Adorable Consort – Chapter 125

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Chapter 125 – Gathered together at a reunion, the words are numbing

“What’s the matter?” Chu Qing-Yan immediately became interested.

“In half a month, it would be the Mid-Autumn Festival. Father Emperor wants us to enter the imperial palace to participate in the Chrysanthemum Viewing Banquet.” Xiao Xu carressed her hair and said in a gentle voice. He knew she didn’t like the imperial palace, but it was only a once a year reunion, all members of the royal family must participate and won’t be excused.

Chu Qing-Yan in the next instant wanted to ask if she could not go, but the words hadn’t left her mouth before she stopped it. She knew that to the outsider, she was already Princess Consort Ying, not participating would be considered inexcusable. Moreover, after experiencing a tour of the imperial palace last time, she already had a deep understanding of Big Block of Ice’s situation. Therefore, she could not be headstrong to set aside matters for gossip that other people could use to castigate Big Block of Ice.

“Does the Chrysanthemum Viewing Banquet have anything good to eat? Large crab? Chrysanthemum wine? Shark fin soup?” Chu Qing-Yan pretended to be curious and asked.

Xiao Xu saw her didn’t get tangled up in whether she should go or not, and he suddenly released a breath of relief in his heart. In reality, he subconsciously wanted her to go, watching others talking and laughing cheerfully, he also wanted to have the feeling of having family accompany him. Father Emperor and Empress were too distant, the only one he could grasp was this bit of warmth in his hand!

“They have all of it, if they don’t have it, when we come back, ask Huang Yi to make it for you.”

Chu Qing-Yan smiled until her eyes became a thin line. “Alright!”

Xiao Xu seeing her behaving so well, his heart softened. “We’ll be going to the banquet at night, but there is nothing planned during the day. You could invite your parents to come to the manor to celebrate the festival.”

Chu Qing-Yan’s eyes lit up. “Really?”

Xiao Xu was blinded by the hope in her eyes and unnaturally gave a light cough. “According to you.”

“Big Block of Ice, you’re really great!” Chu Qing-Yan suddenly cupped his face and gave him a big smooch before dancing with joy while running, saying. “I’ll let the servants tell daddy and mommy, they’ll definitely be very happy!”

Xiao Xu stared blankly at the lively figure that flew away like a butterfly. Afterwards, he lifted his hand to touch the cheek that wasn’t covered by the mask and was tainted with saliva. All of a sudden, the corner of his mouth bent and he smiled.

Just let it be like this, this is also good!

A person alone for too long, would also want to find someone to accompany him.

In the blink of an eye, August 15th arrived.

The usually cold and cheerless prince’s manor also bustled with activity in the wake of the arriving festival.

Everywhere were brimming with jubilation and all servants had smiles on their faces.

Seeds of spring were harvested in autumn, with an abundance of fruit, it was another year of bumper harvest season and another day of reunion.

Because Xiao Xu was the Western Xuan Country’s Eldest Prince, there were already people sending him gifts early in the morning. Bai Hu brought servants along and was so busy that he had no time for anything else.

Inside the study room.

Fire Spirit and Earth Spirit both stood respectfully before the table.

“Master, the people who sent gifts today were more than previous years, tsk, tsk, tsk——” Fire Spirit said ruefully. He had just passed by the storeroom and saw many people moving the congratulatory gifts.

Earth Spirit coldly laughed. “If it wasn’t for these past few days that the imperial court has been having discussions on naming the crown prince, these people wouldn’t be so eagerly attentive. However, I reckon they haven’t only sent gifts to our prince’s manor.”

“These people’s minds are very flexible, they’ll curry favor with everyone. They won’t offend anyone, humph!” Fire Spirit echoed in agreement.

The two people have been talking for so long, yet they still hadn’t heard their family master’s take, so they couldn’t help but raise their heads to look towards the person in front of the window.

At this moment, the young but sweet sounding voice of a young girl could be heard. “Daddy, raise it a bit higher, a little bit more, that’s right, a little to the left!”

Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit followed their family master’s gaze and looked. They only saw the Little Consort directing her own father in hanging the lantern. That blazing lantern contrasted against the two people’s expressions, both were very happy.

Earth Spirit and Fire Spirit couldn’t help but exchange a glance.

In the end, Earth Spirit opened his mouth to say. “Master, recently the Little Consort has been very diligent, her airy martial arts has progressed quite a lot. Her martial arts moves have also started to take shape.”

