Adorable Consort – Chapter 120

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Chapter 120 – How about we be friends?

“Wh-what a coincidence——” The corner of Chu Qing-Yan’s mouth twitched. Who would have nothing to do and come over to meet coincidentally on top of a roof!

Then there was only one explanation, that was, this person had already been watching nearby for awhile! Even Fire Spirit wasn’t able to detect him, this was proof that his martial arts was above Fire Spirit’s. She couldn’t help but clench her hands.

Dongting Wang-Yu lazily leaned on the wooden beam of the roof behind him, his eyes contained mirth. “What? Surprised to see me? Could it be that having not seen me for a long time, you don’t recognize me?”

Chu Qing-Yan ridiculed in her heart. Growing up with a devilishly charming face like his, how could one forget after a glance? But she mischievously laughed and replied. “Young master is elegant and distinguished, it makes people unable to forget, how could this one not recognize you? Ah that’s right, the air here is not bad, but I’ve already finished enjoying it. You should enjoy it leisurely. Then, I won’t disturb you anymore!” Finished speaking, she flew out of the window with a woosh sound.

Seeing that snow white figure jumping out, Dongting Wang-Yu lightly tapped a beat. “Three, two, one.” Soon after, he opened his eyes and flew out.

After flying far away, Chu Qing-Yan stood on a roof panting slightly. This person wouldn’t be so bored as to chase over right?

Reality proved that this person was indeed really bored!

Because when she turned her head, a long jade figure stood with his head cocked, waving his claw at her. “We meet again!”

Chu Qing-Yan slowly turned her head around and silently mumbled in her heart. She didn’t see anything, didn’t see anything!

Then she mobilized her qi and used all her strength and skills to leap forward once more.

“Again?” Dongting Wang-Yu slowly straightened up his body and counted to three again before unhurriedly chasing after her.

Chu Qing-Yan ran until she was all spent, but that person was like a clingy vengeful spirit who followed closely behind her. Even more frustrating was that her legs felt like they were about to break while he was still as composed and leisurely as before. It was as if he was taking a walk.

Chu Qing-Yan finally gave up and landed on top of a tree. She turned her head back and gasping for breath, said. “I’m not playing anymore! I don’t want to play with you anymore!”

Dongting Wang-Yu broke into laughter. “I’ve given you a head start so many times yet you still couldn’t escape. Should I say your airy martial arts couldn’t reach home or it can’t reach the level at home?”

Chu Qing-Yan rolled her eyes at him, she didn’t want to reply to his words!

Dongting Wang-Yu saw that the little guy ignored him and couldn’t help but smile. “But learning airy martial arts in such as short few days, your aptitude isn’t bad! Do you want to be my disciple, I could teach you some other stuff!”

Chu Qing-Yan suddenly became alert and in passing retreated a step, both eyes staring at this person who was leaning against the tree branch carelessly. She pursed her lips to ask. “In the end, who are you really? Why are you always following me? What is your purpose?”

“So many questions ah!” Dongting Wang-Yu raised a brow and met her eyes that were copper bell sized because of her glare, to smilingly say. “What is a child being so anxious for, be a bit patient, I’ll slowly answer your questions one by one!”

“First question. I’m not a who, I’m Dongting Wang-Yu, the sun shines on the western court, full moon jade from jadeite (1).” A burst of cool breeze blew by, lifting the black hair hanging down his shoulder and making it dance in midair. His long and thin phoenix eyes narrowed slightly. His thick and long lashes were unconsciously flirtatious, mesmerizing people. That flirtatious expression wasn’t the same as a female being coquettish. Rather, it was a pure, distinguished and meaningful gaze that made people unable to turn their eyes away.

Dongting Wang-Yu, needless to say, was a really good name.

“The second question, large roads head to the Emperor, if you can walk it, why can’t I? How is this like you said of me following you?” Dongting Wang-Yu had a hint of rogueness, making Chu Qing-Yan hate it until she itched.

“Alright, the last question.” Dongting Wang-Yu suddenly became serious, as serious as a strange older brother who kidnapped a child. “I don’t have any purpose, it’s just that you seem to have fate with this young master at a glance, so how about we become friends?”

Chu Qing-Yan blinked her eyes and the person in front of her also blinked his eyes.

