GDBBM – Chapter 999

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Chapter 999: “Who Swallows Who (1)”

Without knowing the reason why, the moment she saw the Devious Wyvern, Jun Wu Xie suddenly felt an unexplainable excitement rising within her, a strong instinctive urge to seize and pillage pushing powerfully against her consciousness!

It was a feeling, that Jun Wu Xie had never encountered before. The strong unexplainable urge caused her to furrow up her brows as she fought to forcibly suppress it, the complexion on her face suddenly turning an unhealthy shade.

Right at that moment, Lin Feng coincidentally turned to look at Jun Xie, quickly noticing the change in his complexion.

Seeing Jun Xie’s face turned pale, her brows furrowed up tightly, the glee in Lin Feng’s heart grew, as he yearned longingly to quickly see the scene of Jun Xie sobbing and weeping helplessly!

Upon the battle platform, the Devious Wyvern was looking at Lord Meh Meh with eyes filled with slaughter.

Lord Meh Meh had been surprised a brief moment when he first saw the Devious Wyvern, staring at the humongous beast right before its eyes!

The starting bell for the battle rang!

Under the youth instruction, the Devious Wyvern’s mouth gaped wide open, the upper half of its body lunging straight towards Lord Meh Meh like a slingshot!

Its movement was quick as lightning, and it drew out loud gasps of surprise from the crowd!

“Too fast!”

Screams and shouts erupted. Just as everyone was thinking that the sheep Spirit Beast would be instantly killed, a tiny white figure suddenly leapt up, high off the battle platform!

It moved like a white flash of lightning, its movements not slower than the Devious Wyvern in the slightest!

Everyone eyes were looking in shock at Lord Meh Meh’s tiny form currently flying in mid air. This was the first time that they had seen this sheep Spirit Beast move from its spot on the arena platform in battle, and the speed it had suddenly moved at stunned everybody for a long while.

While Lord Meh Meh leapt into the air, its eyes were however still fixed upon the Devious Wyvern upon the battle platform, and in that pair of big bright limpid eyes, a strong thirsty desire suddenly shone!

The Devious Wyvern had missed on its first strike and it immediately swiveled its head and shot towards Lord Meh Meh who was still in the air, its jaws widened to bite into its prey. With the quick movement of its humongous body, a strong wind was kicked up around all four sides of the battle stage!

The people closest to the arena stage were all blown onto the ground by the strength of that powerful surge of wind!

All eyes watched intently in the instant that the Devious Wyvern seemed just about to swallow up Lord Meh Meh who was falling down through the air. Still in midair, the little white wooly ball suddenly gave out a brilliantly blinding light!

The brilliant ball of light was as blinding as the sun as it began to grow quickly in a short period of time!

“Meh! !”

A familiar bleating sounded out from within the blinding brilliance. The people squinted and shielded their eyes as they tried their hardest to see what was happening on the arena battle platform. However, when the blinding light faded, they were immediately greeted by an explosive crash! A gigantic form had suddenly appeared within the Spirit Beast Arena!

It was a titanic sized Spirit Beast that was emanating a faint glow throughout its entire body, its nine long tails waving in the air behind it!

The Devious Wyvern who had been insufferably arrogant and tyrannical just moments before was at that moment being pinned down upon the battle platform under the foot of the gigantic Spirit Beast!

The battle stage had been carefully made from forged steel and was incredibly strong and hard. But with one explosive stomp from the titanic sized Spirit Beast, the entire battle stage had instantly crumbled to dust in a blink!

The Devious Wyvern gave a shrill and ear piercing cry. Suddenly finding itself tightly pinned down under the claw of a gigantic Spirit Beast, the Devious Wyvern struggled frantically, its cry filled with terror and desperation!

The gigantic Spirit Beast narrowed its eyes and looked down at the Devious Wyvern struggling incessantly under its foot and its blood red tongue stuck out of its mouth, to lick its jaws greedily.

At that moment, there wasn’t a single sound in the entire Spirit Beast Arena. No one knew where the incredibly gigantic Spirit Beast had suddenly appeared from…..


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