GDBBM – Chapter 997

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Chapter 997: “Devious Wyvern (3)”

The Spirit Beast Arena of the Thousand Beast City had never been as busy and bustling as the recent few days past. A seemingly useless Spirit Beast had actually dominated over all others and caused quite a large number of jaws to drop. And right after that, another conqueror of a Spirit Beast had immediately appeared to sweep through the Spirit Beast Arena battles once more.

And these two much talked about Spirit Beasts who had stirred up countless debates would meet each other in battle today, and it was  to be an epic fight that was highly anticipated by everyone.

Everyone was looking forward to this matchup and the Spirit Beast Arena was already filled to overcapacity, as anyone who had heard the news had all rushed over.

Lin Feng was shrouded darkly within a long cloak . He had come to the Spirit Beast Arena personally because he wanted to admire the sight of Jun Xie’s reaction upon seeing his own Spirit Beast being swallowed up. He turned to look over at the youth who had brought the Devious Wyvern in for registration. That person was an illegitimate child of his housekeeper’s and was virtually unknown within the Thousand Beast City, so no one would know his real identity. On that youth’s neck was a silver necklace, the one thing that the Devious Wyvern recognized. Anyone who wearing that silver necklace would be able to gain control of the Devious Wyvern and ask it to carry out his wishes!

Lin Feng had staked everything he had on it this time. Both the Devious Wyvern and the silver necklace itself had been secretly brought out by Lin Feng behind Lin Que’s back and it was all in order for him to win against Jun Xie for both himself and Shangguan Miao.

He was not in the least worried that the Devious Wyvern would be hurt in this place. When the Devious Wyvern was captured and first brought in, it had already molted its scales twice and a few months ago, it had completed its third round and although the Spirit Beast still looked like a high grade Spirit Beast, its Guardian Grade Spirit Beast powers within had awoken and was gradually evolving.

His father had been thinking that he would wait till the Devious Wyvern had fully evolved into a full Guardian Grade Spirit Beast before he would present it to that person.

When that youth saw Lin Feng, the youth cautiously nodded his head at him without anyone noticing.

In the Spirit Beast Arena, the crowd was packed tightly against each other as the other person they had been waiting to see brought his Spirit Beast to walk into the Spirit Beast Arena.

Jun Wu Xie carried Lord Meh Meh in her arms as she came through the Spirit Beast Arena doors as everyone’s eyes turned towards her. As the numerous and highly complicated gazes stared, Jun Wu Xie continued to walk in slowly, seemingly unaware, completely unaffected by the tumultuous noise and ruckus all around her.

The moment Lin Feng saw Jun Xie appear, the blood within his body began to boil. He could not wait to see the Spirit Beast within Jun Xie’s arms swallowed up entirely by the Devious Wyvern!

Before the match began, Jun Wu Xie placed Lord Meh Meh on the battle platform and said in a soft voice: “When left with no other choice, you can transform.”

Lord Meh Meh blinked its eyes and looked at Jun Wu Xie blankly. This was not the first time it was standing upon this stage and all that it had seen here, were only been Spirit Beasts unfit to even fill up the gaps between its teeth. Why would its Feedtress tell it that it could transform?

[It did not see a need to do that at all.] [Anyway, all it needed to do was to bleat a couple of times and the opponent would be frightened into retreat, then it would be able to eat those yummy lotus leaves!]

Completely disregarding Jun Wu Xie’s words, Lord Meh Meh was anxious to go back and enjoy its feast. Standing upon the battle platform, it could almost see a heap of lotus leaves before its eyes, its demeanor looking entirely excited, the little tail at the back wiggling happily.

Lin Feng secretly observed the unimpressive looking little Spirit Beast upon the battle stage and his mouth curled up into a sneer. He had wondered what kind of Spirit Beast Jun Xie possessed and when he saw that it was just a little thing like that, he did not fathom just how a Spirit Beast like that had been able to attain the Spirit Beast Arena’s top rank.

Shangguan Miao had not been able to get rid of Lord Meh Meh, but Lin Feng had no doubt that this tiny Spirit Beast had not won its victories based on its own power!

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