She didn’t hear wrong, right? How come suddenly the dialogue seemed wrong?

“Be-become friends? With me?” She asked in disbelief, pointing to herself.

Dongting Wang-Yu blinked. “Correct.”

Chu Qing-Yan clutched her hair, having a hard time digesting this fact. “Why?”

“No reason, just seemed fated at a glance. If I must say a reason then, En, you really look like this master’s next friend.” Dongting Wang-Yu, full of interest teased her.

Chu Qing-Yan rolled her eyes at him, she looked like his next friend? She even wanted to say that he looked like this Miss’s next boyfriend!

“Alright, as long as you’re happy its fine!” Chu Qing-Yan didn’t want to acknowledge him anymore. It could be seen that this person was so idle as to be agitated. That was why he would play this chase and run game with her. She couldn’t detect any malice on his body towards her, so she would just let him do as he pleased.

At this moment, a disturbance came from up ahead, at a distance, she could see the police going toward ‘An Intoxicated Night’.

Chu Qing-Yan was attracted by the liveliness over there, Dongting Wang-Yu looked at the girl disguised as a boy Chu Qing-Yan in front of him, his lips hooked up slightly.

The little Miss from that night who didn’t fear death and the youth on that tree who wasn’t afraid of death, at this moment had already overlapped with the weirdly quick, clever and lively her right now. Dongting Wang-Yu was now certain of her identity.

And now, he followed her gaze to look in that direction in deep thought.

This interlocked stratagem, to slander Fu An-Lai was only one part, the more important one was Hua Mo, this person.

In recent years, Western Xuan’s neighboring countries would always cross the borders to look for trouble. Added on top of that, the rebellions of the roving bandits on the borders was getting more serious. In the future, sending troops to fight wars will require a high ranking military officer. The Fu family were literary officials, the people they had in hand were all literary scholars. Whereas Empress Liang’s family, the Liang Family were all military leaders. Therefore, the Fu family didn’t want Western Xuan’s Emperor to rely heavily on Liang family’s people. So they needed to have some high ranking military officers who knew how to lead soldiers in war. Therefore, their first priority for this class’s new officials was to entice a few military ones over to their side.

And Hua Mo was this class’s top military scholar, moreover, his grandfather was the founding general of Western Xuan empire. Rumors said he was very familiar with military tactics, brave and good at planning.

And so Hua Mo, this new official became the person most in demand by the imperial court. Every faction wanted to rope him into their own camp, at least no one wanted the opposing party to get him. Placing him under their own banner was the safest.

So this time, the son of the first wife from Fu family was heavily beaten down by Hua Mo, Fu family would definitely harbor complaints towards Hua Mo. And Hua Mo was an upright person, whereas the son of the first wife from Fu family harbored evil schemes and even offended him. He definitely won’t be roped in by Fu family.

So the both sides wouldn’t be able to get along happily.

Dongting Wang-Yu couldn’t help but acknowledge, this move was extremely clever. Moreover, the people under Xiao Xu were really some capable people!

Although it was just a small matter, it resulted in the decision of a crucial point.

The Fu family had already lost this general.

These matters were not in the scope of things he cared about, but he was certain of one point, Xiao Xu had never been one to take the initiative and make a move. This time, because of this little guy, he actually suppressed the Fu family. It could be seen from this, that the little guy was his weak spot.

If it was really like this, then his plan would be easy.

When Chu Qing-Yan turned her head, she saw Dongting Wang-Yu looking at her with a smile that wasn’t a smile, like a crafty fox. Immediately, the alarm bells started ringing in her head.

“What are you looking at me for?”


1) the sun shines on the western court, full moon jade from jadeite: This is an explanation of how to write his name. Dongting Wang-Yu’s name 東庭望玉. He used his last name 東庭 which means western court and added the Chinese character 日照 to explain his last name is western court and not other Dongting that sounds like this. In Chinese, a lot of characters sound the same but have different meanings and different characters to represent them. So by adding examples of his name, you know which character is used to write his name. For example, my first name is Jun 君 and I always say in Chinese the Jun 君 is the one from the flower (the flower name is three chinese characters) and not the Jun 军 from soldier (also three characters for soldier). Both characters are pronounced the same but written differently with different meanings.

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