GDBBM – Chapter 992

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Chapter 992: “Even Before the Water Had Calmed (3)”

“What nonsense are you spouting here! ?” Qing Yu asked, his eyes narrowing up.

“What is or isn’t, isn’t decided just because you say so.” A cold and chilling voice suddenly sounded.

Qing Yu turned his head behind in surprise, suddenly seeing Jun Xie who had been completely unnoticed walking over to them.

“Young Master Jun, why are you…..”

“So! You are Jun Xie!” The moment Shangguan Yan realised that that was Jun Xie, rage filled his chest. If not for that youth’s strange Spirit Beast, how would his son have gotten himself injured by the Six Armed Black Ape! ?

“Yes.” Jun Wu Xie replied nonchalantly.

“Hand over your Spirit Beast now!” Shangguan Yan snarled through gritted teeth.

Jun Wu Xie lifted up an eyebrow.

“What for?”

“You used despicable methods to cheat in the Spirit Beast Arena! According to the rules, we will need to put your Spirit Beast down!” Shangguan Yan said with a sneer.

Jun Wu Xie swept him a cold gaze and asked: “With what proof?”

Shangguan Yan replied: “Your Spirit Beast possesses absolutely no attack power at all but it is able to make other Spirit Beasts flee just with the sound it makes. No such Spirit Beast has ever existed under the entire Heavens, so you must have employed some extraordinary method to make it like this! The Spirit Beast Arena has their Spirit Beast Arena rules and we hope you will abide by them. Do not force us to act on it ourselves.”

If he could, Shangguan Yan would much rather take down Jun Xie himself. But he was currently at the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall and if they were to forcibly take Jun Xie away now, the Fiery Blaze Clan would never allow it. But if he was just asking to take the Spirit Beast away, the rules of the Spirit Beast Arena would back him up and he would have reason on his side, and the Fiery Blaze Clan would not dare to oppose against it so strongly.

Jun Wu Xie then said in an icy tone: “If I remember it correctly, the Spirit Beast Arena always checks on every Spirit Beast that takes part in their matches several times over. And on both occasions when I went to Spirit Beast Arena, my Spirit Beast went through those checks. If there was any problem, would the people from the Spirit Beast Arena not be able to detect it?”

Shangguan Yan seemed to have been prepared for that when he immediately replied: “People from the Spirit Beast Arena would naturally not make a mistake like that. But as you were brought in there by Qing Yu, and Qing Yu is the Deputy Clan Chief of the Fiery Blaze Clan, the people in the Spirit Beast Arena would naturally recognise him for who he is. And anyone brought in by him, would also naturally not be scrutinised too harshly.”

Jun Wu Xie laughed to herself in her heart. She had indeed been brought in to the Spirit Beast Arena by Qing Yu, but the people at the Spirit Beast Arena had not laxed on the checks they were supposed to conduct in the slightest. This Shangguan Yan was obviously just using that as an excuse to get rid of Lord Meh Meh.


Was she supposed to be that easy to deal with?

“Whether any other methods were employed is not a matter that the Icy Frost Clan is qualified to investigate into. My Spirit Beast is open to challenges from anyone henceforth from today. If there is anything that you are still worried about, you can very well ask the people from the Spirit Beast Arena to most thoroughly and stringently inspect my Spirit Beast in the next match, to see if there is indeed anything wrong. Just basing it on what you are said to make me hand over my Spirit Beast, that is just too laughable. The Icy Frost Clan does not have any right to do that.” Although Jun Wu Xie had not come to the Thousand Beast City for long, she had already managed to gain a clear understanding of the internal workings of the Thousand Beast City.

The Spirit Beast Arena was directly under the purview of the Thousand Beast City’s Grand Chieftain, Qu Wen Hao, and even the four Clan Chiefs themselves have no authourity to interfere in the Spirit Beast Arena’s affairs.

“You!” Shangguan Yan had not thought that an outsider would know the internal rules of the Thousand Beast City so well. When he was just about to say something more about it, a deep resonating bellow suddenly rocked the hall.

“The Icy Frost Clan is really getting more and more audacious in disregarding the rules! They have actually dared to force their way into my Fiery Blaze Clan Hall with all their men like this! Do you all really think that the Clan Chief of the Fiery Blaze Clan is dead! ?” Xiong Ba’s face was dark and threatening as he stormed in from outside.

He had been busy with some business within the city when he had suddenly received news from his brothers in the clan, who had told him that people from the Icy Frost Clan had come barging in to stir up trouble.

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