Especially in this period of time, just so she could accompany the master to have breakfast and send him off to morning court, the Little Consort would wake up really early to finish her training. Afterwards when master wasn’t there, she would seize the time to train, she was very hardworking. In order to be considerate of all sides, she wouldn’t let go of any amount of time to learn martial arts. Her toughness made him have a whole new level of respect for her.

Xiao Xu heard this and looked at him with a mocking glance. “Since when did your nature also change?”

Earth Spirit just shared a little, was master ridiculing him for starting to praise the Little Consort? “The Little Consort’s efforts is obvious to us all, this subordinate isn’t the type who is unable to distinguish right from wrong.”

After speaking, he saw Fire Spirit winking at him. Earth Spirit rolled his eyes at him.

Xiao Xu heard this, his eyes turned to look at the young girl underneath the roof whose smile couldn’t be hidden. It looked like a ray of sunshine that penetrated his eye, gradually filling him with warmth.

“Log of wood, log of wood, I found a piece of gem, quickly help me assess it!” In the afternoon, Daddy Chu seized Wood Spirit who was walking by in front of him and excitedly pulled him over to ask.

Wood Spirit placed his hand over his forehead, he had already explained several times that he was called Wood Spirit, not log of wood. He wanted to ignore him, but out of the corner of his eye, he spotted the red gem in his hand. He suddenly had an impulse to smash against a wall.

“Eldest Master, did you go to the main hall?”

“Yes ah!”

“Then did you dig this gem out from the tea table on the side of the master seat?”

“How did you know? You’re even more amazing than a soothsayer!”

Wood Spirit continued to hold his forehead, it was because he made that table a few days ago and he also installed that gem there.

Chu Qing-Yan saw Wood Spirit eat a loss and could only grieve for his misfortune. When her daddy started to cause destruction, it wasn’t something an average person could bear.

At this time, she turned her head and discovered the person standing in the hallway and immediately rushed over with flying speed.

“Big Block of Ice, look, this is decorated by daddy and I.” Chu Qing-Yan stood in front of him and pointed it out for him to look.

Xiao Xu followed her fingers to look at the surrounding lanterns, flower pots, and paper cuttings and couldn’t help but extend his hand to rub her head. “You’ve worked hard.”

This was the first time that someone put in so much effort to decorate this place for his sake as a family member.

Chu Qing-Yan continued to say. “Mommy said that today, she will personally cook good food for us. Just thinking about it makes me drool.”

Xiao Xu’s expression softened. “Alright.”

The reunion meal hadn’t started yet before Air Spirit was already called into the study by Xiao Xu.

“Master, are you looking for this subordinate to inquire about Elder Master Chu’s sickness?” Air Spirit inquired.

“En, could it be treated?” Xiao Xu got right to the point and asked.

Air Spirit could only awkwardly shake his head. It wasn’t that he was biased towards Daddy Chu and didn’t want to treat him, rather he wasn’t an expert in such matters.

“This subordinate studied making poisons and detoxifying them. With regards to brain diseases, this subordinate rarely touches upon them. These several days, this subordinate also attempted to make contact with Elder Master Chu. But regretfully, this subordinate failed to find the root cause that damaged his intelligence due to this subordinate’s lack of learned skill.” Air Spirit said, ashamed.

Xiao Xu appeased him and said. “Every industry has their specialization, this isn’t your problem. If it is like you said, I fear that this illness requires searching for your master, Divine Doctor Luo.”

Hearing this, Air Spirit shook his head. “Traces of my master haven’t been found for many years. Before, your Highness had already asked Water Spirit to keep an eye on this, a pity he still wasn’t able to find him. Therefore, this servant believes the hope of finding my master isn’t very big.”

Master liked to wander all over the world to sightsee, unwilling to tie himself to the pursuit of fame and preferred to live incognito. If he didn’t want to appear, in this world there were very few people who could find him.

Xiao Xu frowned, like this, it seemed Daddy Chu’s sickness would be hard to treat, if Qing-Yan were to know, he feared she would be very anxious.

Air Spirit hesitated, should he bring up that person? But when he thought about it, she wasn’t willing to see him.

Seeing his family’s master somewhat depressed, Air Spirit still opened his mouth to say. “Actually, besides my master, there is still another person that may be able to treat Elder Master Chu’s illness.”

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