GDBBM – Chapter 993

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Chapter 993: “Even Before the Water Had Calmed (4)”

Xiong Ba had immediately thrown down the things he was doing at that moment and hurried his way back here. Immediately upon stepping into the clan hall, he had seen Shangguan Yan’s overbearing attitude and an unsuppressable fiery rage had instantly been lit in his heart.

Lin Que had switched his allegiance to that person and that had in turn made everyone in the Icy Frost Clan begin to consider everyone else to be beneath them and they started to disregard people from all the other three clans.

Shangguan Yan had not expected Xiong Ba to suddenly return and when he saw the towering figure, he could not help but to feel a little nervous.

Xiong Ba was famous for his fiery temperament in the Thousand Beast City and when he gets provoked, the towering man does not hold himself back at all.

“Clan Chief Xiong.” Shangguan Yan looked awkwardly at Xiong Ba.

Xiong Ba snorted coldly with derision and said: “The Icy Frost Clan seems to have stretched their hands a little too far this time. The Spirit Beast Arena would naturally have their own rules and if Shangguan Yan, you feel that Young Master Jun’s Spirit Beast has a problem, you can jolly well find another person to challenge him with a Spirit Beast, and you can then ask the people from the Spirit Beast Arena to inspect them carefully at that time. Wouldn’t that resolve your doubts? You had instead decided to come here to my place and kick up such a big fuss for who to see? I, Xiong Ba, am still very much alive! As long as I am still around, the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall will never allow anyone to exhibit such atrocious behaviour here!”

Xiong Ba’s eyes glared fiercely, driving chills to run right through Shangguan Yan’s entire body.

“Why are you still standing here for? Hurry up and scram! Or are you waiting for me to ask my brothers in the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall to invite you to leave?” Xiong Ba chided with his booming voice.

As arrogant as Shangguan Yan was, he still did not dare to go against Xiong Ba directly right before so many people. Having been berated till his face was splattered with spit, Shangguan Yan could do nothing but to beat a retreat from the Fiery Blaze Clan Hall with his face darkened in gloom.

Once Shangguan Yan left, Xiong Ba made all the brothers in the Clan Hall disperse and to go back to their own tasks while he brought Qing Yu and Jun Xie to the courtyard at the back of the clan hall. When he was sure that there was nobody else around, Xiong Ba finally asked in puzzlement: “What really happened there? I heard from our brothers that people from the Icy Frost Clan came to stir up trouble, and how did Shangguan Yan end up setting his sights on Young Master Jun?”

Xiong Ba had only heard a little about it as he rushed back here and he wasn’t really aware of what had really occurred.

Qing Yu immediately related the events that happened that day to Xiong Ba.

Xiong Ba finally understood.

“No wonder that bastard Shangguan Yan dared to be so aggressive. It must be because of the fact that his wastrel of a son had been bullied into such a state by the Spirit Beast of Jun Xie that drove him to come all the way here? Hahaha! That’s great to hear! Serves him right when he can’t even control his own Spirit Beast. Having met with such misfortune, was entirely his own fault.”

“In fact, this incident actually doesn’t have much to do with Young Master Jun. It was his own Six Armed Black Ape that went mad and charged off the battle platform and crashed into Shangguan Miao. Shangguan Yan is obviously trying to abuse his position here.” Qing Yu said with a frown on his face. Accidents in the Spirit Beast Arena happened occasionally, but they were never seen to be anything major.

Since the beginning when Lord Meh Meh had entered the Spirit Beast Arena, it had not forgone any of the checks required and that was a point that Qing Yu was very certain of.

Although he was deeply curious himself how Lord Meh Meh had been able to frighten the Six Armed Black Ape into fleeing, he firmly believed that Lord Meh Meh had done it with its own strength, and not with any outside influence.

“It’s not that big a matter and I do not think that it is that big of a loss to Lin Que that he would dare carry this too far. But Shangguan Yan might not let go of it so easily and I am guessing he will be sending many people to challenge Young Master Jun’s Spirit Beast.” Xiong Ba said. He then turned to Jun Xie and went on to say: “That’s really great! I had not thought that that cuddly and weak looking Spirit Beast of yours would really be so capable that it was even able to scare off the Six Armed Spirit Beast. I noticed that it was highly obedient before, don’t tell me that Young Master Jun knows how to tame Spirit Beasts as well?”

Jun Wu Xie replied expressionlessly: “Fate put us together.”

Taming? She didn’t really have that much leisure time.

It was Lord Meh Meh who had stuck itself to her so persistently then and now there was even another Sacrificial Blood Rabbit as well!

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