GDBBM – Chapter 998

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Chapter 998: “Devious Wyvern (4)”

Shangguan Miao had not been able to get rid of Lord Meh Meh, but Lin Feng had no doubt that this tiny Spirit Beast had not won its victories based on its own power!
Those unorthodox methods might work against low grade Spirit Beasts, but against a Guardian Grade Devious Wyvern….. that would only lead you on the road to death!

A cruel smile came upon Lin Feng’s lips as he awaited for that moment to arrive.

Soon, the match was about the begin. The Devious Wyvern was brought out in a steel cage. Compared to the Six Armed Black Ape from before, the Devious Wyvern was very much more terrifyingly enormous!

The battle platform in the Spirit Beast Arena was wide and spacious. But when the Devious Wyvern slithered onto the battle stage and coiled its reptilian body upon it, its coiled body almost filled up the entire platform! There was only a tiny little space at the edge for Lord Meh Meh to stand upon!

When Lord Meh Meh’s size was compared to the Six Armed Black Ape, it’s body was only as big as the Six Armed Black Ape’s head. And compared to the Devious Wyvern before its eyes now, Lord Meh Meh was only about the size of one of its eye!

Its entire body covered with thick green scales, the Devious Wyvern coiled its body up, its entire form almost as big as a small mountain, towering over everyone upon the battle stage!

Upon that huge head, its two horns looked pointedly sharp!

It suddenly raised its head and with a gesture from the youth below the battle platform, its head turned to lock its sight onto Lord Meh Meh at the edge of the battle platform.

With such an extreme disparity between the sizes of the two Spirit Beasts, no one needed to imagine what kind of a battle this fight would turn out to be!

The Devious Wyvern snorted and a plume of scorching mist dissipated into the air. As its body moved, its reptilian scales rubbed against each other which emitted a series of fine noises, which sounded like the points of blades striking each other incessantly, causing a numbing feeling as the sound reached the ears of the people.

It was to be a battle that everyone would not be apprehensive about its result. Not a single one among them believed that faced with a Devious Wyvern like this, the incredibly “lucky” Lord Meh Meh would still be able to continue with its winning streak.

From the strong presence that was emanating from the Devious Wyvern, everyone immediately knew that that was not merely a low grade Spirit Beast, but a huge monstrous beast that was at least at the pinnacle of high grade Spirit Beasts!

This was the first time that a high grade Spirit Beast had appeared in the Spirit Beast Arena.

People of the Thousand Beast City knew their Spirit Beasts well. From the strong presence they could feel at that moment, they fully understood that the high grade Spirit Beast was not much different from the legendary Guardian Grade Spirit Beast. Before such a tyrannical Spirit Beast, even if they searched throughout the entire Thousand Beast City, they would not be able to find a single worthy opponent for it!

Surprised gasps and shocked exclamations escaped from the people’s mouth. They stared stunned with their mouths agape at the magnificence of the Devious Wyvern. This was no longer a contest, but it had become a solo performance by the Devious Wyvern. No one was concerned on how the match would play out anymore as in their hearts, the little wooly sheep Spirit Beast standing upon the stage was as good as dead!

Before a high grade Spirit Beast that was at its peak, all Spirit Beasts below the Guardian Grade could only choose death or to submit!

Lin Feng observed the reactions of everyone in the crowd within the Spirit Beast Arena, his eyes flashing with glee. This was exactly the kind of reaction he wanted to see.

[The Thousand Beast City has no need for any outsiders to come here and show off!] [He will make Jun Xie realize, just how useless his little Spirit Beast truly is!] [Regardless how resourceful Jun Xie is, he will be forced to witness with his own eyes, his Spirit Beast being swallowed up by the Devious Wyvern right into its stomach!]

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed up, as she stared at the Devious Wyvern on the battle platform. The Devious Wyvern was exactly like what Qing Yu had described. Its reptilian body like a snake, its width almost like that of a man’s waist. Its body was currently coiled up, and if its body was fully extended, its size would be even more shockingly huge!

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