GDBBM – Chapter 991

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Chapter 991: “Even Before the Water Had Calmed (2)”

When Jun Wu Xie got back to the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall, Xiong Ba had just left the place, busy with his responsibilities. As the Clan Chief of the Fiery Blaze Clan, he could not afford to be as leisurely as other people. At that time, only Qing Yu was able to accompany Jun Wu Xie to tour around the Thousand Beast City but Qing Yu had quickly discovered that besides the Spirit Beast Arena, Jun Xie did not seem to hold the slightest interest for any other places.

Upon returning, Jun Xie had immediately gone back to her room and Qing Yu had not dared to go intrude.

“Deputy Chief, who is that Young Master Jun actually?” Several brothers from the Fiery Blaze Clan asked, having grown rather curious of Jun Xie who had stayed here the last two days.

They had seen him always accompanied by Qing Yu and it must be known although Qing Yu was the Deputy Chief, he was nevertheless still a very busy man. But this time, he had in order to just accompany the young youth, pushed aside all his other appointments, which had inadvertently attracted other people to take notice.
The youth had seemed to be highly ordinary and besides his personality seemingly a little cold, they had not thought that there was anything so special about Jun Xie that it needed Qing Yu to pay so much attention to him personally.

Qing Yu the told them: “Young Master Jun is the Young Miss’ saviour and all of you had better be more polite to him in future. If not, when the Chief comes back, he’ll skin all of you alive.”

When the clan members heard that, they were all highly surprised and they all understood what was happening at once.
Afterall, the matter about Qu Ling Yue having gotten injured in the Fire Country, was no secret to the people in the Thousand Beast City, and when Qing Yu just explained it to them, they had all immediately understood.
“Since he is the Young Miss’ saviour, we would naturally treat him well. Deputy Chief, you can be well assured of that.”
Qing Yu smiled at them satisfactorily.
However, before Qing Yu could even settle himself down, a loud ruckus of shouts suddenly broke out from outside the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall and very soon, several members of the Fiery Blaze Clan came running inside in a hurry.
“Deputy Chief! Bad news! The Deputy Chief of the Icy Frost Clan, Shangguan Yan has come charging in here with a large group of men!”

“What has he come here for?” Qing Yu’s brows immediately creased up. After the Icy Frost Clan’s Clan Chief, Lin Que, had pledged their allegiance to the enemy, the relations between the Fiery Blaze Clan and the Icy Frost Clan had become highly strained and as the personalities of the two Clan Chiefs differentiated by being on two extreme polar opposites, their members had followed suit after their respective Chiefs and the members from the two clan did not see eye to eye with each other.
At that moment, the Deputy Chief of the Icy Frost Clan suddenly came charging in and Qing Yu did not think that it could be for anything good.

“They said they are here to look for Young Master Jun.” One of the their own members said.

Qing Yu was surprised. “Looking for Young Master Jun for?”
Qing Yu had just finished saying that when sounds of an argument had already broken out within the hall. Shangguan Yan who was already past forty years of age had forcefully come charging in with a group of men from the Icy Frost Clan as they came to stand right before Qing Yu.
The expression on Qing Yu’s face immediately darkened.
“Shangguan Yan! What is the meaning of this! ? Even when you are the Deputy Chief of the Icy Frost Clan, do not forget this is the Fiery Blaze Clan’s Clan Hall! This is not a place that you can come and go just as you please!”

Shangguan Yan looked at Qing Yu with a sneer, contempt written all over his face.
“Qing Yu, it’s good that you are here, as the reason I have come here today is linked to you just as well. Where is the boy from out of town that you brought in from before? Hurry and hand him over to us now!”

“Young Master Jun is a guest of our Fiery Blaze Clan. We would not hand him over just because you say so! Shangguan Yan, aren’t you taking our Fiery Blaze Clan too lightly! ?” Qing Yu’s face was dark as thunder. The fact that Shangguan Yan had come charging in with such a big group of men, it was seen that this was not about anything insignificant. And after he had specifically named Jun Xie as the person he had come for, how could Qing Yu allow him to have it his way?

“Oh? The kind of place that the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall really is, all of you know it best yourselves! Your own Clan Chief had suddenly brought in a little brat of unknown origins to stir up unrest and the brat had even gone to the Spirit Beast Arena and broken the rules there to win himself the topmost rank! As one of the four clans of the Thousand Beast City, if the Fiery Blaze Clan intends to cover up for him, our Icy Frost Clan will never allow such a scourge to continue inflicting such harm upon us!” Shangguan Yan said with a contemptuous sneer.

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