GDBBM – Chapter 984

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Chapter 984: “Sacrificial Blood Rabbit (3)”

The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit had clung itself onto Jun Wu Xie. After feeling that the crisis had been defused, the scarlet blood shade soon faded from its fur, turning itself back to its form as a soft and cuddly big eared rabbit. It had seemingly realized that Jun Wu Xie was a little more gentle to it in its frail and weak big eared rabbit form. After the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit changed back, it immediately plopped down on the bed, it looking pitifully at Jun Wu Xie as it whined mournfully, the sound so soft that it was almost too painful to hear.

Jun Wu Xie had not wanted to bother herself with it, but seeing that frail looking little bunny with its body all covered with wounds, her heart softened and she walked over to the bed to carry it up. She carefully inspected its wounds and when she was certain that they were fine, she finally sighed in relief.

“Puu.” Seemingly having sensed that Jun Wu Xie’s heart had softened, the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit gently burrowed deeper into Jun Wu Xie’s arms, its actions coy and coquettish.


[Scheming rabbit!]

Lord Meh Meh’s hatred was so strong it was grinding its teeth in rage.

It wanted to protest to Jun Wu Xie but was shot an icy glare, so it glumly slunk away to one side, feeling highly aggrieved as it bumped its coiled horns repeatedly against the legs of a chair.

[Feedstress has found new love! Feedstress doesn’t love Lord Meh Meh anymore! Lord Meh Meh is so sad!]

Jun Wu Xie looked on helplessly as Lord Meh Meh threw his tantrum. She sighed and walked over to carry it into her arms. A coy and coquettish rabbit on her left, and a tantrum throwing Lord Meh Meh on her right. At that moment, Jun Wu Xie was the only one feeling completely at a loss.

Compared to Lord Meh Meh’s plain grief, the little black cat was a lot more calm.

Having known all this time that its Mistress had a rock bottom low resistance towards adorable and furry creatures, it had guessed that this would happen immediately upon realizing that the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit was a Guardian Grade Spirit Beast.

If it had been an ordinary big eared rabbit, Jun Wu Xie might be worried about the heartbreak that came with its shorter lifespan and decide not to keep it. But when it was a powerful Guardian Grade Spirit Beast that was able to fend for itself….. and a especially coy and coquettish rabbit that was scheming at the same time, then Jun Wu Xie did not stand a chance against it.

The little black cat calmly swished its tail in the air, suddenly thinking that its translation workload had just increased.

Not much longer in the future, it would soon be able to become a top scholar as a mixed beast translator for Beast Speech!

Although the scheming rabbit was staying behind, it was still a young Spirit Beast who still had not yet fully matured, and moreover, it had just experienced a near bout with death, so it was very weak. After mere moments in Jun Wu Xie’s arms, it fell into a deep sleep. It slept very securely, like it had full and complete trust in its new owner, relaxing its guard completely.

Jun Wu Xie had no choice but to bring the two dumb beasts and the little black cat, to lie down on the bed as she gradually fell asleep, awaiting her challenge against the first ranked of the Spirit Beast Arena to begin tomorrow.


Within the Icy Frost Clan Hall, Shangguan Miao was pushing a lamb into a huge metal cage. His father was the Icy Frost Clan’s Deputy Hall Chief. He was still young and he was not officially considered to be a member of the Icy Frost Clan yet.

Suddenly, the servants in the mansion came in bearing news.

After Shangguan Miao received the news, an eyebrow lifted up on his face.

“Someone actually dares challenge my Six Armed Black Ape?” Shangguan Miao was rather surprised. Although his Spirit Beast was just a low grade Spirit Beast, but its power was strong enough to be compared to that of a medium grade Spirit Beast. After winning ten matches consecutively, he had immediately challenged the Spirit Beast Arena’s top ranked person and had taken over the throne since. Although there had been quite a number of people who had challenged him, but all the Spirit Beasts who had stepped onto the stage had become food for his Six Armed Black Ape. And in the last few days, no one had dared to issue any challenges to him anymore.

“So which blind bat is it this time?” Lin Feng came out from within the house. He had coincidentally come to look for Shangguan Miao for a chat and he had heard the news that a challenge had been issued.


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