing-Yan’s voice had just the right amount of surprise. Her face was full of confusion as if she was just a spectator. But the three people lying on the ground looking toward the sky knew that everything was all her doing. Falling down inside the imperial palace was a kind of embarrassing matter. If it was to spread out, they won’t have the face to see people.

Linghu Xiao-Mo flew into a rage out of humiliation, she climbed up with great difficulty and staggered towards Chu Qing-Yan. She raised her hands and was about to slap her face, her lips also shouting. “You this low person, taking advantage of people while unguarded and launching a sneak attack, see if I don’t smack your mouth until it breaks!”

Her raised hand was easily stopped midway by Chu Qing-Yan, no matter how Linghu Xia-Mo struggled, she couldn’t struggle free. She suddenly lost her head. “You slut, release me!”

Chu Qing-Yan pulled her to herself and took into view her frightened expression before eerily revealing her white teeth and saying close to her ear. “Say you are stupid you really are stupid. Being incited by others to take the lead yet you think you are in charge. Who told you that this miss is friendly with the Fourth Prince? Don’t be sold by people while still helping them count their money, also——”

Saying up to here, Chu Qing-Yan’s gaze swept towards Liu Su-Er and Ye Lin- Qing who had just crawled up, her pupils suddenly turning cold. “This miss abhors being played tricks on the most. If you guys have the ability, then continue to come and give me your best shot. This miss just so happens to feel she has been terribly idle recently, don’t mind accompanying you guys to play a bit!”

After she finished, her hands used strength and tossed Linghu Xia-Mo towards the two people. Liu Su-Er and Ye Qing-Ling who had just stabilized their footing were forced to take two steps back when Linhu Xia-Mo knocked into them. Fortunately, behind them was a big rock, otherwise they would’ve fallen once more and seen stars.

“Chu Qing-Yan, don’t be so pleased with yourself, you’ll still be going in and out of the capital, the circle is just this big, be careful of meeting retribution!” Liu Su-Er furiously pointed at her.

Chu Qing-Yan laughed, “Don’t do shameful deeds and you will not be afraid of ghosts knocking on the door in the middle of the night. But you guys should be careful of your doors at night!”

Liu Su-Er and the other two shivered, yet they didn’t want to lose their vigor. In the end, Ye Qing-Ling put up a brave front and said. “Chu Qing-Yan, remember this, we are irreconcilble with you!”

“Do as you wish.” Chu Qing-Yan shrugged her shoulders, not caring.

“Humph!” The three people supported each other up and glared very fiercely at her before bolting.

They were merely three little children with very lacking fighting ability, Chu Qing-Yan didn’t really take them seriously.

But after trading moves with these people, Chu Qing-Yan realized a crucial problem, which was that those kids who came to the banquet were at least 12 years old and at most were only 14 to 15. But how they handled matters and how they talked were completely beyond the abilities of what a kid should have from her understanding

It seemed she had overlooked a matter, children in the ancient era and the children in the modern era weren’t the same. A child in the ancient era who had reached 15 years old is of marriageable age, they would’ve already married and started to birth children. So 12 or 13 year old children were terrifyingly smart, their worldly knowledge wasn’t less than an adult from the modern world.

She had always thought that because she was a 10 year old on the outside, she couldn’t show the other side of her. Her actions and method of handling matters were like that of a child but now having a look, she was actually wrong. Perhaps in other’s eyes, a nice way of saying it was innocent and a harsher way of saying it would be stupid!

She couldn’t continue like this any more or else, she would only be bullied by others.

No one knew that an unremarkable thing that happened in a remote corner would become the catalyst to Chu Qing-Yan’s small universe being awakened!

She who had always used cuteness and naivety to conceal her 20 year old wisdom was now unwilling to live so ignorantly anymore.

And Yao Ying-Ruo who saw everything was surprised at Chu Qing-Yan’s nimble movements and clever wit, and now seeing her eyes shining so dazzlingly bright, Yao Ying-Ruo had a epiphany, her heart carrying a strange sense of fear, as if she saw the future her possessing a dazzling and impressive beauty.

Yao Ying-Ruo quietly clenched her fists. No, she couldn’t let Chu Qing-Yan have that right to stand by His Highness Prince Ying’s side, she must eliminate her!

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